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Take My Hand and Run Away, Sweetheart

You Haunt My Mind, Tonight

-Ashley's Point of View-

Andy and I were so alike, yet so different in many ways.

We talked about various things (things that usually wouldn't be admitted to complete strangers...) and I finally knew that I needed to be returning to my kingdom.

I stood up and brushed the leaves and pine needles of my pants and Andy just stared up at with with his sky blue eyes.

"Both of us should be returning to our kingdoms now," I said and he just nodded slowly.

"Can we meet again, tomorrow maybe?" he asked. There was a pleading look in his eyes.

"Sure. Let's meet back here at this tree by midday," I said and he smiled.

"See you then, Ash," he said and he turned and walked away. I watched him leave with a smile on my lips.

What is it about him, that makes me feel so different then what I feel around everyone else?


"Ashley Purdy, where the hell have you been?!" My mother shrieked as I crept into the throne room slowly. I had been gone longer than I thought.

"Jake and I went to the bar and then I got lost and I met a few pretty girls..." I said and she just watched me carefully. Lately I had been lying about the "pretty girls" that I met at the "bar".

The only person I've met lately is Andy and he was in the forbidden forest. I wouldn't about to tell my mother that I had been breaking the laws again.

"Do any of them act like bride material?" she asked.

"Not really. Half of them want the fame and money," I sighed and I started to walk away, but she cleared her throat and stopped me in my tracks.

"Ashley, I know you don't like the idea of choosing someone you don't love, but it's what you have to do. Somebody needs to rule this kingdom after your father and I pass and that person is you. You need to find someone that will be able to give you the heir to this kingdom. Somebody that will stand by your side though thick and thin. You need to do it soon son. That or the villagers will just think you're weak and puny and they'll uproot you from your position."

Great now she's giving me this lecture again. I swear she says the exact same words to me twice a week.

"I know mother. I'll find someone soon enough," I said walking out of the room without another word.

I was heading up to my chamber when I saw Jake talking to one of the maids named Ella. I knew he had a total crush on her and I had to admit it was adorable.

I didn't want to interrupt his conversation, but I had to tell someone about Andy now. He was the only one that holds all my secrets in this castle.

"Jacob," I said and he just looked at me and sighed.

He quickly kissed Ella's cheek, whispered something in her ear, and started walking towards me.

"What is it, Ashley?" he said frowning at me.

"I've got to tell you something," I said and he just stared at me annoyed.

He's probably not going to like what I'm about to tell him, but he's the only one that'll listen to me and my slightly insane rambling.


I tossed and turned in bed.

Those crystal blue eyes were haunting my dreams.

Andy was twice as beautiful as any girl I've ever seen in this entire village, hell, he's better looking than half of the princesses I've fucked from the other kingdoms in this area.

I could just imagine kissing those soft pink lips of his...

Wait a minute... A prince should not be having these kind of thoughts about another guy. Let alone the prince of your enemy kingdom.

Does this mean that I'm falling for him?


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oh my satan! please update!
I actually cannot get my originals from this story onto here since my old laptop decided to call it quits a few months ago. You can find it here though and finish reading the story along with its sequel.
TheJinxxedOne TheJinxxedOne
Yaaayyy! The world needs more andleys...
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