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Los Monstruos

Proper Welcoming with 'K-I-S-S-I-N-G'

jAndy’s POV

“Juliet?” I called as I entered my house. I set my suitcase down by the door and looked around; the house looked untouched, just as I had left it. She hasn’t even been home either. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. There was bareness to the house. I walked into the dining room and found a letter on the table.

“White Rabbit,” It read, “You’re never home. I’m never home. We’re always on the go. We hardly talk. I feel we’ve disconnected. I never thought it’d resort to this, but I feel like we need a break, at least till our tours are done. Forgive me.
- Dragonfly,”

My heart dropped into my stomach. It suddenly hit me that all of Juliet’s little touches around the house were gone. Except for our photos of us on the wall; which out of impulse, I grabbed and smashed into the garbage; I then came to regret it.
I grabbed a cardboard box from the closet and picked the frames out of the garbage, carefully setting them in the box and burying the box in the closet under clothes and shoes.
Just then, my phone vibrated in my pocket; Jake had texted me,
“Andy, can you come over? I need help planning a surprise party for Isis; I left Hasina in the cab to go to CC and Ashley’s place to get party decorations and food,”
The last thing I really wanted to do right now was go anywhere, but I guess I could help. It could take my mind off things…”Sure, I’ll be over in ten,” I replied.

Isis’s POV

I emerged from the shower and vigorously dried myself off. I had found an iHome in the towel closet and plugged my iPod in, jamming out to The Pillows. My mood had dramatically shifted since earlier, I felt like I could take on the world. I slipped into some ripped jean shorts and an old faded grey GazettE band tee. I moussed my hair and shook out my layers, giving me a lazy look which exactly what I was going to be on this vacation. I unhook my iPod from the iHome and listened to the birds chirp outside the bathroom window. As I stood there, I could hear men’s voices down stairs. It was Jake’s voice and someone else, no wait. There was more. It was probably just the guys. Just then, Hasina came in and smiled at me, it was one of those ‘I know something you don’t,’ smiles.
“What?” I asked,
“Nothing, just wanted to see how you were doing,” she grinned,
“No, you know something,”
“What are you talking about?”
“Don’t play dumb, Sina! I know when you’re hiding something!”
“Calm down,” she laughed; she grabbed my hand and pulled me down stairs, suddenly she blind folded me! “Sina, what is up with you?” I asked, pushing the fold down a little to peek before she pulled it back up.
“No peeking!” she warned, “just hold onto my hand and watch your step,”
This was getting weird; I held onto her and followed closely as I felt like she was taking me somewhere. I suddenly felt a gentle breeze, instantly know we were outside.
“Almost there…” she chimed, “ok, take off your blindfold,”
I took it off and my ears were jumped with the choruses of “SURPRISE!” and my eyes were introduced to big bright banner, decorated in sunset colors and black palm tree silhouettes reading, ‘WELCOME TO LOS ANGELES!’
I was speechless, “what? How? You guys!” I gasped, this was just…amazing.
“Did we surprise you?” Asked CC,
“You certainly did, gosh; you guys did all this for me?”
“We just thought you deserved a proper California welcome,” smiled Jinxx,
“You guys are amazing,” I said hugging Hasina and then proceeding to hug everyone else.
“Isis, I’d like you to meet someone,” smiled Jinxx as he lead me over to the punch table. There stood a pale girl with blonde hair, highlighted with purples on the ends and bright blue eyes wearing a beret.
“Isis, this is my beautiful wife, Sammi and Sammi, this is Isis, the girl I told you about,”
“Oh my goodness, it is so nice to meet you!” she said hugging me instantly, “I’ve heard such lovely things about you,” she smiled.
“It’s nice to meet you too,” I smiled back. I looked back over at Jake watching me and I smiled at him; he had to have been the mastermind behind this.
“Excuse me,” I said to Sammi, she nodded and I left to go give Jake a hug.
“You’re amazing,” I whispered into his neck.
“Are you sure you have the right guy?” he smirked,
“Shut up, you planned this, admit it!”
“Ok, I confess, I am the head of this operation,”
“Jake,” I whispered, “thank you, this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done,”
“Oh but there’s more,” he smiled and from behind his back, he pulls out a guitar.
“Jake,” I blushed, “don’t tell me you’re going to serenade me,”
“No, I’m not,” my smile faded, “you’re going to serenade us,”
“Wait, what?”
“We want to hear you,”
I looked around as every hooted and hollered asking me to play.
“C’mon, Isis,” smiled Andy, “give us a show!”
“Oh, well, ok,” I blushed, I took the guitar and grabbed a stool from the table and began finger-picking a few chords, my stomach was quivering inside me as I looked at Jake watching me play,
“Well I knew, what I didn’t wanna know and I saw where I didn’t wanna go so I took the path less traveled on, and I’ll let my stories be whispered when I’m gone; when I’m gone, when I’m gone, when I’m gone, well in this life you must find something to live for ‘cause when the darkness comes a callin’ you go back to where you were before, ‘cause this life is as fragile as a dream and nothing’s ever really as it seems; as it seems, as it seems, as it seems,” I kept picking and I kept singing and everyone was smiling. Jake’s eyes were wide with awe.
“Well I lost my innocence when in I let him dive, but the way that he looked at me, made me feel a live and now I know nothin’ at all but the release that comes when you’re in mid fall, in mid fall, in mid fall, in mid fall; ‘cause in this life you must find something to live for ‘cause when the darkness comes a callin’ you go back to where you were before ‘cause this life is as fragile as a dream and nothing’s ever really, as it seems, as it seems, as it seems, as it seems,” in that moment, I set down the guitar and began the applause, followed by Jake wrapping his arms around me.
“You’re shaking like a leaf,” he said in a hushed tone,
“That’s the first time I’ve ever sang in front of people,” I confessed,
“You did amazing,”
“Thank you,” I placed my lips on his and kissed him fairly long.
“Let’s eat guys,” CC shouted, “pizza’s getting cold!”

Andy’s POV

As everyone crowded around the table to eat pizza by the pool side, I managed to slip away and try to call Juliet. I stormed into the living room clenching my teeth together in anger; I closed my eyes to prevent tears. The call went to voicemail, again. I gave up. I stopped calling and decided to let her be.
“Andy,” said a voice softly behind me, I jumped and saw it was Hasina; “are you ok?”
I felt a tear slip, I wiped it quickly. “Yeah,” I lied.
“Andy,” she sighed, “you and I both know that’s not true,” I lied myself on the couch, my head pounding from holding in my tears.
“Andy,” she whispered again. She sat on the floor in front of me. “Juliet, said we needed a break…tour was getting in the way of our relationship…she didn’t want it to complicate things,”
That was it. I was about to breakdown.
“I’m sorry,” she said moving a piece of hair out of my face.
“Sina,” I whispered,
“I don’t mean to do this…could you just hold me for a little bit,”
“Of course, darling,” I sat up as she stood and seated herself for me to lay my head in her lap; cradling me and playing with my hair.
“It’ll be ok,” she said smiling, “I promise,”
“What if she doesn’t want to come back?” I asked,
“Then it isn’t meant to be; as much as it hurts to hear that it’s the truth, and I know…it’s happened to me, it wasn’t even a relationship, it was just a guy…he was so cute and I liked him, the most beautiful blue eyes; just like yours,”
I looked at her as she kept playing with my hair, “I’m sorry,”
“Don’t be,” she smiled, shedding a tear, “not all pairs of blue eyes are the same,” she chuckled half-heartedly.
“Yes, dear,” she said looking at me,
“Thank you, for staying here and…doing this,”
“Andy,” she whispered,
“Sina,” I said again,
“I don’t know,” I chuckled, “I just like saying your name, it’s beautiful,” her cheeks tinted a soft red. It was almost precious.
I sat up slowly and turned my head, reaching my hand to cup her cheek.
“Andy, no,” she said sternly, “you shouldn’t do this,”
I stopped and dropped my hand, “I’m sorry,”
“Don’t, please. I just don’t want you to regret anything,”
“What would I have to regret?”
I raised my hand back up and quickly kissed her lips. The taste of cherry chapstick lingering on her lips was sweet. I expected her to fight back but she didn’t. It was warm and accepting. These weren’t feelings of admiration; they were just feelings of grief and loneliness. Feelings, with names so different but they felt the same nonetheless.
I continued to kiss her, slowly opening my eyes. I look out behind Sina, to see CC lingering in the doorway; red solo cup in one hand, pizza in the other; eyes wide and mouth gaping open as if he were about to say something while choking on his pizza. It was only a split second before he turned around and walked away. That moment I knew I was screwed.


The song Isis sings is called 'As It Seems' by Lily Kershaw.


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