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Forget Me Not

Get out

Work. I hate my job. But it’s money. I especially hated work today, it is ruining my time to spend with Andy. Oh well at least he’s coming in for lunch to visit me. We open at eleven and it’s almost about that time. I was stacking plates waiting to open. I was also watching a few of the waitress huddled near the soda machine, they were talking about how they spent their weekends and what not. I never really talk to them, I just come in and do my job. My boss Lydia, walked passed me and handed me her keys.

“Can you unlock the doors?” she asked

“Sure” I said

I went up front and unlocked the doors. A few people were waiting outside and came in. I sat them in my section. I wanted to be sure Andy got seated in my section so while I was getting the people I just sat their drinks I decided to inform the waitresses.

“My friend is coming in, he may or may not ask for me, but when he gets here can you seat him in my section?” I asked them

“Sure, what’s he look like?” Maxine, the very prominent blonde one asked

“He’s real skinny, with long black hair” I said

“Ok” she said

One of the other waitresses nodded

“Thank you” I smiled

I walked away with the tray of drinks. I heard the girls laugh about something as I left. I couldn’t help but to think they may have been laughing at me. I’m quite the odd one at this place.
About an hour after being open the place was three fourths of the way full. I went back to get this couple some ketchup and came back out to a nice present. Andy was sitting in a booth with his hands clasped together smiling at me. He made my heart race, he always had made my heart race. I had to walk passed him to get the ketchup to the couple. I then walked to his booth. He looked up at me.

“So? This is where you work?” Andy said looking around

“Yup” I rolled my eyes

“Ha, so what’s good here?” he smiled

“Everything BUT their Cajun chicken, DO NOT GET THAT” I said

“Ok I won’t” he smiled opening the menu

“What’ll you have to drink?” I asked

“Water will be fine” he said

“Ok, coming right up” I smiled walking away

As I was getting his drink, I peeked over the soda machine to look at him. He was peeking at me over his menu and then quickly looked away. As I was bringing him his drink, my walking slowed. A man was just starting to sit down in the booth next to Andy. Not just any man, Michael, my stepdad. I set Andy’s drink in front of him.

“Uh- what can I get you?” I asked Andy trying to be calm

“Are you ok? Is something wrong?” Andy asked

I glanced at Michael then back at Andy

“No, just…I’m tired” I lied

Andy looked at Michael

“Is he bugging you?” Andy asked

“NO” I said

“HEY MAIM, can you get my order please?” I heard Michael say, I looked at him, he winked at me.

Pig. Andy never met Michael. My mom got hitched to him after Andy’s alleged death. That marriage only made things worse. My mom never believed me when I told her what Michael was doing to me. Or she would pretend half of it never happened. She would always say “I love him I just can’t leave him”. When she said that, it really translated to “I love him, not you, you’re nothing to me”. Sometimes she told me she was only staying with him so we would have money, since my special medication and counseling sucked up our money.

“Just one moment” I told him

I looked back at Andy.

“I’ll have a burger with fries” Andy said, he was distracted by my behavior

“Ok” I said taking his menu

I walked to Michaels table.

“What do you want?” I asked

“Is that how you treat people here?” he asked

“Well I wouldn’t consider you a person” I said

“Ooooh good one” he said

I glanced at Andy, he was staring at me and Michael, I turned back to Michael.

“I think…I’ll have a DR. Pepper with a Lemon” he said

“Right away” I said

I walked passed Andy’s table, I couldn’t even look at him otherwise he might pull me off to the side again. I put Andy’s order in the computer. I brought Michael his drink setting it on his table without care splashing a bit. I didn’t care, I’m giving him the shittiest service.

“What will you have to eat?” I asked

“I’ll have the steak with potatoes” he smiled

“Ok” I said walking away to put it in the computer

“Hey wait! My drink doesn’t have a LEMON!” he half shouted

I ignored him. I went up to one of the waitresses.

“Janelle? Why didn’t you seat that older man who I just waited on in your section? All my tables are nearly full and you only have three in your section” I asked the ponytailed platinum blonde

“He was asking to sit in your section” she said

I saw Andy’s food sitting in the window. I grabbed it and walked it over to him. I set it gently in front of him.

“Thank you maim” he smiled playfully

“You’re most welcome” I smiled “Do you want any condiments?” I asked

“I think I’m set” he said

“OK” I smiled

I went to the kitchen, that’s where I watched them like a hawk. I watched Andy eat his food, eating each individual French fry then occasionally looking at me. I remember he and I used to drive to McDonalds at midnight just to get French fries. It made me feel a little better. I looked at Michael, he was looking at Andy. I swear, if he says anything to Andy I will dump his food all over him and kick him out. His food came up in the window. I took the plate to him and set it in front of him, I was ready to walk away but he grabbed my BUTT. I was ready to turn around and slap him but Andy rose from his seat and grabbed Michaels hand bending it back in an extremely uncomfortable manner.

“AWW shit” Michael yelped in pain

“How dare you? How dare you touch her like that?!” Andy raised his voice

The whole restaurant was staring at us. Andy didn’t care. He bent Michaels arm even more.

“aahh” he yelped

“Get out” Andy said letting him go. Michael jerked his arm away and stared Andy down.

“NOW” Andy demanded

Michael picked up his jacket and slung it over his shoulder. His eyes never left Andy’s and Andy’s never left his. Michael proceeded out the door. He was out of sight. Everyone was staring at us.

“You ok” Andy took my face in my hands making me look at him

I shook my head no trying to stop tears from welling

“Oh sonny don’t cry” Andy pulled me into him

“He’s just some old jack ass” Andy said

“No…you don’t understand” I cried into his chest

“What do you mean?” Andy asked

“He’s….He’s my step dad” I said

“Sonny? Does he do this to you all the time?!” Andy was suddenly very very worried

I looked up at him.

“He’s done worse…A LOT worse” I cried

“What has he done to you?” Andy pressed

I nodded my head no. I couldn’t handle it. I know I couldn’t handle telling Andy half the stuff Michael has done to me. I am in the middle of an emotional train wrack from hell. First, I find out Andy is alive and angry and happy at the same time. Second, I’m still hopelessly madly in love with him. Third, I’m scared of Michael, that’s what my mind programmed him as, to fear him. And on top of that I’m on loopy pills. I’m going to overly stress myself out and start throwing up.

“Sonny, what has he done to you?” Andy asked again putting his hands on my shoulders

“Everything you could imagine” I said “beat me…………sexually abuse me” I said

“Come on, we’re leaving” Andy held me


“I’ll talk to your boss, but you need to come with me” Andy said

Andy took me to the back doorway where we placed orders and such. My boss came over to us. Andy talked to her and surprisingly she is letting me leave. I went to the back and got my purse. Andy walked me out of the restaurant with his arm around me.



Ruth crawford Ruth crawford

Update! Please!

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This is still the best story i have ever read <3 i want more
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Awe I haven't seen an update for this in awhile :-/
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