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My feet are dangling off the edge

Sitting on the edge

I watched the horizon as the salty breeze whipped against my shaking form. I let out a small shaky breath as I looked down seeing the rocks lining the ocean waves calling my name from the ledge I was standing on.

I watched the waves as I reflected on all that my pathetic life will be. A strange kid with no one to die for. Not like my family was any where, but they're not to blame, it's the people who really call themselves my family to blame.

At the young age of 4 I was taken by these people, they thought I was too young to realize but I did. It seemed like yesterday that I was on the park swing, my older brother pushing me until he turned around and that's when it happened.

My young mind didn't comprehend it at the time, I didn't realize the people who took me weren't actually trying to help me.

They told me my parents had been hurt and they were sent to collect me, I was 4 what did I know? Well that one day changed my whole life forever, now I'm 16 and it took me all of 12 years to realize what had happened.

From that day I lived with this family, them saying my parents had died and me believing they saved me, but I was wrong. From that day I was treated like crap,the parents did nothing but smal me around, and their children, although the oldest was my age, treated me as the house pet rather than a human.

I don't know how I came to terms with it but it all clicked, what the whole sick game was, and that led me here, the step towards my end.

I had nothing left, I don't even know where I came or my actual name so how could I find my parents? Or brother? I couldn't. That's all that I knew so I saw no hope in my future.

I let out another shaky breath as I gripped my cold silver locket in my hand, the contents of that locket I never shared with anyone like my family knowing they would destroy it. It was my real family, the tiny picture showing my blond haired mother with my brown haired father standing in back of a boy, my brother, only 16 maybe? His black hair went below his ears and all I could make out was a slayer Tshirt hidden behind my tiny body sat in his lap.

I let it fall back against my black veil brides Tshirt as I took a tiny step to the ledge, my tattered vans just hanging over the edge. Silence was all I could hear besides the waves as it wasn't a busy street so there were no cars.

I closed my eyes completely blocking out everything around me as I felt my heart pound so rapidly that I could feel it in my ears.

My chest ached as I felt adrenaline course through my veins making my breathing slightly more rapid as I inhaled the salty air into my lungs, maybe for the last time. I finally released my one last breath before completely just letting my body go.

I took my final step to the ledge until there was nothing supporting my foot anymore. I felt my body fall forward and just as my left foot was slipping off it was planted again.

My eyes remained shut as everything happened so fast, first thing I felt myself falling next thing a cold hand was gripping my arm and yanking me back. My self endured high came to a stop as my body collided with another one falling against the hard pavement.

I was immediately filled with so many emotions at once, who was this? Why didn't I hear them? Why was I so stupid? I should've just went when I had the chance. I can't even kill myself right

" you, you're too young" I heard the soothing voice breathe out as the body stood up leaving me still on the cold ground, heart beating faster than the speed of light and my eyes still firmly shut.

I opened my eyes to see a man,standing above me. But it took me a second to realize, it wasn't a man, it was jinxx, a man I've only seen on my computer and my posters.

I was silent, the whole thing still sinking in as he reached down and helped me up.

"you are too young, so young, you shouldn't take your life when it's just getting started" he said smoothly still gripping my hand I just stared at him feeling my eyes burn.

All these emotions, I had been saved, but by my hero, the man I have only seen in my dreams.

" How did you find me" I shakily asked feeling my bones shake violently and he sadly smiled.

"I was walking and I saw you, I yelled so many times but you just didn't respond so I ha to save you, you might not thank me now, but I know.. You will, you'll realize" he said and I nodded shaking.

He looked me over, a small smile and on his lips when he looked at my shirt but he said nothing. Instead he slipped his black jacket off and wrapped it around my shaking form.

" I'm jinxx, and who might you be?"he asked smoothly holding his warm body against mine.

"My names, Jessica" I stumbled out and he smiled.

"We'll Jessica, lets go okay? Ill take you home? We can talk on the way" he said starting to move my feet numbly following as I breathed in I couldn't go back, I can't.

"I don't have a home" i mumbled and I felt his arm tense pulling me closer as he continued to walk.


" it's a long story" I mumbled

" we'll we have a long walk so let's hear it" he said and I sighed.

Maybe he'll care

As we walked to streets light by the 3pm afternoon sun I told this man everything and I couldn't deny, it felt nice.

"So you were taken from your bother and parents at how old?" He asked again

" 4"

He nodded sticking his hands in his pockets

" your brother was?"

"16 I think " I said

He nodded silently starring ahead obviously thinking

" can I see the picture?" He asked and I nodded silently handing him the locket I took from my neck

He paused in front of a small apartment complex looking at the tiny locket. His eyes went wide for a split second before he closed it and nodded

" let's go inside, you can meet my wife and ill invite some people over and talk okay?" He asked leading the way inside the complex

He opened up the door leading to a small hallway in which he kicked his shoes off and smiled wanly at me

" Sammi!" He yelled

"living room!" A female voice called back and he smiled grabbing my hand and walking into the living room

. A girl around 24 with red and black hair, Sami doll, sat on the couch her eyes immediately leaving the tv to look at her husband.

She got a confused look when she saw me but she smiled softly

" hey who's this.?" She asked

" this, this is Jess, it's a long story, but there's a lot to it that I think you should hear while i make a call"he said and she nodded patting the couch

I sat down and jinxx walked away into the kitchen I assumed

"So tell me your story sweetheart" she said and I nodded before repeating my entire story, the second time today to her

Once i finished her face was slightly confused like jinxes was

"can I see your locket?" I nodded and handed it to her just as jinxx walked back in

She looked at it her mouth immediately falling open slightly as she looked to jinxx

" jinxx-"

"I know" he said And I looked at them both


Jinxx smiled slightly before falling in the couch next to Sami

" we'll explain soon okay? For now just relax , you're safe now"

I nodded smiling slightly as I closed my eyes taking a huge breath in. This was the most confusing day I've had In my life.


Hope you like it, I'm Jess author of
maybe there's still hope
i can't feel anything ananymo
as you fade into the night


I'm really enjoying this. So here's on vote for continue.

Metalbookworm Metalbookworm


@Crimson Recovery

This is is the author of this story but my account got locked out, I am continuing this story on Wattpad currently if you guys are still into reading!

@Fallen Fate

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Blackveiljess2 Blackveiljess2

Guuuuurl you said a week :(

Weeeeeeee!!!!!! Please continue, sorry I'm quite weird.