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Tied With Teal Ribbon

Tied With Teal Ribbon

Tied With Teal Ribbon

Hello all! You can call me Teal. I'm 20 years old and I've been a devoted fan of Black Veil Brides since I was 14.

At age 17 I passed out at the very beginning of their Warped set in Dallas, TX, in June 2015, and my mom had to take me to the medic (who, luckily, was closer to the stage than we originally were!) so now I'm a living reminder of why you shouldn't let insecurities prevent you from doing common-sense things like, I dunno, eating something and drinking at least one bottle of water when it's over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit outside and you're finally seeing your favorite band? It's a good idea. I still got to hear the whole set, I got a BVB shirt and cute MOSH shorts in my size (big deal for me at the time) and a little while before reaching BVB's stage, Ben Bruce had smiled at me, so I was still ecstatic.

Sorry, I just love to tell that story. Anyway, this'll be my first time getting truly into fanfiction since I was maybe 16. I'm hoping it'll knock some gears loose in my brain and get the creative juices flowing like they used to. I used to write very steadily when I was 14 with my then-girlfriend, and did a little drabble as a request a couple of years later that was well-received, but fell out of it because, you know...life.

I've been with the same man since right after I turned 18, and he's the love of my life. He does tease me pretty mercilessly though, so let's see how long I can keep this little hobby to myself, shall we? We shall.