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Take My Hand and Run Away, Sweetheart

...You Somehow Find Yourself In Love.

-Ashley's Point of View-

Andy stared at me like a deer who had just hears something approaching it.

"Who?" I asked him once more.

"Y-you," he stuttered and stared at me with fear in his sky blue eyes. .

Did he just admit that he felt the same spark that I did when I met him?

"I'm a guy. Guys don't fall for guys..." I said. That's when I realized that I sounded like a total fucking hypocrite.

"I don't know what it is, but I like you, Ashley. More than I've ever like anyone else," he said turning away and acting like he was about to leave. He acted as if it was a shame to admit that he had finally found what he had been looking for all along. He took a step away and I finally found the courage to admit what I needed to.

"The funny thing is... I feel the same way," I said and the turned around to face me.

A smile spread across his pink lips and he took a few steps closer to me.

"You want to try to be together?" I asked him softly hoping that his answer was a yes.

"It's forbidden and morally wrong, but yes," he said.

His eyes gleamed brightly and for once he seemed truly happy. For the day I've known him, he seemed like he was personally alone. There was people around him, but he just didn't feel as if anyone needed him.

We stood there in silence and I leaned my face closer to his. Soon enough we were centimeters apart and in one swift motion my lips connected to his.

He kissed me back and I felt another spark that was stronger than the other one. I was wonderful and it just felt like the entire world was on my side for once.

Maybe I am falling in love with the prince of my enemy...


"Why are you so happy today?" Jake said as I walked back through the courtyard of the castle.

The sun was setting in the kingdom and we silently. I wonder if my parents realized I was gone for most of the day...

I didn't say anything. I just smiled at him and left it up to him to figure out what was going on.

"Did you find some blond dame at the bar again?" he asked nudging my arm.

I swear I told him yesterday about Andy and he's already forgot. This is what I get for having a friend that's tripping on love himself.

I just shook my head and he stared at me confused.

"Do you want a hint?" I asked and he nodded his head. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"Prince Biersack," I whispered and his eyes widened.

"Did you tell him that you... you know.." he asked and I nodded my head.

"He's mine now also, but if you tell anyone I swear, Jacob Pitts..." I said shaking my finger at him.

"My lips are sealed," he said placing a hand over his mouth.

"You better," I said and we walked into the castle.


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oh my satan! please update!
I actually cannot get my originals from this story onto here since my old laptop decided to call it quits a few months ago. You can find it here though and finish reading the story along with its sequel.
TheJinxxedOne TheJinxxedOne
Yaaayyy! The world needs more andleys...
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