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Take My Hand and Run Away, Sweetheart

Heir to the Throne

-Andy's Point of View-

I hate this castle. I hate being prince of this kingdom. I just fucking hate it all.

The only reason why I'm actually on this planet is because my father needed an heir to his throne. If that wasn't the case then I could still be a wasteful soul floating around in the abyss of where ever we come from.

"Andrew, sit up straight," my mother snapped at me. I was slouching again at the dinner table. There was only three of us that sat at it, but the table was fucking huge.

I let out a sigh and sat up straight as my servant, Jeremy, brought me my dinner. He was the only person I talked to in the entire castle. He actually listened to me unlike most people did.

I glanced as him and he just shook his head.

Whenever he did that, it meant that he was going to talk to me as soon as I was released to go to my tower.

I started to eat whatever the cooks had made us and I could see my parents staring at me.

"What?" I asked feeling slightly annoyed. I was their little freak of nature. I knew they had been debating for years if they should have another child to take over the kingdom instead of me.

"We..." My mother began, but she sighed.

"Go on ahead and tell him, Amy," my father said looking at her.

She nodded her head and continued, "Andrew, we know you don't leave the castle that often, but we're going to have to know when you're going to find a bride. If you don't then we're going to have to throw a ball and find you one that way. You don't want us to arrange a marriage, do you?"

"I'm sixteen mother!" I shouted.

"I married you father when I was seventeen. We weren't in love, but I knew I had to take my duties as a princess and fulfill them." She said shaking her head.

I just frowned and stood up.

"I'm going to my tower." I said glancing over to see Jeremy standing by the door waiting for me.

Welcome to my life as the prince of the fierce, yet cruel kingdom of the Biersacks.


This is just a repost from the original on Mibba.


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oh my satan! please update!
I actually cannot get my originals from this story onto here since my old laptop decided to call it quits a few months ago. You can find it here though and finish reading the story along with its sequel.
TheJinxxedOne TheJinxxedOne
Yaaayyy! The world needs more andleys...
Alexx11812 Alexx11812