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Falling from the sky.


I sat in Sammi's living room, a blanket wrapped around me, a cup of hot chocolate resting on my knees being supported by my hands. Sammi was walking around me, on the phone to Jinxx. She had already called Ella who was now on her way, and was now cutting the boys nigth short. None of the boys were drunk, luckly, and they were on their way back to Sammi's immediatly. "It's ok sweetie, your safe now." Sammi said, massaging my tence shoulders. There was a knock at the door, making me jump. I pricked my ears as Sammi answered the door. "Scarlett?" Ella called, walking into the front room. She walked over to me, and plonked herself down next to me, follwed closly by Sammi. "That bastard has me to look out for now." Ella said, pulling me into a tight hug. I felt fresh tears form in my eyes, and before I could stop myself, I was sobbing my heart out into Ella's shoulder. Sammi joined the hug, and we didnt pull away until we hears the door open, and the boys burst into the room. "Babe are you ok? Jinxx said that something had happened. This made me cry even more, and Ella took hold of me again. "She was attacked by Kevin in the house." Sammi said, rubbing my back, not making eye contact with anyone. "Oh my god," Andy said, sitting down beside Ella. Ella moved over, and passed me over to Andy. I curled up into his arms, still crying buckets. "Don't worry babe, I'll get him next time I see him." Andy said, stroking my hair which started to calm me down. "No-you-wont-he'll-hurt-you." I cried, looking up at him. "He wont, listen to me, If he's still hurting you that creates problem between me and him. Nobody is going to get between me and you, Ever." He said, staring back at me, and wiping away the tears on my cheak. I Loved him so much. But I couldent let Kevin hurt him, I couldent let Andy take the blow for me. I Kissed him, and stood up. "You to can have the spare room upstairs. Your not going back there, not until the police get there. We'll call the police in the morning." Sammi said. "Thank you darling."
"No problem sweetie." I smiled, grabbed Andys hand, and walked up the stairs. I had a plan, but I couldent tell anyone about it. It was a risk, and I knew that, but I' rather it be me than anyone cared about. I waited until I heard Sammi and Jinxx come up the stairs, and waited until there was scilence. I gently got out of bed got changed, and left the house. I walked and walked, until I finally came to Andys house. I took a deep breath, and walked inside.


Thank you :)
i just love your story, i was crying the whole time, it was so good (;
thats the last one for today, hopefully going to finish the story either tomorrow or the day after, thank you for your support :D x
Fallen devil14 Fallen devil14
I'm going to need more of this lol! I'm so glad she woke up
Mrs.Biersack Mrs.Biersack
@fridaysbloom working on it now as we speak ;) x

Fallen devil14 Fallen devil14