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The Mortician's Daughter

Love Love, Kiss Kiss

As soon as I get to Ashley’s, he rushes me into the shower so we can got out for an early dinner and head out to Whisky A GoGo. I’m excited to say the least and I think Ashley knows that…

I’m in the bathroom doing my hair and make-up when my phone starts playing Mercy Me by Alkaline Trio. A smile creeps up on my lips as I pick it up. “Hey babe.” I answer the phone.

“Hey beautiful.” He says. I can clearly picture his smile by how his tone was. “How’s L.A?”

“I landed probably two hours ago and Ashley rushed me to the apartment so I can take a shower and get ready for a night out on the town. We’re getting a light dinner and heading to Whisky A GoGo.”

“Lucky Bitch.” He laughs. “I miss you, it sucks we can’t spend winter break together.”

I let out a sigh; he was really making me feel guilty. “I know babe; I promise you when I get back, I’ll make it up to you.”

“I just want to spend one holiday with you.” He sighs again.

“We still have Valentine’s Day and St. Paddy’s Day and all those other holidays.” I point out. “What makes me feel really guilty is that I’m going to miss your birthday; I hate that part.” The line went silent. I nervously bite on my bottom lip as Ashley walks into the bathroom. He gives me a weird look and I just shrug. “Andy?”

“Yea.” He finally says.

“I’ve got to go; Ashley is rushing me.” I tell him. “I’ll call you when I get back, ok?”

“Yea whatever.” He says before hanging up on me.

I stare at my phone; my mouth was open slightly. I can’t believe he hung up on me. He never did that; ever! Ashley comes over to me as pulls me into a hug as tears burn my eyes and blur my vision.

“Come on baby girl, lets finish getting ready and we’ll cause some hell.” Ashley whispers in my ear. I push him away a bit and shoot him a weak smile. He wipes away my tears before kissing my temple. “When does this boy turn 18? Because I’ll kick his ass for making you cry.”

I couldn’t help but to laugh. It was funny how Ashley is more like an older brother to me then a cousin. “He turns 18 on the 26th.” I tell him. “But that doesn’t give you right to kick his ass.” Ashley just laughs before messing my hair a bit.

“Finish getting ready, I’m fucking starved.” I mock salute him, earning a laugh from him as he exit’s the bathroom. I look in the mirror and fix my hair and make-up. Hopefully Andy will answer my phone call tonight, I’ve got to know what crawled up his ass between the time I left and now…


Ashley and I get into Whisky A GoGo and we pulls me straight to the bar area where another guy sits. The guy notices Ashley and gets up before pulling my cousin into a hug. Ashley pulls away and turns towards me. “Christian, this is my cousin Annabel.” He says introducing the guy beside him. “Anna, this is my good friend CC.”

“Nice to meet you.” I say as Ashley pulls me towards the bar area. I sit on the stool and all of us are talking about music and stupid shit like that. From the looks of it, CC and I are going to be great friends.

After the guys have a few drinks, all of us take to the streets. Los Angeles is definitely like Ashley described it; it was amazing. Going home is going to be hell. I’ve only been here a few hours and it seems right. This seems more like home then Cincinnati.

Just as we’re about to walk into a tattoo studio, I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket it. I pull it out and see Andy’s name flashing on the caller ID. Ashley looks back at me, naturally concerned.

“Go ahead, I’ll be in there a minute.” I tell him. “Andy’s calling me.” He nods his head before disappearing into the building with CC. I lean against the building and I can faintly hear Sex Action by L.A Guns playing from inside. I pull out my cigarettes and light one up before calling Andy back but got his voicemail instead. I just hang up and just sit down outside. I wonder what crawled up his ass and died…


Crazyendorphin Crazyendorphin
Update soon!! :)
JinxxieBooBear JinxxieBooBear
Oh i like this!!! Please update soon!
RandaRue22 RandaRue22
Must have more! :3 update soon!
AloneWolf656 AloneWolf656
ahhhhhhhhh i must know what happens next please update soon.
fridaysbloom fridaysbloom