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Our Controversial Differences

Hello My Hate

"That's it!" James screamed, "I've had it with you and your fucking ways!"

He stomped through the hallway away from he and his girlfriend's bedroom.

"I'm not trying to-" she began to plead.

"Shut the fuck up. I'm sick and tired of you trying to change me and tell me what to do."

Serenity crossed her arms and scrunched her face. "Why are you so reluctant to stop smoking pot? It's not like it's doing you any good!"

"How would you know you bible thumping cunt?"

She scoffed at his remark. "Who is the one that is the high school drop-out and ten-thousand in debt? Not me, that's for sure."

"But that gives you no right to change me to what you want me to be. I don't wanna be another straight edge poser preachin', "Lets be smoke free!" because all I wanna be is another "who cares" "shot dead" kid, and I'm going down with or without you. Deal with it, punk."

Serenity slapped his cheek and stomped back into the bedroom. James walked back to the bedroom, leaned on the door frame, and crossed his arms as he watched his girlfriend pack her bags.

"I hope you're happy with the life you have because-"

"If I wasn't would we be in this situation now?" he asked.

She scowled at him and stomped out the door. He smirked as the front door slammed. He walked over to the calendar on the wall, picked up his red sharpie, and colored in the date number.

"And this marks the day I killed you," he smirked again. "Shows her right," he said to himself.

James walked to the living room, plopped on the couch and picked up his cell phone off the coffee table. He scrolled through the contacts and stopped at Ben. He dialed and held the phone to his ear listening to it ring.

"Yo, Ben! What's up?"

"Uh, what was I up to yesterday?"

James laughed out loud, "Aw, man, she's there again? Woot, woot! Go Ben! What makes this, three days in a row?"

"Yep. So what's up? Hurry, she's getting frisky."

"Oh, never mind, I was just about to light up this little roach here and thought you would want one too but I'll just call Cash. See ya, man."


He hung up and scrolled back through and called Cash.

"Hey, Cash, what's happening?"

"Watching infomercials. You?"

"Nothing else on?"

"When you have basic cable you don't have anything."

"Understandable. So you wanna come over and smoke?"

"Sounds like a plan. I'll be right over."

"Awesome, see you soon."


He hung up again and put the phone back on the table. He got off the couch, moved the cushion, and pulled the bag of weed out from between the springs. About that time Cash walked through the door.

"I'm here and ready to par-tay!!" he said as he danced through the living room. He plopped down on the floor and looked left, then right. "Hey, where's the girl?"

"Gone for good. I was sick and tired of her trying to change me. She wanted me to stop smoking-"

"What?! No way!" Cash exclaimed.

James nodded, "Yeah, and I just told her I was sick and fucking tired of her trying to make me who I'm not and don't want to be and told her to deal with it. Then she packed her bags and left."

"Go James!" He threw his hands up for a high five. Their hands collided and he continued, "So now what? Are you going to stay single or find another girl?"

"I dunno. I'll probably just find another girl eventually. Definitely one better than her, and with a less annoying name. Who fucking names their kid Serenity anyway?"

Cash shrugged. "I don't know but I'm getting impatient! Roll the damn things up already!"

"Alright, I like your thinking." He chuckled.

He skillfully rolled up a fair amount of weed into two joints and handed one to Cash. He tossed him matches and they lit them up.

James inhaled and exhaled smoke rings slowly. He sighed, "Man, I miss being able to do this here. The bitch always got so mad and overreacted when I did anything here. She wouldn't even have sex with me."


"I'll be sure to find a better girlfriend next time."

Cash took a long drag and exhaled smoke into the room. "Fuck, this is amazing weed."

"I know, seriously."

Serenity walked down the street. It's been three weeks since she and James broke up. There wasn't a ton of traffic around, but there was a couple people walking as well. Less than usual. She was almost to the general store when she saw James walking towards the store doors. He saw her as well. They stopped and stared at each other and waited for the other to walk in. He finally turned around and started walking the other way.

"James, wait!" she threw her arm out to try to catch his shirt.

"What the fuck do you want?"

"I just wanted to talk to you."

"About what? We're through."

"I just wanted to apologize for what I did this past year. I shouldn't have tried to change you."

"If you didn't we would still be together. I used to love you. I used to think you were my love drug, the only one that could cure my love-hungry heart, but that's all over."

"I used to love you too, but now I see it was only my lust for you."

James stared her straight in the eyes. "It's all over now. You've made your bed. May you rest in peace without me. You're dead to me now."

He turned back around and walked away into the distance. His words from weeks before rang in her head. "I don't wanna be another straight edge poser preachin', "Lets be smoke free!" because all I wanna be is another "who cares" "shot dead" kid, and I'm going down with or without you."


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ur welcome
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I'll think about doing some more. This one was done for a contest a while back. I had intended on it being just a short story, but I'll see what I can do once I'm not working so much.

Thanks for your comment! :)
They're greatly appreciated.
Ohhh please update your storie
Mak-a-doodle Mak-a-doodle