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Los Monstruos

The Pieces Unfold and Bones Will Be Broken


Holy shit!
Holy shit!
Holy shit!
I didn’t see anything!
I didn’t see anything!
Who the fuck am I kidding? I just saw them kissing! Andy and Hasina! I am having a major flipping spree right now! What’s Ashley going to think? Oh God, Ashley. I have to tell him! But then again, I can’t. What will he think? Maybe he won’t even care? “CC!” I heard a voice call, I turn and it was Andy, running after me. Oh no, don’t get me involved!
“CC, please listen to me, I can explain,” Andy pleaded,
“Explain? You can explain that? Please do! Because there are things in this world I cannot unsee, Andy! You and Hasina sucking face on the couch is one of them!”
“CC, calm down,”
“How can I? Do you know what’s going to happen when Ashley finds out?”
“I don’t know…” He said sounding distant.
“What is all this about, Andy, this isn’t like you,”
“It’s just…” he choked,
“Just what?”
“Juliet left me,” he stammered,
She left him. She really left him? I didn’t want to believe it but the look on his face convinced me that he wasn’t kidding. He was broken. The look in his eyes confirmed it.
“Dude, I’m sorry…I know how much she meant to you,”
“Hasina was just comforting me and before I knew it, my lips were coming towards her; they were like magnets pulling me in, I couldn’t stop,”
“I understand, I’m not sure Ashley will though,”
“We don’t even have to tell him,” he said,
“But how would you feel if it were Ashley and Juliet kissing on that couch? Wouldn’t you want your best friend to tell you instead of lie?”
“You’re right; I’ve got to tell him,”
“I’ll be right there beside you,” I assured him,
“Thanks, man,” he turned and hugged me; I hope Ashley doesn’t react too bad.
I walked with Andy back to the pool side; Hasina was already seated by Isis at the table. I could feel Andy stop as if he were going to chicken out, I put my hand firmly on his shoulder, “you can do this,” I whispered.
He took a deep breath and nodded, he walked over to Ashley, “hey man, can I talk to you for a second?”
“Sure man, what’s up?” We walked over by the other side of the pool; I kept some distance a few feet to give them some privacy, but to be close enough in case a fight were to break.
“I just really want to say I’m sorry, Ashley,” Andy began,
“For what?” Ashley asked confused,
“I’m getting to that,” interrupted Andy, “I’m not exactly stable right now, the first thing I saw when I came home today was a note on the table from Juliet, saying she wanted to take a break because tour was getting in the way of our relationship and because of that…I kissed Hasina,” Ashley stood there, looking at him; rapidly blinking, unsure of what to say.
“You kissed, Sina?”
“I didn’t mean for it to be like that, she was just comforting me and…it just happened,”
“Just happened?” I could sense the aggravation in Ashley’s voice, “so because you’re heart-broken and alone now, you think you can go and kiss the girl I might actually have feelings for?”
“Look, I said I was sorry,” Andy said getting a little angry himself, “and how could you have feelings for her, you didn’t even notice she existed until she was helpless in the back of that alley trying to fight off Isis’s crazy steroid induced ex!”
At that moment, Ashley snapped and swung his fist right into Andy’s face knocking him into the pool. Everybody stood up in shock as Ashley jumped into finish the job. There, two grown men were, fighting in the pool like a couple of angry teenagers.
“Stop it!” Sina shouted,
“Stay out of this!” Ashley shouted at her; tears swelled in her eyes as she retreated to Isis’s arms.
“Enough!” shouted Jake jumping in, followed by Jinxx.
“Oh what the Hell,” I said to myself setting down my drink and jumping in along with them to break up the fight.
The girls just stood and watched, afraid to interfere. We finally broke up Ashley and Andy from their brawl; Andy with a reddish-purple mark on his cheek from where Ashley punched him, and Ashley covered in scratches and bruises just beginning to form.
Suddenly, we heard a giggle, Sammi was giggling, “What’s so funny?” I asked her.
“You boys look like a couple of wet dogs,” just then Isis was laughing and Sina began to chuckle a little, wiping her tears away. I started to laugh, then Jinxx and Jake and before I knew it, Andy and Ashley were even laughing.
“I’m sorry,” Ashley laughed reaching to hug Andy, “me too,” Andy giggled,
“Let’s never let this happen again,” Jinxx conjured.
After helping each other out of the pool, we went inside to get some towel to dry off and spare change of clothes. It was getting dark, so we figured we better call it a night from the pool anyway.
“Guess who made cocoa,” chimed Isis carrying a tray of cups. She placed the tray on the coffee table. Hot cocoa with mini marshmallows and whipped crème! Just what we needed to chase away the chlorine lingering on my lips; “so, everything is better now?” Sammi asked sitting next to Jinxx.
“Yeah, I guess so,” replied Andy looking at Ashley.
“Yeah,” smiled Ashley.

Hasina’s POV

Later that night, we all decided to have a camp out in the entertainment room in the basement with movies, popcorn and beanbag chairs.
Jinxx and Sammi were cuddling on the loveseat together; Jake and Isis made their own little bed in the corner of the elbow-couch. CC and Andy were paired up, playing What’s That Word on their phones and that left Ashley sitting by himself on the other side of the couch and me sitting in the recliner.
I got up to use the bathroom real quick; I found myself wandering to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of wine. I hope Jake didn’t mind, there was a bottle already open in the fridge and I needed something to calm my shot nerves. Andy’s cigarettes were lying on the counter too. I promised myself I’d never start smoking but I suppose one couldn’t hurt.
I went back to the pool and sat at the table, looking at the night lights reflecting in the pool. The cigarette and wine were kicking in nicely.
“Want some company?” I heard a voice, I jumped at the voice.
“Oh, Ashley,” I blushed, “sure,” he sat next to me.
“I didn’t know you smoked,”
“I don’t, I just needed something calm my shot nerves,” I took a long drag of the cigarette and lulled my head back in the chair, staring at the moon.
“I’m sorry,” I whispered,
“About the kiss?” he asked,
“Yeah,” I sighed,
“Hasina, I need to be honest with you about something,”
“About what?”
“My feelings,” he said, “I did a lot of thinking after the incident in the pool…I thought back to that night; when I saw you lying in that alley, after fighting off Max the way you did; I felt…I don’t know what I felt. I just didn’t want to lose you, but I know now…that it wasn’t a feeling like someone would feel for a lover; it was something deeper, like a family tie. I wanted to protect you, like a brother. I guess what I’m saying is, I do love you, but more as a sister than a lover,” It all made sense to me now, “do you understand?” he whispered.
“It makes perfect sense,” I smiled hugging him tightly. He hugged me back and kissed the side of my head, “I guess I just got scared when Andy told me he kissed you, I didn’t want you to get hurt,”
“Thank you for caring, Ashley,” I whispered.
“This is not a side of me many people see, so don’t tell anyone about this or I’ll come after you and make it look like a bloody accident,” he joked. I laughed at his remark, “Got it, tough guy,” I smiled.
I looked over at the ashtray, my cigarette was out. I only got one hit and left along stick of ash behind. What a waste.


I'm hooked!!!!
PLZ UPDATE SOON!!! ...srry 4 yelling...
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OH SHIT CC! 0.0 Update soon c:
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That's just how I roll ( I am such a failed child). But w.e. nice move Isis slip while running to the bathroom lol.

Update soon
ELLA 0.0 xD
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