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Bree Barham

Bree Barham

Bree Barham

Well... This is my first about me thingy that i have ever written so here goes... My name is Briana but every one calls me some variation of Bree. I'm soon to be 15 in December... the 26th. I don't know what I'm supposed to write. I've struggled with self-harm and Bulimia Anorexia since 6th grade; I was sent to an inpatient to get help for it. I've found it hard to trust people since being in an adoption system, so far I've been in one home- it's only been since first grade, and people have been quick to stab me in the back. Music has become my home. At warped tour i made a promise while standing in a group consisting of BVB, and SWS to never harm myself again. I've been working on that promise...


Shadow Children

Shadow Children

R Romance Comedy Teen

A CC fan fic


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