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The Mortician's Daughter

Same 'Ol Situation (S.O.S)

Andy; forward a month

After an afternoon with Chance, I pull into my driveway and see Annabel’s car parked out front. I kill the engine of my car before walking inside and to my room. I walk in and see Annabel sitting on my bed, texting on her phone. I clear my throat causing her head to snap up. “Hello there angel face.” She smiles as she gives me her full attention.

“Angel face?” I question her as I sit on the edge of my bed. “You know I’m a guy right?”

“Yes I realize what you’re packing down there.” she chuckles as she points to my crotch. “But you’ve got this baby face which makes you look so damn innocent.” She explains.

“Ok then.” I chuckle. “Not that I don’t love seeing your face, what brings you here?”

“The girls are all busy and I need help picking out a Halloween costume..” she begins to say. “And you’re my only hope.”

“I still say you should go as Harley Quinn.” I laugh, causing her to grown. “We could be matching!”

“First of all, I hate Harley Quinn.” she points out. “So there is no way in hell I’d dress up as her. And second of all, I don’t want to go as a Batman villain. Even though Poison Ivy would be amazing.” I just laugh.

“Let me go check my email for messages from band venues then we’ll go.” I tell her. She squeals before attacking me with a hug and kissing my cheek.

“I love you so much Andy!” She squeals once more before letting me go.

I just sigh before shooting her a weak smile. “I love you too, Annabel.” I say before going over to my desk to quickly check my emails. As I’m going through the emails, an email address pops out at me. My eyes widen as my heartbeat speeds up; the air gets sucked back into my lungs. [I]Scout.[/I]

“You ok?” I hear Annabel ask; snapping me back from my thoughts. “Did you get a bad email or something?”

“N-no.” I stutter out. “I got nothing really.” I quickly shut down my computer before getting out of my chair. “Come on, let’s go to the mall.” She looks at me weirdly but gets off my bed; grabbing her car keys off my nightstand.

“Alright, let’s go.” She says before walking out of my bedroom with me right behind her.


“I’m so fucking hungry!” Annabel exclaims as we sit down in the food court with our food. “Yum Panda Express.” I just laugh at her, causing her to playfully glare at me before throwing a French fry at me.

“At least you found a Halloween costume, today wasn’t a total waste for me.” I joke with her.

“Bitch please you love spending time with me.” She says as she pops a fry into her mouth. She was right, I did love spending time with her; maybe a little too much. “So you obviously got a bad email at home, so what was it about?”

“It was nothing.” I tell her. She just looks at me, her look was unexplainable. It was like a mixture confusion and hurt. “Anna, it was nothing; I promise.”

“If you need to ever talk about something, just come to me.” she says. “I’ll always be there for you.”

“I know and thank you.” I smile to her. “So any word on your Thanksgiving break plans?”

“Yea, we’re going to Missouri.” she groans. “Only good thing about that trip is my cousin is also coming in with his girlfriend.”

“At least you get to spend time with him.” I say.

“What are your plans?” She asks before popping another fry into her mouth.

“Going out of town to visit my mom’s side of the family.” I shrug. “Nothing big.”

“I rather spend time with your family then my own.” She laughs.

“Maybe you can come with us for Christmas.” I suggest. “I’m pretty sure my mom wouldn’t mind.”

“That’s a long time from now.” She points out. “Depending on my cousin, I might be going to California. “

“Lucky bitch.” I laugh. “I can’t wait to graduate so I can move out there.”

“You and me both.” She laughs. “We should move out there together, like get an apartment together.”

“We should.” I agree. “It’ll be fun; plus it’ll be nice to know someone out there.” She just smiles before going back to eating her Chinese food and French fry lunch. I sigh to myself as I watch her then my thoughts go back to the email from Scout.

“You ok?” I hear Annabel ask, causing me to snap out of my trance once more.

“Yea, I’m fine.” I mutter…


Crazyendorphin Crazyendorphin
Update soon!! :)
JinxxieBooBear JinxxieBooBear
Oh i like this!!! Please update soon!
RandaRue22 RandaRue22
Must have more! :3 update soon!
AloneWolf656 AloneWolf656
ahhhhhhhhh i must know what happens next please update soon.
fridaysbloom fridaysbloom