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Fallen Angel

Two is better than one...right?

The boys hadn't seen Andy since the hospital and now with just a few days before tour, they decided he needed a night out. All four guys squeezed into Ashley's small car and made their way over to Andy's house. It was already ten-thirty so Andy was most likely up by now.

Ashley pulled into the driveway and parked the car before getting out and following the rest of the guys to the front door. Andy never locked his door so the guys were able to get in easily.

"Ready?" Ashley asked. "One... Two..."

"Three!" CC finished and they burst through the door and piled into the large living room.

It was eerily quiet, even for Andy, a guy who lives alone.

"Andy?" Ashley called out.

No response.

"Well, he's definitely here. His car is in the driveway." Jinxx said.

"Maybe for some odd reason, he's still asleep?" Jake suggested.

"Huh, maybe..." Ashley pondered. "Follow me, guys."

Ashley turned and headed up the stairs and down the hallway towards Andy's room; the guys following behind. Ashley jogged down the hall and threw the door to Andy's room open.

"Andy, what the fu- Oh, god! Oh my god! I'm sorry!" Ashley backed out of the room.

"Ashley, get the fuck back in here!" Andy called out. "We're both decent and we're not even doing anything, you prick! Jesus..."

Ashley walked back in the room with CC, Jinxx and Jake trailing behind.

"Guys, what the fuck are you all doing here?" Andy sat up in bed and Sophie did the same.

"We're taking you out tonight!" Ashley exclaimed.

"Hi, who are you?" CC said to Sophie.

Clearly, no one else seemed to care she was just awkwardly sitting there.

"Oh, I'm Sophie. Hi." She said shyly.

"Well, Sophie. I'm CC, that's Jake and Jinxx and as you probably figured out, that's Ashley."

"Oh, hi." She nodded at them.

"We're the rest of Andy's band." CC explained.

"Out?" Andy tried to get back on topic. "I mean, do I have to?" Andy complained.

"Oh, come on, Andy. You can take Sophie along if you want. It's one of our last few nights before tour. Please?" Ashley begged.

Andy looked over at Sophie who just shrugged.

"I don't mind." She said. "I've never actually been 'out' before."

"What?!" Ashley exclaimed. "Why, you haven't lived."

Andy shook his head and rested it in his hands. "Okay, okay, fine. We'll go out."
The lights flashed all different colors and there were people everywhere. The music was so loud, it felt like the thumping bass went right through her body.

She sat at a booth with Andy and Jinxx. Ashley was dancing with some half-dressed, blonde chick and CC went with Jake to get drinks.

"This is all so different!" Sophie shouted over the music.

"You've never been to a club before?" Jinxx asked.

Sophie shook her head.

Before long, CC and Jake returned to the booth each carrying a tray full of drinks.

"Shots!" CC shouted as he placed his tray down next to Jake's.

Everyone took one and tipped it back except for Sophie.

"What's wrong? Don't drink?" Andy leaned closer to her so she could hear him.

"No, I've never had alcohol before. I don't know how to take a shot." She admitted.

"Here, let's take one together." Andy picked up two more shot glasses and handed one to her. "All you gotta do is tip it back and swallow. Simple, right?" Andy smiled at her and she nodded.

"Ready? One, two, three!" They tipped their shot glasses back together.

Sophie winced as the liquid burned her throat and she started coughing. "Oh, god, what the fuck was that?" She put her glass down on the table and clutched her chest.

Andy chuckled. "Whiskey." He said.

"Ugh, that's horrible." She made a face and Andy laughed some more.

"Shots!" Two new voices that she didn't recognize shouted. They almost sounded...British?

Sophie looked over to see two guys, both with light brown hair and one with a beard.

"Hey, Danny! Ben!" Andy greeted them. "Sophie, this is Danny Worsnop and Ben Bruce. They're in a band called Asking Alexandria. They'll be going on tour with us." Andy introduced her to them.

She looked at Danny and gave him a slight nod. Then her eyes traveled to Ben. There was something strange about him and when their eyes met, something clicked. He must have felt it too because he smiled this sweet half smile at her.

Sure, she liked Andy but who said she couldn't like two guys? Two is better than one...right?


Thanks for the shout out. Love this story
Please update. Really enjoying it despite it being so sad!
BVBfan101 BVBfan101
Noooo! :,(
i could only imagine his sad broken hearted face..
IsisChaos IsisChaos
is she literally dead um what this can't be happening
leeexiij leeexiij
Update soon