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The Mortician's Daughter

The Mortician's Daughter

Annabel; Halloween night

I rush over to Andy’s because he’s called me in an almost panic. I pull up in his driveway and see his parents’ car is gone; they are probably with my parents by now. I grab my bag with my Halloween costume and make-up before getting out of the car and making my way towards the house. Andy comes rushing out, seeming normal. “Ok where’s the fire and broken bones!?” I demand. “You sounded like you were getting killed!”

“I need a make-up artist!” He exclaims. “And I knew you wouldn’t be here in time if I didn’t sound panic!” I roll my eyes before pushing pass him and walking into the house. “Taylor, Karissa and Katie can’t make it to the show tonight.” He informs me. “I guess it’s just you that I’ll see in the crowd.” I frown a bit before turning towards him.

“Let’s get dressed in our costumes and then I’ll do our make-up.” I tell him before walking up towards him. “You’ll be the best damn Joker there is!” I say in a baby voice as I pinch his cheeks. He pushes my hands away before glaring at me. “Get dressed Andy, please?” He nods before heading up to his bedroom. I sigh to myself before heading into the downstairs bathroom to get changed into my Poison Ivy costume.

This has been the first time I’ve spent alone with Andy since I caught him kissing Scout two weeks ago. Sure we’re not dating, but it hurts when you see someone to you love kiss another girl. I’ve tried telling him multiple times that I loved him more then a friend should, but I don’t think he understands my subtly.

After changing into my costume, I put my earrings in and shove my clothing in my bag before grabbing my wig and heading out of the bathroom. Just as I leave, I see Andy walking down the stairs in his Joker costume. He weakly smiles at me before disappearing into the living room. Seconds later, I hear Machine Gun Etiquette by The Damned blaring from the stereo. I walk into the kitchen to begin setting up so I can do Andy’s make-up, knowing his will be the longest; he’s such a perfectionist.

“I’m actually surprised you’re even coming to the gig tonight.” Andy says as I begin to use white make-up on his face. “We haven’t exactly been close these last couple weeks.”

“I’m sorry.” I tell him. “I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did, it was stupid. But no matter what, I’m going to be at your gigs; not just because you’re my friend but I’ve got faith in your music.” He looks up at me and smiles. “You’ve got talent, Andy. Your voice is like velvet and your lyrics are deep and amazing. You have the potential to change a lot of people’s lives.”

“Thanks Anna.” He smiles and for the first time in weeks, I smile an genuine smile back. “I’m actually glad you’re coming out tonight; I’m debuting a new song and I would really like your opinion on it.”

“Let me guess, there is no chance in hell I can get a sneak preview is there?” I ask. A smirk grows on Andy’s lips as he shakes his head no. “Well damn.” I laugh as I continue to work on his make up…


“This is a new song that I just recently wrote.” Andy breathes tiredly into the microphone. “I wrote it for a girl I know, she’s probably the sweetest thing imaginable. Anna, this is for you…” With that the music slowly starts playing this beautiful melody, instantly I’m drawn into it.

I open my lungs dear
I sing this song at funerals... no rush.
These lyrics heard a thousand times, just plush.
A baby boy you've held so tightly,
This pain it visits almost nightly
Missing hotel beds, I feel your whole touch.

I will await dear, a patience of eternity, my crush.
A universal still.
No rust.
No dust will ever grow on this frame,
One million years, and I will say your name.
I love you more than I can ever scream.

We booked our flight those years ago,
I said, "I love you," as I left you.
Regrets still haunt my hollow head,
But I promised you I will see you again, again.

I sit here and smile dear.
I smile because I think of you and I blush.
These bleeding hollow dials... this fuss.
A fuss is made of miles and travels
When roadways are but stones and gravel.
A bleeding heart can conquer every crutch.

We booked our flight those years ago
You said you loved me as you left me.
Regrets still haunt your saddened head,
But I promised you that I will see you,

We booked our flight those years ago
I said I loved you as I left you
Regret's no longer in my head,
But I promised you and now I'm home again, again, again,I'm home again, again, again.

I'm home again

As the band plays the outro of the song, Andy jumps off stage and walks over to me, standing in front of me. His make up is running and he has his smirk playing on his lips. He wraps his arms around my waist before roughly pulling me closer to him. He briefly looks into my eyes before moving his stare to my lips. His smirk grows wider as he slowly leans in, gently kissing my lips. My arms wrap themselves around his neck as I kiss him back with much more force and passion. I feel him smirking against my lips as he pulls away. “Kissing Scout was a mistake, especially since I knew how I felt about you. Can you ever forgive me for that?” He asks, pleading almost.

“Consider it done.” I smirk before pulling him back down for another kiss…




Crazyendorphin Crazyendorphin
Update soon!! :)
JinxxieBooBear JinxxieBooBear
Oh i like this!!! Please update soon!
RandaRue22 RandaRue22
Must have more! :3 update soon!
AloneWolf656 AloneWolf656
ahhhhhhhhh i must know what happens next please update soon.
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