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Fallen Angel

We can leave it all behind

"Can you please just cover for me, Anna?" Sophie pleaded into the receiver.

"Three months, though? Sophie, I can't cover for you for that long." Anna responded.

Sophie sighed. "Well… just tell them I'm deathly ill or… I'm pregnant, I don't care. Someth-"

"You're pregnant?!"

Sophie whipped around to see Andy standing there, wide eyed and jaw practically on the floor.

"No! No, no, no! Just…Hush, I'll explain in a minute." She said to him and then put the phone back to her ear. "Listen, I gotta go. We're going to be getting on the bus in a few minutes. I'll call you later and we'll talk about this."

After Anna had said goodbye, she hung up and looked at Andy who still had a look of shock plastered on his face.

"But we didn't even… That means you… Huh?" Andy tried to figure it all out.

"Just calm down, Andy. I'm not pregnant, okay? I was just suggesting excuses that my friend could use to explain my absence from work."

Andy let out the breath he didn't realize he was holding. "Oh, thank god. Do you want me to have Jon sort all that out for you? I'm sure he wouldn't mind."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, grab your stuff and let's get on the bus. I'll call him once we're on the road."

She picked up her small bag and followed Andy outside to the huge tour bus awaiting them. She skipped up the steps behind Andy and followed him down the hall to the bunks.

"That's my bunk." Andy pointed to the bottom bunk on the left side of the hallway. "Do you want the one right across from me?" He asked.

"Uh, sure." She said and pulled back the curtain to throw her bag inside.

She followed Andy back to the front of the bus. "Andy, I have a question." Sophie said as Andy plopped himself down on the leather couch, motioning her to sit down next to him.

"What's up?" He replied, putting an arm around her when she sat down.

"Are we going to, like, 'party' with Asking Alexandria again during tour?" She hoped he wouldn't ask why because she really didn't want him to know about her liking Ben and also because she had no other reason or excuse as to why she wanted to see them.

"Oh," Andy began. "Well, yeah, we'll probably party with them once in a while but they can get a little out of control sometimes."

"What do you mean?" Sophie inquired.

"Well…" Andy sighed. "Sometimes they like to go farther than a bunch of drinks and a couple of cigarettes."

"Like what?" Sophie pushed him to say more.

"Well, what I've heard is they take shit to get high. Like prescription pills."

The last two words out of his mouth paralyzed her. She had another secret she was keeping from Andy. Prescription pills were her weakness.

Back home, she would buy them off people on the street and, once in a while, take some from the medicine closet at the hospital.

That's why she was homeless. All her money went towards buying more pills. She couldn't stop herself. She was addicted.

"Sophie? Are you okay?" Andy tried to snap her out of her trance.

"What? Oh, yeah, sorry." She said.

"We're moving!" Andy cheered as the bus lurched away from the space it was parked in.

Sophie realized she must've been completely zoned out because she didn't even notice the rest of the guys get on the bus.

Sophie vowed to herself she wouldn't do pills on this tour for Andy's sake. She promised herself she would quit. A new city; a new life. She told herself she would leave it all behind.


Thanks for the shout out. Love this story
Please update. Really enjoying it despite it being so sad!
BVBfan101 BVBfan101
Noooo! :,(
i could only imagine his sad broken hearted face..
IsisChaos IsisChaos
is she literally dead um what this can't be happening
leeexiij leeexiij
Update soon