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Prank Wars

Chapter 1

"Andy!" The creature whined.

"Yes, Ashley." Andy replied with a sigh, flicking to the next page in his comic. All he wanted to do was sit down, and read his comic and maybe have a smoke or two. Not be bothered by this thing!

"I'm bored!" It whined again.

"I know that." In fact, the vocalist had been putting up with the complaints of the creature for 3 hours! "Entertain me!"

The vein in Andy's head was about to start twitching... He looked up, only to see Ashley draped over the back of his couch, head and the better part of his body hanging over the edge of the couch. "Why don't you go call Sandra or something?"

"Sandra? OMG yay!" Ashley squealed, promptly falling onto the floor in a heap. Andy winced. Last time he had checked, that part of the anatomy was not meant to bend that way. However, it didn't seem to affect the bassist, who promptly jumped up, and ran up the stairs. Andy was left in peace for the next hour.

In this hour, he managed to finish reading the rest of his comic, and smoke a cigarette. After a while, he began to realize that his house was filling up with people! Over in his kitchen, was Mikey Way, torturing his toaster with a fork, while Gerard could be heard telling him, "Mikey, put down the fork, and step away from the toaster."

Frank could be seen playing catch with Jade Puget, nearly knocking over several articles of furniture, and actually causing some people to be flat on their ass. Ashley was trying to hide things in Ray Toro's afro, and failing because Ray wouldn't hold still long enough. He had too much pride in his hair. Then, to add the icing on the cake, Jinxx could be seen sniffing random shoes that people had taken off, as Andy had a strict no shoes worn in the house policy! He didn't like having to clean so often just because people brought in mud from outside, thank you very much! And yes, he does clean his own house, contrary to popular belief!

Two thoughts crossed the vocalists mind. One was obviously, WTF!, and the other was How was Sammi Doll able to put up with this?

Just when Andy was about to get up and ask Jinxx just what in the hell was he doing, Ronnie Radke plopped his arse on the seat next to the singer. "Ronnie?" Andy asked, still not fully understanding the situation. One minute, he was reading his comic in an empty house, the next, it was like Grand Central Station! "Yep, in the flesh. Lemme just ask this, but dude, what the hell is going on here?" Ronnie asked, glancing around at the people currently doing some of the weirdest things in life.

"I'd like to ask that myself, and I wish I had an answer for you." Andy said, his eyebrows raising as Ashley picked up a potted plant that had been quite content where it was, and attempted to use it to camoflague himself while sneaking up on Ray. The plant looked scandalised, and needless to say, it didn't work. "Last thing I remember was Ashley complaining he was bored, so I suggested that he go call Sandra..."

The two singers stared at each other, before they realized something... "ASHLEY!" They both screamed at the same time.

"Ugh! You guys ruined my camoflague!" He screeched, sounding like a teenaged girl being told that she couldn't go out. Wincing slightly, and willing himself not to be scarred for life, Andy gathered whatever was left of his wits, and said, "Where the hell did all these people come from?"

"From their moms! Duh!"

Ronnie chuckled, while Andy facepalmed. "I mean, why are they all in my house!"

"I was bored, and you said to call them!"

"I said call Sandra!"

"Meh, whatever, when she shows up, we're all outta here!"


"We're all gonna go prank CC!" Ashley said, squealing and hugging the poor plant.

"Firstly, stop molesting my fucking plant! And secondly, what the hell are you talking about?"

"It's not molestation if the plant likes it! And Sandra was obviously the better drummer, so we're all gonna go hate on CC!"

"What...The...Fuck...." Andy said, completely dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Ronnie had managed to fall onto the floor, convulsing with laughter.

Then, from upstairs, Jake's voice issued, "Andy? Where the fuck did all the toilet paper go to?"


pleeeeaaaaase update now

Ren SnowWolf Ren SnowWolf

@i love andy and unicorns

Why thank you! Hopefully it won't take me another year to write a chapter!

i love this so much

FatalRetrace FatalRetrace
Oh dear, lungs and ovaries... Which one can you go without longer, might I ask? Cause explosions don't look too good for the organs :P

I have an update coming along some time in the near future as soon as I get off my rear and type it up
I think that, while reading this, that my ovaries and lungs exploded from ONE: MCR, BVB, and Ronnie Radke and TWO: Laughing at all these shenanigans. UPDATE
Pinja. Pinja.