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Los Monstruos

Amusement Park Memorabilia Part 1.

Isis’s POV

I awoke to the sound of something crashing in my kitchen followed by the faint sound of Rodrigo y Gabriela playing from my stereo. Oh God, I knew the song. He found my Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides soundtrack. I only bought that CD because of Rodrigo y Gabriela. I was a sucker for Latin guitar, you can’t blame me.
I jumped up and looked around the room; my bed was perfectly made up on the other side. Did Jake leave? Did he stay the night? Did we do anything?! I was afraid to find out. I slowly got up and wandered down the hall to the kitchen where I saw Jake scrambling some eggs in a bowl, he instantly saw me and I ducked my head back and hid behind the wall, I held my breath as I saw him peeking around the corner and smiling that infamous smile, “hiding from me, are ya?” he asked wrapping his arms around me and kissing my head, “no,” I blushed, “I was just making sure that you weren’t some strange cannibal nun or something…”
“Cannibal nun?” he laughed. Wow, smooth one Isis, smooth one. “Well, if you count kissing as being cannibalistic then yes I am a cannibal nun!” he shouted lifting me up by the waist and kissing my neck, I was practically in a giggle fit because had found my ticklish area. I sure hope he doesn’t use it against me now. “I was just making you breakfast,” he smiled carrying me into the kitchen and seating me on a stool at the island. “You really didn’t have anything but eggs so I thought I’d make you an omelet,” he said giving me a plate that had an omelet that seemed to be almost…deformed.
“Did you happen to murder this omelet in the process?” I giggled. He rubbed the back of his neck, embarrassed, “I’m not the best master chef in the world but, it was the best I could do.”
“Thank you,” I said kissing his lips softly. I could feel his lips softly curling into a smile as he broke from the kiss.
He sat next to me as I ate the disfigured omelet bit by bit, “so,” I began, “did you stay the night?”
“Will you kill me if I say yes?” he smiled.
“Not at all, I was just curious because one side of the bed was made up,”
“Yeah, I slept on the couch,” he replied.
“Jake, you really didn’t have to,” I blushed.
“I’m sorry I guess, I just don’t feel like it’s my right to be in a confined area with a woman unless she says it’s alright, I’m just thinking about your personal bubble; I suppose,” he confessed.
That was really sweet of him, I thought.
“Well, I like you…” I protested, “and you like me…so I guess, it’s alright if this ever happened again, if you slept in the same bed; I mean it’s not like anything will happen,”
“Yeah, you’re right,” he kissed my head and let me finish the rest of my eggs before taking the plate and setting it in the sink.
“So, you excited for Elitch Gardens?” he asked. Shit. I had totally forgotten!
“Yeah,” I smiled, “are the guys up for it?”
“Oh they are more than up for it; we’re all rollercoaster maniacs here,”
“Well, be sure to tell the guys to bring along swim trunks because there’s water rides there too and it’s going to get hot today,” I replied
“The guys should be here in about an hour and then we’ll all carpool together,” he said, “you better get ready little miss.”
“What about you?” I asked.
“I’m already ready, I ran back to the hotel and changed clothes while you slept,” he said as he followed me to my bedroom.
“Alright, well I’m going to shower, alright?” I said looking through my closet for something to wear.
“Alright, I’ll give you some privacy,” he kissed my head and left the room, closing the door behind him.
I picked out a basic black shirt and some jean shorts and flip flops, I also put a black bikini on underneath because it was obvious that it was going to be hot today and I’m sure the guys would want to go swimming.
I showered, left my make up off, and did the same thing I did with my hair yesterday just for the sake of being so goddamn lazy.
I walked out to the living room and found Jake nowhere, and then I heard the soft sound of strings. Oh no, he found my guitars! I ran over to the guest room and found him seated on the piano bench, softly strumming my eight-string. That was the first guitar I had ever gotten, my father bought it for me from Mexico and taught me to play it.
“I see you found Dolores,” I said smiling.
“You name your guitars?” he asked. “Well, yeah,” I retorted, “is it that uncommon?”
“Why didn’t you tell me you played?”
I shrugged, “you never asked,” I blushed.
“Well, I j-…” he said stumbling, not knowing what to say, “How long have you played?”
“A couple of years…” I replied sitting next to him. “How many years?”
“Since I was seven,”
“Since you were seven?” he asked in shock. “Is that bad?” I asked.
“Not at all,” he smiled, “maybe we could…collaborate sometime?”
“I’d like that,” I smiled back. I suddenly heard a knock on the door, “it’s open!” I shouted; it was probably the guys.
“Where are you guys at?” I heard Ashley call. “Spare room, past the kitchen!” I shouted back.
There stood Ashley and the other three standing in the doorway, “ready to hit it?” asked Andy.
“Whoa,” said Jinxx, “this is almost practically a studio in here,”
“I dabble in music during my free time,” I confessed, “well, we should get going if we want to get there before the lines get too long, did you guys bring swim trunks?” I said abruptly.
“Yeah, we have them packed in the trunk with some towels,” said CC as we walked out to the living room for me to grab my purse and keys.
We left my apartment and were on the road in lickity-split, if there’s one thing I learned from living in Denver is that almost everything you need to get to is pretty much right next to one another.
We pulled into the parking lot at Elitch’s and CC and Andy were just staring in amazement, Hell, even Ashley was staring a little bit.
Luckily the line wasn’t too long and I had brought my season’s pass which was still good for another summer so I was able to save $60 since it was a group larger than four. Lucky day for me!
“Should we go on some water rides first?” CC suggested,
“Might as well, it’s already eleven and it’s almost 90,” I replied,
“Well, let’s just hang around the water rides and then when it gets later on in the day, we’ll just go on some regular rides,” shrugged Andy.
Everyone seemed to agree, we went separate ways into the changing rooms; I decided to keep my stuff in a locker just to be safe. I came out in my black bikini and hooked my locker key onto the shoulder strap of my bikini.
I looked around when out of the corner of my eye; Jake comes up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I blushed softly and turned around, looking into his eyes.
“That bikini looks absolutely sexy on you,” he smiled greatly,
“Thank you,” I blushed,
Out of the blue, I hear CC and Andy screaming, “CANNON BALL!” as they dive into the pool.
“We haven’t even ridden any rides and yet they’re already making use of the pool,” Jake laughed.
“Don’t worry, they’ll be going after the rides soon enough,” I assured him.
Twenty minutes later, we were going on rides like Gangplanks, Cannonball Falls and Splashdown. The adrenaline was kicking in, in me and I was ready to do something really crazy.
“Jake,” I said, “let’s go on the Edge,”
“the Edge?” he asked,
“Yeah,” I said pointing towards the long line of people waiting to get on the Edge; Jake’s face went pale instantly.
The Edge was my most favorite ride out of the entire water park. It was a giant slate that dropped forty-two feet down a massive slide before racing back upwards on another slate at speeds that could suck the air out of your lungs once you reach the edge of the other side.
“You’re not scared, are you?” I asked trying to tease him a bit; at that moment, his face went from pale to just down right ballsy.
“I’m not scared!” he said grabbing my hand and pulling me into the line. We waited fifteen minutes before we finally made it to the front of the line.
“Just the two of you?” asked the lady.
We nodded and she let us pass; Jake and I going on the Edge, alone. I might actually just be chicken enough hold on to him for dear life. I don’t know why, I’ve been on this ride a million times. What the Hell is wrong with you, Isis?
We sat at the very top, looking down made my thighs start to tingle, because I knew that’s the first feeling that would be coming once we get pushed down the edge. I closed my eyes as I felt us get pushed over the edge and sliding down. Jake was screaming, I was holding on to him tightly as the wind pried my eyes open going down and then swerving up into the air. I felt him holding me back, we looked at each other for a brief moment and then looked over and saw Andy, CC, Ashley and Jinxx looking at us as we went down and up again, waving at us. Oh boy. I know those cheeky grins anywhere. I think they already know about us.

Ashley’s POV

We had just gotten done going on the RipQurl, Jinxx and I shared a tube while Andy and CC buddied up in a separate tube. I could see them behind me going crazy as the tube was spinning them around while going down the slide. It was all fun and games until they tried to kill us by speeding up to catch up and bumped into us, almost knocking us out of our tube!
We were so lucky enough to survive that horrific incident.
We got out and walked around to find another water ride that we haven’t gone on, when I realized that Jake and Isis were gone.
“Guys,” I said looking over, “where’s Isis and Jake?”
They shrugged, “I thought they were right behind us in line for the RipQurl,” replied Jinxx,
“I thought that too,” said Andy,
“Well, where ever they are, I’m sure they’re fine,” said CC. Suddenly, out of East-Jesus nowhere; I heard a scream. A scream so damn familiar that I knew who it belonged to; I jumped and looked around only to see that Jake and Isis were riding the Edge together.
“Oh Holy fuck,” I said watching swirl up and down like a giant surf tidal wave.
“Damn,” said CC, smiling, “I didn’t think Jake had it in him,”
“Dude, are you kidding?” I said looking at him, “the only reason he’d go on a ride like that is ‘cause of Isis,”
“Man, c’mon, you really don’t think Jake would go on just ‘cause of a girl,” retorted Jinxx, I gave them a stern look, raising my eyebrow in a “c’mon” manner.
“Maybe you’re right, what if he does like Isis, so what?” said CC.
“So, we don’t need him getting distracted for when we leave tomorrow,” I replied,
“He’ll be fine and if so he can always come back and see her,” said Andy pulling out a cigarette.
Andy was right; I just don’t need us losing a band member because of a girl. Isis was a nice girl; I just didn’t want Jake getting crushed if it didn’t work out like it did with Ella. She practically left him in the fire.
It was true. I could see it in Jake’s face as Isis and he walked off the ride. He really liked her. There was no denying it.


I'm hooked!!!!
PLZ UPDATE SOON!!! ...srry 4 yelling...
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OH SHIT CC! 0.0 Update soon c:
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That's just how I roll ( I am such a failed child). But w.e. nice move Isis slip while running to the bathroom lol.

Update soon
ELLA 0.0 xD
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