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The Mortician's Daughter

Don't Go Away Mad (Just Got Away)


I walk into the courtyard the next morning and go straight to Karissa and Taylor. Both of them had a worried look on their faces. “What’s wrong?”

“Annabel.” Karissa sighs before looking up at me. “She’s different today; like weirdly depressed.”

“She went to class already with Katie.” Taylor informs me. “We’re pretty sure she’ll only talk to you about her problems.”

“Why do you think that?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

“Come on Andy, are you that blind?” Karissa chuckles. “Anna loves you and trusts you with her life.”

“If she won’t talk to you; she won’t talk to anyone.” Taylor says just as the warning bell sounds. I sigh to myself as I walk towards my locker then to English class.

I walk into class and see Katie and Annabel talking, laughing over something stupid. Annabel looks up at looks right at me. Her green/hazel eyes were dull and lifeless; glossing over as she continues to stare at me. The girls were right, something’s really wrong.

“Hey guys.” I smile as I walk over to them. Katie says hi but Annabel just looks at me briefly before returning her attention to her tablet. I take a peak at it and it looks like she’s writing lyrics to a song. She briefly picks her head up, enough to see me looking at what she’s writing and glares at me. I flash her a weak smile before I take my seat next to her.


Most of the classes that I had with Annabel, she was quiet. I tried talking to her but it was hopeless; she wasn’t talking to me or anyone for that matter. Once school had ended, all of us exit the building and go to our respective cars. Since I parked by Annabel, I stay back to talk to her. She walks up to me and looks at me with an extremely annoyed face. “What do you want?” She harshly asks.

“What’s wrong Anna?” I ask her. “You haven’t been yourself all day.”

“Oh so you really do care about me.” She spits. “That’s just lovely.”

“What makes you think I would never care about you?” I ask, clearly hurt by what she said. “Anna, you’re one of my best friends; I care about you more then you realize.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were talking to your ex-girlfriend then?” She asks. “If I’m one of your best friends, why didn’t you tell me Scout emailed you?” I look at her wide eyed and jaw ajar.

“H-how did you know about Scout emailing me?” I stutter out.

“At first, I didn’t know about her emailing you but when I went to your house to tell you something, your mom told me you were at the park; so I went.” she explains. “When I got there, I got there just in time to see you kiss Scout. That’s when I put two and two together and realized the email you refused to talk to me about was from her.” I just stand there, letting everything sink in.

“Are you pissed about me kissing my ex?” I question her.

“It doesn’t matter, Andy.” She quickly says. “I hope she makes you happy.” With that she quickly gets into her car, starting her car before quickly driving off; leaving me there very confused…


Crazyendorphin Crazyendorphin
Update soon!! :)
JinxxieBooBear JinxxieBooBear
Oh i like this!!! Please update soon!
RandaRue22 RandaRue22
Must have more! :3 update soon!
AloneWolf656 AloneWolf656
ahhhhhhhhh i must know what happens next please update soon.
fridaysbloom fridaysbloom