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The Mortician's Daughter

Putting Holes in Happiness


“When is Anna suppose to get home?” Katie asks as we hang out in my basement with Karissa, Taylor and Chance. “It seems so empty without her.”

“She’s not getting home until tomorrow.” I frown, causing everyone else to laugh at me.

“Aw you miss her!” Karissa coos. I’m about to open my mouth to say something sarcastic but quickly close it when I hear someone coming downstairs. I turn my head and see Annabel walking down the stairs holding a black fleece blanket that’s bundled up around something.

I smile before getting up and walking towards her; gently kissing her lips. “I thought you weren’t coming home til tomorrow.” I say before kissing her again.

“Long story.” She mutters against my lips. I’m about to ask her why it’s a long story, but I hear a meowing sound coming from her blanket.

“Babe, your blanket meowed.” I tell her, causing a giggle to escape her lips. She unbundled the blanket, pulling out a snow white cat with bright blue eyes.

“Guys this is Sixx; my new kittie.” She coos as she pets the cat’s head. “My cousin and I found her in the pet store and I had to have her.”

“Why did you name her Sixx?” I ask as she hands her over to me. “Wait don’t tell me, both you and your cousin are obsessed with Nikki Sixx?”

“Ding ding, we have a winner.” She laughs as we head over and sit on the couch. “So anyway, how was everyone’s Thanksgiving?” She asks, followed by a chorus of ‘Boring’.

“How was yours?” Taylor asks.

“Other then my mom running into her high school boyfriend and causing a huge fight with my dad, boring as well.” She mutters as she curls up with me. Sixx wiggles out of my grasp and cuddles up against her chest. “They fought all the way home, and I’m pretty sure they’re still fighting now.”

“You’re welcome to stay here tonight if you want.” I tell her as I begin to play with her hair, knowing it’s one of the few ways to calm her down.

She looks up at me and shoots me a weak smile before pecking my lips. “Thanks Andy, I may have to take you up on that offer.” I smile before kissing the top of her head, wishing there was something more I can do for her…


Crazyendorphin Crazyendorphin
Update soon!! :)
JinxxieBooBear JinxxieBooBear
Oh i like this!!! Please update soon!
RandaRue22 RandaRue22
Must have more! :3 update soon!
AloneWolf656 AloneWolf656
ahhhhhhhhh i must know what happens next please update soon.
fridaysbloom fridaysbloom