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Los Monstruos

Amusement Park Memorabilia Part 2.

Jake’s POV

After a couple more hours on the water rides, the sun started going down a bit and the air was becoming cool. I went back to the changing room with the guys, dried off and got back in my regular black attire.
“So,” Andy began, “we heard your little vocal warm up when you and Isis went on the Edge,”
Oh fuck me.
“Yeah,” CC joined in, “I had no idea you could do a falsetto!” I shrugged my shoulders, “it wasn’t that scary,” I protested, “just being pushed off the edge of a high place was a little…surprising,”
“I bet you were holding on to Isis like she was a rag doll,” laughed Ashley.
I walked out of the changing room and found Isis sitting on a bench next to the ladies changing room; she was just wearing her jean shorts and her black bikini top with a black hoodie wrapped around her. My hoodie that I gave her, to be exact. She was looking pretty good right now for looking so comfy and for showing a little skin. I cautiously slid next to her and playfully elbowed her to snap her out of her deep thought.
“Hey,” she smiled.
“Hey you,” I smiled back.
“Ready to go on some real rides?” she asked,
“You bet’cha,”
It took me a few seconds to realize that the guys were standing right there, eyeballing us. “Oh, hey you guys…” I said rubbing the back of my neck.
“Hey there you two,” smiled Andy in a cheeky manner.
“Well,” Isis whispered, “this is awkward,”
“Not really, we kind of knew for some time now,” said Jinxx.
“Knew what?” Isis asked.
“That you two LIKE each other,” said CC, gushing his words.
Isis’s face was bright pink now.
I rolled my eyes, “how about we talk about this later and we just go enjoy the rest of the park?” I suggested, looking at them in a menacing way, in hope that they’d get the memo.
“Oh yeah, definitely, I’m starved anyway,” said Andy, “and amusement park food is the best!”
We all wandered around looking at all the rides and got us some food which I’m pretty sure wouldn’t be a good idea. And surprisingly enough, Andy did throw up on one of the rides and Isis got me to go on the Tower of Doom which made me turn gay for about five seconds, let’s just say that much.
Isis was just having a ball on the rides and buying snacks left and right; she was like a little kid which was dangerous ‘cause with Andy it was already like watching a little kid.
We suddenly came across a large group of cheering people gathering around some kind of attraction and then a big burst of flame rose high above the crowd into the air.
“I wonder what’s going on here,” said Jinxx, I tapped on the shoulder of a teenage boy who had short spikey hair that was frosted and dyed blue, “hey,” I said, “what’s going on?”
“Fire breathers’ man, they’re epic,” he replied.
“Fire breathers?” Isis asked, I saw her face light up, “Hasina,” she whispered.
“What, baby?” I asked looking at her, suddenly she began digging her way through the crowd, “Isis, wait!” I said going after her,
“Jake!” I heard Ashley scream as he and the rest of the guys followed behind me.
“Isis!” I shouted again, did I lose her? No! Thank God! I finally caught my eye on her and followed her to the front of the crowd, pushing past people, apologizing slightly for shoving.
I stood beside her as she watched the fire breathers twirling their flame lit batons and swallowing gulps of flammable liquids and spitting them at the flames.
“Hasina!” she shouted, one of the fire breathers stopped. She was short, about Isis’s height with dark skin and bright teal hair with black underneath that shown through her fish-tail braid. Tattoos covered her entire upper body. She looked dressed almost like a genie that had just came out of a bottle. All the fire breathers looked that way. Sort of a Moroccan theme they had going on.
“Isis!” she shouted back dropping her baton; one of the other fire breathers picked it up and put it out for her to prevent it from burning down the park. The two collided in hug and from what I could hear, Isis was sobbing, and who was this girl?
“Isis,” the girl replied back, “I’ve missed you so much!”
“Hasina, why didn’t you tell me you were down here?” she asked.
“I didn’t think to call you, I had gotten an offer to fire breathe down here at the park for the summer so I flew down from South Haven and now I’ve been here ever since!” she explained, “Oh, God you’ve changed so much…but still haven’t gotten any taller,” the girl laughed giving her a big hug. The girl then looked up at me and broke the hug, her eyes were naturally brown, I could tell but she was wearing contacts that made her iris’s look silver-white.
“Who is this?” she asked. Isis suddenly turned around and remembered who I was, “Oh! Hasina, this is Jake and those are his band mates,” she said pointing to the others. “Pleasure to meet you all,” she said smiling, “I’m Hasina, but please call me Sina, everyone does.”
“Well, you better get back to your act before you get in trouble,” Isis said looking out at the other breathers.
“No, it’s quite alright, my shift is over anyway but…would you like to join me?” she said smiling her bright white teeth.
“Oh, I shouldn’t!” she said, “It’s been so long,”
“Nonsense,” she said, “I insist on you doing one act with me, it’ll be just like the old days” she said holding her hand. Old days, I thought, I would’ve never suspected Isis to be a fire breather.
“Oh…alright,” Isis smiled.
“Hold on? What am I missing out on here?” I said before Isis ran off with Sina, “Isis!” I shouted but she didn’t hear me.
“Dude, you just got ditched,” said CC.
“Shut up,” I said.
“C’mon cheer up man, we get to watch your girlfriend fire breathe, this will impress me if she doesn’t burn herself,” said Ashley.
We all gathered around and watched as Isis took off her hoodie and set it aside as Sina gave her two batons that were flaming on both ends. Her flip flops were off and she looked like she meant business. The flames seemed to almost make her skin glow which had captured my attention fully; my eyes were on her the entire time.
She and Sina were phenomenal with the fire and Isis managed to create the biggest flames out of all the fire breathers.
“Little body, big lungs,” said Jinxx with wide eyes.
“You’re telling me,” I said still watching her.
Isis ended the act with tossing both her batons in the air, one slightly tossed higher than the other and as she caught the closest one in her hand, she back flipped and caught the other one between her toes just as she landed on her hands and flipped onto her one leg with her other leg high in the air, holding the baton with her toes.
My mouth dropped. The crowd cheered and even I was cheering. Isis and Sina and the other breathers took a bow before putting out the fire on their batons and Sina gave Isis a hug. As the crowd began to fade, the guys and I walked up to Isis and Sina as they leaned against a snack stand gargling water and spitting it on the ground.
“That’s not very lady like,” said Andy jokingly.
“Do you want me to die from paraffin wax poisoning?” she said chuckling before she took another sip, gargled and spit with Sina in unison.
“So, how do you two know each other?” I asked,
“Oh, this is my friend I told you about, the one that moved back to Michigan,” Isis replied. Whoa! She looked a lot different than in the picture that sat on Isis’s coffee table. In the picture she had short purple hair but now it’s all long and black…and teal! I guess that must’ve been an old photo.
“How long have you two known each other?” Ashley asked,
“Oh, long time,” Sina smiled, “I think maybe…ten…twelve years?”
“Jeez,” said Andy, “that’s quite a friendship timeline you’ve got going on,”
“Yeah,” Isis smiled at Sina who just gave her an odd looking face that made her laugh.
“So, what do you guys want to do now?” Isis asked,
“Anything really,” shrugged Jinxx,
“Yeah I’m game,” replied CC,
“Well, we’ve gone on all the rides…” Isis said, “I guess we could head out of here and go sit down at a nice restaurant,”
“I’m down for that,” I smiled at Isis, slipping my hand into her jean back pocket. Suddenly, Sina gave me a stern look, like I did something wrong.
“Sounds good,” Sina smiled at Isis, but glaring whenever she looked up at me.
“How about, Sonoda’s Sushi,” Isis suggested, “my treat!”
“SUSHI!” all the guys shouted.
“Did I say the magic word?” Isis laughed.


I'm hooked!!!!
PLZ UPDATE SOON!!! ...srry 4 yelling...
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OH SHIT CC! 0.0 Update soon c:
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That's just how I roll ( I am such a failed child). But w.e. nice move Isis slip while running to the bathroom lol.

Update soon
ELLA 0.0 xD
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