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Prank Wars

Chapter 2

10 minutes later, Andy still couldn't find any toilet paper, even though he knew that he had recently purchased a new package. With a sigh, he resigned himself to handing Jake a wad of paper napkins through the barely cracked open bathroom door.

Halfway down the stairs, he stopped, and let out a loud roar.

Everyone stopped what they were doing, and looked at him. However, this meant that a frisbee knocked Frank in the head, Ashley dropped the potted plant on the carpet, sending shards of pottery and dirt everywhere, Jinxx still had his nose in someone's shoe, and Mikey dropped the toaster on his foot.

"Alright, where the fuck is all my toilet paper?" Andy asked in anger, hands planted firmly on his bony hips.

He was met with silence.

"Come on, everyone has to wipe their ass a couple times a day. So fess up."

By now, the crickets chirping could be heard loud and clear.

"Really? I thought we were all adults here!"

Still, nobody answered.

"I give up on all of you." Andy said with a sigh.

"What about me?" Jake's voice issued from the bathroom.

"Alright, fine, I give up on all of you except Jake."

"And your point?" Ronnie asked, looking pointedly at the singer.

"My point is you're being a bunch of immature little bitches." Andy retorted.

"Oh, shut it already, if it came down to it, I could fuckin' snap ya like a twig!"

The younger singer merely wilted. He apparently couldn't even get any respect in his own house. Which had just been trashed by his current friends. Maybe it was time for him to find a new crew to chill with. Or just hand everyone some cleaning implements and lock the door and hide the keys til they complied.

Before he could get a chance to do so, however, the doorbell rang, and Ashley practically pranced off to answer it.

"Sandra!" The yell came from the doorway, quickly echoed by the rest of the guys. Then, without warning, everyone was grabbing their shoes, and pouring out the front door.

"What the ever-loving fuck just happened in here?" Jake asked Andy as he came out of the bathroom.

"I have no fucking idea. And I don't wanna know either!" Andy said, fuming down the stairs.

"How the fuck do they manage to make this kind of a mess in such a short time?"

"Again, no clue." The singer said, plucking up his poor toaster from the ground and taking it into the kitchen.

"Want some help with all this?" Jake asked, waving his arms at the chaos, even though the other man couldn't see him.


And while Jake and Andy began their cleanup, something much different was happening at Christian Coma's house.



pleeeeaaaaase update now

Ren SnowWolf Ren SnowWolf

@i love andy and unicorns

Why thank you! Hopefully it won't take me another year to write a chapter!

i love this so much

FatalRetrace FatalRetrace
Oh dear, lungs and ovaries... Which one can you go without longer, might I ask? Cause explosions don't look too good for the organs :P

I have an update coming along some time in the near future as soon as I get off my rear and type it up
I think that, while reading this, that my ovaries and lungs exploded from ONE: MCR, BVB, and Ronnie Radke and TWO: Laughing at all these shenanigans. UPDATE
Pinja. Pinja.