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Our Time Has Come

The video

I woke up to "Wretched and Divine". As I was getting ready to go to school, Hayley sent me a text
Her- OMG! I just ordered the most amazing outfits for you guys!
Me- What?
Her- Yeah, I found really cool outfits for you guys and I wanted to show you! They'll be coming in really soon!
Me- Send me a pic!
For me: a green tank top, black leather jacket, black skinny jeans and a necklace with green barons written on it. Obviously, it was a custom. The guys each had either black or green skinnies or black leather pants, a green or grey t-shirt, and a leather jacket. Each of them was different, and they had a green baron badge on their jackets.
When I got to school, Jacob came up to me. "You know what I think?" He said.
"Wait... You think?" I answered.
"Very funny. No, really! I was thinking about this yesterday... Our dreams are becoming reality, aren't they?" He asked.
I thought about it quickly. "I would say they are." I answered.
As the week progressed, I started getting anxious about the show, and really anxious about the contest. Friday, we would be filming on the set Hayley designed. And Saturday, well, Saturday, we would make our day view in front of the biggest crowd we had yet to perform in front of.
Right after school Friday, I drove home, dropping Michael off. "I'll be back to pick you up in half an hour!" I yelled as I sped off.
I didn't even bother telling my parents that I was home. They knew I was in a rush, and honestly, I made enough noise to wake up the dead.
I ran to my room, got dressed, curled my hair, did my makeup, packed my dress for Beth and threw extra makeup in a bag. I grabbed my keyboard and ran back to my car. I had to run back inside because I almost forgot the amps and my mic. When I was all set, I drove back to Michael's. He was waiting for me outside.
He placed his bass on the backseat, and hopped in the car. "Nice makeup" he said.
"Thanks" I answered.
We weren't really good at making small talk. When I would talk to Michael, it would be about serious things. David was also bad at small talk. He couldn't keep a conversation going because he just LOVED to argue so much. I smiled at the thought of it.
Soon, we arrived at Hayley's house. We walked in and went straight for her basement. When I saw what she had done, I was amazed. Michael snapped me out of it.
On the back wall, a screen on which she had painted a burning tree was hanging. Around the set were trees she had made. Some seemed to be blooming, some were dead. The floor looked like the ground in the Legion of the Black movie: desert; crackled.
David's drum set was practically covered in dead leaves, and she had made logs to hide the amps in.
"How do you like the New Year's Day set?" I jumped at the sound of Hayley's voice.
"It's amazing!" I said
The guys were all there. We set up, and started filming. I loved the set, and when "New Year's Day" was done, I made Hayley promise to keep the decor. I wanted to use it in the future.
Then, we moved on to "Beth". She put a spot light on the center, where we had Zach’s violin, a microphone and a piano. Actually, it was my keyboard, but she had made a piece to attach to it so it gave the illusion to be a grand piano, and the amp for Zach’s violin was hidden in it. White Christmas lights were hanging everywhere, and the backdrop was a dark blue. I quickly changed and so did Zach.
We were able to play it all in one shot. We were satisfied with the results, so we moved on to setting up the place for "Better in My Dreams"
I was surprised when I saw a completely different set of accessories for the decor coming out of nowhere.
"How did you do all this in a week?" I asked Hayley.
"Well, I had the painting for New Year’s Day already done, and I already had the trees done. They were for my brother’s play a couple of years ago. The set for Beth was really easy to make. This one was a bit harder to create, but it's pretty much the only thing I had to do." She answered.
For our last song, we had a black and white backdrop, the Christmas lights, confetti ready to fall on us, a smoke machine, whites trees with black leaves, and some of the trunks looked like they were turning black. Like darkness creeping into the light; reality taking over the dreams.
I was back into my initial outfit, and we were able to get all the footage in a couple of takes.
Zach ordered pizza and we sat down to watch the footage we had. My favorite was New Year's Day. I had so much fun performing that song!
I made sure that my computer had recorded the soundtracks (all the amps were wirelessly "plugged in" to my computer so we would have the best possible sound quality) and packed up my things.
We decided to call it a night, but before I left I reminded everybody to be backstage an hour before the beginning of the fundraiser, so we could set up. But they knew how it works. I wasn't worried.


What do you think about it? A few more chapters before Bvb comes in!


Holy crap I just realized my keyboard's auto correct turned to French! Ill fix it and send a couple of chapters your way. The weekend was way too busy for me so sorry...
Gabe Gabe
updaaaaaaaaaaaaate im dying :3
Dont worry! I think its absolutly amazing :)
brokenedsoul brokenedsoul
I'm so sorry. I don't feel good today so tomorrow three for you to forgive me? Plus I tried to write but I kept pressing the wrong thing and the goddamn thing deleted like three times!
Gabe Gabe
more more moooreee in the midnight hourrr I cried moore mooreee morreeee
brokenedsoul brokenedsoul