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Everything Will Be Fine (Andy Biersack) **COMPLETED!**

Chapter 7: Dateing

Annabell p.o.v

Did I actualy like it? Or did I like that he was happy because of it? I mean, I felt like all the pain was flowing out of my body. Like my blood, was pain. I still can't decide if I actualy like it.

"How do you feel Annabell? Are you okay" He says wraping my wrist up knear the kitchen sink. How do I feel? I would be lying if I said I could explain it to him.

"I feel, Relieved. It didn't hurt like I thought it was going to. But I do understand what you mean now" He smiles And takes me hand towed my bedroom.

"I admit. I thought you were going to be the death of me. And I'm still scared of what I can do to you. But I'm glad you know how I feel" He says sitting on the bed and placeing his manly strong hand on my thigh.

"Andy can I ask you a question" I say and he nods "If you must" And I hesitate. Do I really like him? Or do I want to help him. Because right now I want to kiss him, or maybe I want to cuddle him close?

"Well, We have been hanging out, and we u-uh kissed. But this one question has been haunting my mind for a little time now. Do you like me? Do you want to be with me?" I and he smiles and laughs his eyes dialateing

"I have liked you. For a while. The first day you came here you had a bow in your hair. I thought it was so silly. But your eyes. Your big beautiful brown eyes" He says and I look down "Don't hide them from me Annabell" He says sternly and I look up "These eyes, And when you sat behind me I couldent even look back at you. Being with you would mean trusting myself Annabell. And that I don't".

So he dose like me? He had been stalking me just as I have him. He seen beauty in my fragile mind, body, and spirit. And I found a boy deep inside his ice cold eyes, His dark state. I seen the best in him. And he seen the best in me.

"I don't care if you trust yourself. I trust you. And I want to be with you. Please. I don't think I could be like this anymore" I say basicly begging for his love.

I want him so bad "Is this really what you want?" I nod and he smiles deeply "Then Mrs. Annabell Thespian will you make me the happiest boy in the world and give me the absolute pleasure of being my girlfriend?"

At first I pretend I am thinking about weather or not I should except and he laughs "I guess under the cercumstances I must acsept your simple request" I say in the most posh british acsent possable without laughing

Soon the night is over and Andy is kissing me on my porch and soon walking home. How perfect is he? Right now theres nothing more I could ask for. The lonly Lamb fell for the sick and utterly twisted Lion. And now is his pray.


SHORT CHAPTER :/ But I have been depriveing you. so I had too! This chapter is deticated to...... Misfits! Shes really cool. And I love her as a reader. <3



Thank you darling :)

This was incredible, the most original thing I've ever read on here, the ending was sad but so fucking good


Thank you darling :3

skellhellateen skellhellateen

this is so beautiful I love it


I totally agree with you!!!