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Our Time Has Come

Band Practise

When seven came around, I heard a loud bang at my door. I ran up to see that Michael had decided to make a big entrance. I laughed at him, knowing I should've expected that. "Fear not! I have arrived!-"
"Shut up, Michael. You wouldn't be able to save yourself from a newborn baby!" David walked in and chucked a drumstick at Michael’s head.
"Shut up, you two! Did you get my text? About the fundraiser and the contest?" I had to stop them before the argument gets out of hands.
They both nodded. We were just about to go downstairs when Jacob ran in. He almost fell down the stairs when we moved aside. "Well, hello fish!”
We called him fish because he was also a swimming champion for our school.
"Hey Gab! What's up?"
"Did you get Zach’s text?" Asked David.
"Yeah! Isn't that cool? We could play for thousands of people! And we get to do our first show soon!" Jacob said-or shouted... He's a little loud-
Zach knocked on the door. "Come in!" I yelled. He walked in, hand in hand with Hayley. "Good! You came, too. Let’s go downstairs. We've got a lot of work to do!"
We all headed down to the music room. We sat in a circle behind the drums.
"Ok, so we have to make a list of our songs for the fundraiser. Zach, do you know the date?" Michael asked.
"Yeah. It's Saturday."
"Good. That leaves us five days to rehearse. Now, we also have to decide on what to do for the contest... I say we pick songs that we'll perform at the fundraiser. We can film ourselves there, and make a video montage afterwards. We'll simply record the songs and use it as the soundtrack." I had said enough. They all knew what to do.
"Hey, Gab, what do you want me to do?" Hayley asked.
"I need you to design a set where we'll film. One or two. So we can make our video as professional as possible."
"Alright. Just tell me what songs you'll be using-"
"That's why you're here. We'll decide as we go today. You'll be able to listen to the songs. I thought it would make it easier for you to design the set if you got familiar with the songs." I told her.
She nodded. I turned to the guys. "Okay, so what songs do you have in mind?"
Zach instantly came up with a song. "Sweet child O’ mine. My mom asked me to play it with the band."
"We could also play New Year's Day. It's a fun one, and we play it pretty well." Suggested Michael.
When we finally came up with our set list, we had:
- Sweet Child O’ Mine: Guns N’ Roses
- Its My Life: Bon Jovi
- New Years Day: Black Veil Brides
- Dream On: Aerosmith
- Paradise City: Guns N’ Roses
-Summer '69: Bryan Adams
- In the End: Black veil Brides
-Beth: Kiss
-Better in My Dreams: Green Barons
-Beds are Burning: Midnight Oil.
Those were amongst my favorite songs of all time, which was exactly why I made sure they were perfect. For the contest, we'd use Beth for a slower song, Better in My Dreams for our original, and New Year's Day as a more recent song.
We rehearsed until eleven, taking a break here and there to rest my voice and relax. We filmed ourselves practicing, for the video. When everybody left, I downloaded the videos to my computer. Then, I went on the contest’s website. On a page, the name of the jury members were listed. One popped out: Ashley Purdy-Black Veil Brides. Major fan girl moment!
One more reason to make these songs perfect.
Then, I looked at the details of the contest more in depth. There appeared to be many "steps". First, you had to submit your video. If it passed, you would perform at the event of the tour in your area. Then, one winner from every state or province would get to go on a short tour around a different province or state. Then, a winner would be chosen, and would get the chance to record an album.
We absolutely couldn't screw this up!
Enough of that. I watched the videos Hayley took during band practice and smiled. I loved being with the guys. We had so much fun. And they were so talented! I sincerely wanted to win that contest. For two reasons. One: to become a professional musician and two: so I could stay with the guys longer.
With our last year of high school almost halfway done, I was scared to never see the boys after that. I would take a course in Sciences before studying to become a family doctor. Michael didn't know, Zach wanted to be a mechanic, and David: a Scientist. Jacob still had one year of high school left. But I knew we had great chances, and hoped to make it through. There were very few bands selected from Canada, possibly making it harder to win. At least they took the contest this far north.
I slipped into my pajamas and went to bed. I had school the next day, and it was already late enough.


Okay. I'll start by saying that I am very sorry for making you guys wait. I'll try going faster. Now: Yay! A Bvb mention. Ok so tell me what you think of this so far :)


Holy crap I just realized my keyboard's auto correct turned to French! Ill fix it and send a couple of chapters your way. The weekend was way too busy for me so sorry...
Gabe Gabe
updaaaaaaaaaaaaate im dying :3
Dont worry! I think its absolutly amazing :)
brokenedsoul brokenedsoul
I'm so sorry. I don't feel good today so tomorrow three for you to forgive me? Plus I tried to write but I kept pressing the wrong thing and the goddamn thing deleted like three times!
Gabe Gabe
more more moooreee in the midnight hourrr I cried moore mooreee morreeee
brokenedsoul brokenedsoul