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Take My Hand and Run Away, Sweetheart

First Encounter

-Ashley's Point of View-

I love being a prince. I can get away with anything in this kingdom. Well everything, unless I get caught sneaking into the woods.

I'm not allowed there because it seperated us Purdys with our enemies, the Biersacks.

I'll never understand why the two hate each other so much...

I walked through the marketplace with my escort and loyal friend, Jake.

As usual, we were searching for ways to stir up trouble.

I was searching for rotten tomatoes when Jake tapped my shoulder.

"You know you're supposed to be looking for a potential wife, right?" he said with uncertainty in his voice.

"I don't know why though. It's not like my parents are going to die anytime soon," I said shrugging.

"But they need to know that you'll be the heir to their kingdom."

"If they didn't then I wouldn't be here, Jacob," I said glaring at him.

That's all everyone has ever talked about since my sixteenth birthday.

I enjoyed being the prince, but they rush me to settle down and find someone to be happy with.

You just can't rush happiness.

"I'm going walking. I need to clear my head," I said.

"What do you want me to tell the king and queen?" Jake asked.

"That you lost me in the bar!" I shouted heading towards the woods.


Leaves and twigs snapped under my boots as I enhaled the scent of the pine trees.

This place had always been my haven when something was bothering me.

I had no idea how far into the forest I was, but I could really care less.

I whistled a song that was in my head when I heard a voice not too far away from where I was.

Who the hell would be out in these woods besides me?!

"Why don't my parents understand? I could fucking care less about being the king of their damn kingdoms," a somewhat deep voice grumbled.

I could see a boy around my age sitting up in a tree not too far from me.

He muttered to himself as he sharpened a stick.

I tried to walk towards him quietly, but a branch snapped under my boot and he raised his head.

"Who goes there?!" he said pointing his small blade away from him.

I stepped forward and his eyes bore into me like sharpened daggers.

"Who are you?" he asked calmy as he sat up.

"I am Ashley Purdy, prince of the Purdy kingdom," I said bowing like I was taught to when I was young and had to introduce myself to every person that came through our castle.

He stared at me as if he had just seen a ghost before sliding down the tree and landing on the forest floor.

"Who are you?" I asked taking a step towards him.

He backed away and said, "I am Andrew Biersack, prince of the Biersack kingdom."

He fumbled with most of his words and he watched me carefully with his sky blue eyes.

In those eyes I saw three things.

My future.
My love.
My enemy.


Chapter 2 of my reposting.


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oh my satan! please update!
I actually cannot get my originals from this story onto here since my old laptop decided to call it quits a few months ago. You can find it here though and finish reading the story along with its sequel.
TheJinxxedOne TheJinxxedOne
Yaaayyy! The world needs more andleys...
Alexx11812 Alexx11812