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Falling for the Fallen Angel Ashley purdy - Comments, page 2

someone rate this story too!!!!

thank you for the 500 views so far. this story wouldn't be here if you guys didn't keep reading!! I may not update today as asthma has gotten the best of me. I will try to update a small chapter tomorrow at about 11:10am -12pm tomorrow!!! (Uk time) thank you to @NikkiB and @Perfect__Weapon for the main comments and support motivation!!!

@Shadow veil brides
I sooooo love your story!!!! Keep writing!!!

NikkiB NikkiB

ok so I didn't update. sorry about that had writers block. I will try to get a new chapter today but no guarantee!

I'm going to update today!!!!!! Watch out!!

Please update soon!

Perfect__Weapon Perfect__Weapon

@Perfect__Weapon its good to know its one of your favourites. I've never written fan fiction so I'm glad that someone likes it. I also have a YouTube channel with bvb stuff on and I can update stuff on there too if you want.

Sorry i didn't update yesterday I wasnt feeling well

Ok so in planning to update one or two chapters tomorrow so keep an eye out

Yay! This is probably one of my faviourtes, and it has only been a few chapters!

Perfect__Weapon Perfect__Weapon

@Perfect__Weapon Thank you!!!! I'm glad you like it! I'll update when I escape the wrath of college teachers

I love this story, please keep updating.

Perfect__Weapon Perfect__Weapon

I'm going to add some more characters this morning which you will see later on in the story

Ok so I can't post tonight (uk time) so I will try and post while at college tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for the veiws and subscribes. Remember to ask for senarios to occur within the story and I may add them. No andley please