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You Want to Make a Memory?

Just breathe;

With no sign of hesitation or doubt on Gabriel’s face, his eyes strong and determined, Andy leans down for another kiss. He just can’t say no. As the kiss continues, he slowly lifts Gabe a few inches from the floor, holding him tightly in his arms. Carefully Andy walks backwards towards where he knows the bus will be. For the second time in his life, Andy finds himself completely at the mercy of pleasure, out of control with his own actions, and only the thoughts of Gabriel and his body of perfection set in his mind.

“Hey — wait!”

The exasperated voice behind the couple startles them; Andy accidentally releases his arms from around Gabriel, causing him to stumble out his grasp. Once regaining his footing, by clinging to Andy’s jacket, Gabe turns to find Everly rushing forward. His face is stern, but there is a playful glint in his eye; Everly really is happy for his best friend. He hasn’t seen Gabe this spirited in a very long time.

“I know where you’re going, and I know exactly what you’re going to be doing,” His grin spreads wider across his face. Both Andy and Gabriel blush, the redness in their cheeks darkening in embarrassment. They forgot their friends were watching their little display. “And honestly I think that’s great, but how the hell am I going to get home?”

Shit, Gabriel hadn’t thought of that. Silently he begins to panic. Behind him is a very willing man ready to let him explore every fantasy he’s had for the last nine months, but then his best friend, who’s stuck by him through thick and thin, will be stranded 45 minutes away from home. Doing the first thing that came to mind, Gabe reaches deep into the left pocket of his jeans, retrieving the keys to his car. Holding them in the palm of his hand, he looks to Andy and back to Everly. His resolve dissolves, and his selfishness shines through, he throws the keys to Everly, which luckily he catches ungracefully in both hands. Thinking that would have solved his problems, Gabe turns back to Andy.

Gabe!” Everly whines, “You know I can’t drive!”

Gabriel drops his head forward, and audibly sighs in frustration. He forgot about that. Now he really doesn’t know what to do. Andy can see the younger man’s disappointment, and almost steps forward to tell Gabe that he can wait for him to drop Everly home, but luckily for all of them Ashley runs over to the three of them. From a distance he could see things becoming stressed, so now he felt it was time he could intervene. Upon his arrival, it was clear to see the problem.

Looking to the new couple and smiling to himself, Ashley easily swoops in to saves the day, “Don’t worry about Everly, I can drive him home.”

If Gabriel weren’t so damn turned on by the thoughts of what him and Andy will be doing soon, he’d take note of the small blushes working at the cheeks of both Ashley and Everly. Clearly Andy notices their closeness as he laughs haughtily.

“Like you’re doing this for our benefit!” A large grin can’t help but spread across Gabe’s face at Andy’s wisecrack comment.

Subconsciously the pair gravitate closer together, their arms brush shyly, and Ashley slowly brings his hand to settle on the small of Everly’s back. Everly eagerly leans back into his hold. He turns his head to look up at Ashley, to see him smiling back down at him. Ashley gently pushes the fringe out of his eyes and behind his ear, and tenderly runs his hand over Everly’s shoulder down to link their fingers. Internally Everly squeals; this night could literally not be anymore perfect.

The two men stood in front of Andy are absolutely oblivious to everyone, including Gabriel, who he notices is shifting from one foot to the other, eager to get away. Grinning to himself, he’s pleased that he has this effect over Gabe.

“Right, as lovely as it is to see you two looking so cute together, we really need to get going.”

Andy’s rich voice brings them all crashing back to reality. He steps forward to wrap his arms around Gabriel’s waist, gently kissing the base of his neck. A sharp breath leaves Gabe’s lips, surprised by Andy’s actions. Both grinning like fools, Gabriel and Everly silently acknowledge each other, sending a knowing smirk to their friend. Their smirks hold an underlying hint of warning, be careful. They remember the past, but this time, it feels different. Better.

“If you two want to get back to the hotel, you better get your arse’s back on this bus!” Jake shouts from the door of the bus, where the other’s retreated to when they got bored of waiting around for the lovebirds. The four still left outside bid their farewells and go their separate ways. Ashley takes Everly’s hand in his own and lets himself be led to where the car is parked. Before Gabriel has time to taunt his friend from a distance, Andy is pulling him towards the bus.
The bus journey from the venue to the hotel can only be described as tense. Awkwardness hangs thickly in the air, nobody really knows what to say. Gabriel sits beside Andy, their thighs touching snugly, his arms tucked around the taller man’s waist, itchy to get to the hotel. Being in the cramped, and very silent environment, makes Gabe feel extremely uncomfortable. He still has the sickly feeling in his stomach that the rest of the band are judging him. After a while the guys begin talking, Gabe still quietly hugging into Andy’s side, about sticking around the bus for a few beers before heading inside for the night.

The bus finally comes to a stop, Andy looks out the window to see the hotel in front of him, and Gabriel breathes a deep sigh of relief. Without a second thought or turning back, Andy grabs Gabriel’s hand and hauls him from his seat. Startled, he just follows, allowing Andy to pull him off of the bus. As they stumbled towards the large building in front of him, they ignore the heckling heard behind them.

Since it’s into the early hours of the morning and no one is around, the pair easily run through the lobby. Andy bypasses reception straight to the lift. Andy wraps his arms around Gabriel, and kisses his nose. Gabe wrinkles his face, giggling. The lift pings behind him. Gabe smirks and pushes Andy into the lift and up against the mirrored wall. He begins frantically kissing, licking, biting at Andy’s neck, his hands tangling in his hair. Andy slides his hands down to lift Gabe from the floor, wrapping his legs around his waist. For the second time, the lift pings, the door opening on their floor. Letting Gabriel’s stand on is own two feet, Andy takes his hand in his, linking their fingers. Casually they stroll down the corridor to their room, not needing to go at a fast pace. Not knowing which room is Andy’s, Gabe just allows himself to be pulled in the right direction.

Stopping outside room 221, they look to each other. “Are you sure you want this?”

Gabriel smiles softly at Andy’s worry, it makes him feel cared about. Someone is finally worried about him. Standing on the balls of his feet, Gabe stares straight into Andy’s eyes, “Yes.”

Andy believes him, and quickly removes his key card from his back pocket. The door swings open. Standing on the threshold, they stare into the room. The curtains open, the moonlight shining through, a double bed, unused, sat central to the room. Gabriel is the first to step onto the plush crimson carpet, Andy following behind. Andy then rushes over to four identical looking bags situated beside the bed. He begins unzipping them, looking at the contents. Gabriel watches on confused. Andy finds what he wants and picks up two bags, he leaves them in the corridor and closes the door.

“No one will interrupt us now.” Andy smiles at Gabriel and stalks over to him, attaching their lips together.

Impatiently Gabriel drags Andy over to the bed. Pushing him down onto the bed, he straddles Andy hips, pressing his torso against the mattress. Sitting onto of him, Gabriel savours the moment of having Andy underneath him. He slides his hands underneath Andy’s vest, sliding it off his body. He runs his hands over the soft skin, admiring the perfection. Andy back sits up and wraps his arms around Gabe’s small torso, kissing him deeply. In a similar way, he removes Gabe’s shirt.

“What is this, Andy? What does any of this mean?” Andy continues to kiss Gabriel’s chest. “Am I just a convenient fuck, or is this…”

“It’s something else.” Andy looks up and finishes Gabriel’s sentence, as if he read his mind. “This is more. I want so more.”

Gabriel smiles and throws his arms Andy, both of them falling back against the mattress.

“You can have it. You can have everything.”


me and my mum love that song its what drew me to your story
mimicchaos mimicchaos