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You Want to Make a Memory?

You want to make a memory?

Through the open curtains framing the hotel room window, the sun shines; it’s morning heat warming the bodies in the bed. Comfortable and warm underneath the duvet, Gabriel snuggles closer to the heat radiating from the adjacent body. Rolling onto his back, Gabe stretches the muscles of his arms and legs. His eyes flutter open, squinting against the harsh light. Avoiding the brightness, he turns back to bury his head in his pillow.

Already awake, Andy watches him with mild amusement, smiling as he does so.He is so cute in the mornings. Andy wants to see this every morning. Since one arm is currently trapped between the mattress and Gabe’s body, Andy uses his free hand to smooth his hand over Gabe’s bare shoulder, softly rubbing his tense muscles. Gabriel hums in appreciation, his body already relaxing at the touch. With a long kiss to the top of his head, Andy wishes him a good morning.

“Did you sleep well?” All Gabriel can do is hum in response to Andy’s question, not quite finding his voice through his morning haze.

They continue to lay in harmonious bliss, their arms wrapped tightly around the others bodies, relishing in the moment. Time is irrelevant to them, even though at some point Andy will have to join his band on the bus before moving onto the next city. Both him and Gabriel forget about, or at least ignore this small fact that could possible devastate everything.

After what seems to be hours, Gabriel finally finds the energy to roll out of Andy’s hold and sit up. He looks at the beautiful creature that lay before him. When Gabe moved, the thin duvet cover slipped dangerously low on Andy’s body, barely covering his lithe hips. He smiles and leans down, kissing Andy chastely, blushing shyly. It feels strange to him that this ease has settled around them. Before, it didn’t feel like this; last time it was rushed and tense. He didn’t quite know how to start this conversation, but Gabriel knew that it was one he and Andy had to have. They desperately needed to talk about what happened between them the previous night.

“Andy last night was…” Gabriel should have thought of what to say before he started his sentence. “It was so… I can’t even begin to put it into words.”

“How about we settle on perfect?” Gabriel smiles, nodding his head, he can barely contain his emotions. “Oh Gabe, are you crying?”

Furiously Gabe shakes his head, rubbing his eyes, trying to hide his tears. Andy laughs lightly as he sits up to embrace Gabe’s body with his arms. “I’m sorry, I’m being silly.”

“Don’t ever apologise for your emotions, Gabriel.” Letting his arms fall to Gabe’s sides, Andy states seriously, but on a lighter note adds, “Only if they’re happy tears?”

“Of course they are,” Gabe laughs through his tears. He’s just worried a night like this will only ever happen in a fleeting moment, once every nine months. A normal couple could grow a baby in that time.

“I meant what I said last night, Gabe.” Gabe tries to think through everything that was said, but mostly remembers their names on each other’s lips as they hit the peak of orgasmic pleasure. Seeing Gabe’s face redden slightly at his own thoughts, he can see he forgot that part of their conversation, so he elaborates.

“When I said this was something more. This isn’t just a cheap fling, Gabriel. I do want more from this, I need more from this. I have never met anyone in my life that makes me feel the way you do. Since we departed, I haven’t even looked at another person, I’ve only been able to think of you.”

Gabriel isn’t quite sure how to react, this is all that he has ever wanted over the last nine months, but he is absolutely terrified of what this relationship could bring. It would bring loneliness, when Andy is away on tour; there would be uncertainty from the amount of people that throw themselves over him, but Gabe is positive he could trust Andy. But what Gabriel does know, is that whatever could happen in the future, he is willing to take his chances for the now. He doesn’t want this feeling to stop.

Shifting closer to Andy, Gabriel moves to sit on his lap, his arms wrapping around his neck, holding on tight. “Andy, I don’t ever want this to stop.”

Pulling him even closer, his arms winding around Gabe’s waist, Andy whispers, “It doesn’t have to. Come on tour with me; let’s give this a go. I really want this to work.”

Pausing for a few moments, Gabriel takes a deep breath, more to get over the shock than hesitation. He nods his head against Andy’s neck, “I want that too.”

“So will you come with me?” Andy asks again.

Grinning softly at Andy’s need for reassurance, “Yes, yes of course I will.”

“Thank you so much, Gabriel. You don’t realise how happy you have made me.” Andy laughs to himself, so Gabe pulls away from their embrace to see why he’s laughing. “You’ll probably have Everly with you anyway, it didn’t look like Ashley was letting him go anytime soon.”

Smiling widely, Gabriel can’t believe his luck. He has a gorgeous new boyfriend, who he gets to tour America with, and his best friend will get to be there too. Things could not be any better. Banging on the door startles the couple. Gabe looks to Andy, only to see him laughing. Andy holds a finger to his lips, signally for silence. The banging continues, and then the shouting starts.

“Andy! Why are my bags out here, jackass?” They both ignore Jake, figuring he must have slept on the bus, knowing his room was otherwise occupied. “Andy, when I get in there I’m going straight after your hair straighteners, and yourBatman stuff is next!”

Knowing they’re empty threats, Andy doesn’t panic, he just looks to the wonderful man sat next to him, “So you think you could get used to that?”

“Anything for you.”

Andy attaches his lips to Gabriel’s, rolling him back down against the mattress, intent on showing Gabriel just how much he loves him, and just how excited he is to start this next chapter of his life on the road with him. Gabriel is just happy that he finally belongs to Andy, and can call him his own. It’s the first thing that feels right in his life, and he is not going to let him go.


The End.


me and my mum love that song its what drew me to your story
mimicchaos mimicchaos