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Los Monstruos


Hasina’s POV

I dragged my carry-on behind me, walking close by the guys. “Fancy seeing you here, Jake,” I heard a voice say from behind us. Suddenly, Jake stopped dead in his tracks as if he turned into a corpse, then and there.
“Hi, Ella,” he said sternly. He turned and faced her, so did the rest of the group. There stood a tall, disgustingly thin girl with big eyes and lips. She looked like an Angelina Jolie knock off. “Who’s that?” I asked nudging Andy in a whisper, “That’s Ella, Jake’s ex-fiancé,” he whispered. That’s Ella? I’ve heard things about her from the others. She has the scent of evil conniving whore plastered on her. I have a six sense about these sorts of things.
“What are you doing back in L.A.?” Jake asked, solemnly.
“Oh you know, same old business, modeling,” she grinned. Suddenly, Ella’s gaze shifted from Jake to Isis and me, the look she was giving us was almost as if she was hoping we’d burst in to flames.
“Who are your friends?” She grinned.
“None of your business,” he said harshly. Whoa, I think Jake finally grew a back bone.
“Oh now, Jakey that’s no way to talk to a lady,” she said pouting those flabby lips of hers.
“Don’t call me that,” he growled lowly.
“Well, I better be off, my cab is waiting,”
“Good seeing you again,” she kissed his cheek quickly before spinning on her heels strutting off to her cab. Jake turned around; his face twisted in disgust as he profusely began wiping her lipstick off his cheek. My gaze transferred to Isis whose face was blank. She looked like she wanted to say something, ask Jake questions at least but she couldn’t. I knew this look. She was falling apart inside.
She did this before. She had the troubling tendencies of comparing herself to others to whom she thought were more superior to her. From what I could make of it, Ella was a model. What good is that? Isis had a successful flower shop and a good life. Friends, family, vacationing in Mexico! That sounds better to me than flaunting your naked flesh around in front of a camera lens.
“Are you alright, Jake?” Asked Jinxx.
“I don’t know,” he sighed,
“Isis,” I whispered as I scooted over to her.
“What?” she jumped; snapping out of her trance.
“Are you alright?”
“Yeah, I’m fine, let’s just go,” She wasn’t alright.

Jake’s POV

I was feeling so many things right now. Anger, embarrassment, nostalgia; the girl who stomped my heart stood in front of me. Kissed my cheek. I hated her more than anything. And I let her slip away.
I grabbed my bag and began walking with the group. I glanced at Isis who seemed to be trying not to look at me.
Oh God.
“Isis,” I whispered; she didn’t reply.
“Baby,” I said grabbing her hand but she yanked it away.
“Jake, don’t touch her,” Hasina whispered, “she’s in her dark place right now, she’ll come out soon enough,”
“Seeing Ella did this to her,”
“That and the kiss she gave you on the cheek,”
“Do you think she’s jealous?”
“Well, I wouldn’t say ‘jealous’ maybe intimidated,” corrected Hasina.
“Intimidated? What does she have to be afraid of?”
“Well, Isis has never had any real female competition when it came to relationships; she’s afraid by Ella’s stature, she’s a model and she’s gorgeous but to be honest, she looks like she belongs in a window in Amsterdam,”
I chuckled at Hasina’s remark, “but,” she began again, “you need to make her feel that she’s more important than Ella, assure her that Ella is dead to you and that nobody could top her; her self-esteem is pretty fragile at this point so the only thing I can suggest is maybe, go and have a picnic on the beach? Show her a good time, make her feel special.”
Hasina was right, this was Isis’ vacation and I wanted her to have a good time.
After what seemed like miles of walking, we finally reached where our taxis were waiting.
Isis, Hasina and I got into a cab together and the others bunked in the other cab.
Right now, home is where I wanted to be; with Isis.
Hasina put her head phones on and rested her head against the cab door. I looked at Isis and tried to speak but couldn’t find the words.
“You don’t have to apologize, Jake,” she whispered,
“I feel I have to,”
“But you don’t, I’ve been thinking a lot and if Ella is ancient history to you, then what do I have to be afraid of?”
I smiled and held her hand, “that’s right, and you don’t need to be afraid of her, she won’t come anywhere near you,” she smiled back and kissed my lips.
“I’m sorry for being so cold,” she whispered against my lips,
“Don’t be,” I kissed her again; and again…

Isis’s POV

We arrived at Jake’s house and it was pretty big. Palm trees bordered the sides of the house to block the neighbors and a large patio greeted us as our way to the front door. He grabbed his house keys and unlocked the door, revealing a very dark entryway.
“Just hang your hoodie up anywhere,” he said, “leave your suitcase here too if you want while I give you the grand tour,”
He opened the door from the entryway and entered into a large parlor. A table sat in the middle of the parlor with a bowl on it. In the bowl were envelopes, lots of them. Under the table was a box with more envelopes. I stood there and looked at the boxes, “fan mail,” Jake informed me. I nodded and looked around at the darkly painted walls. Dark greys and purples and reds lingered on the wall. It reminded me of my apartment. I liked it.
I heard the clip-clattering of something against the tile followed by a jingling. It was the kind of jingle you’d hear from a collar. “Trixie, baby!” shouted Jake happily as a small, scruffy dog ran out and jumped at his knees. He scooped her up his arms and began kissing her nose and scratching behind her ears.
I didn’t care for dogs, but she was cute. I guess I could get use to her. “Want to say hi, Trix?” he said bringing her over to me. “Go on, she won’t bite,” he smiled. I reached my hand out and pet her behind her ears like Jake and she melted against my hand. She liked me.
“You’re not so tough, are you?” I said to Trixie in a baby voice.
“Not at all,” Jake smiled, “she’s the biggest baby you’ll ever meet,”
Jake set her down and she ran off to another room. “Well, while she goes and works off her hyper-activity, care to see the rest of the house?” He said sticking out his arm like an escort, “I’d love to,” I replied in an aristocratic accent.
“Charmed,” he replied. He showed me the three and a half baths, the four guest bedrooms plus his room, the huge kitchen, the basement/entertainment area, the living room, the outdoor pool with the Jacuzzi shack. Boy, with a place like this…I don’t know if I want to go site seeing. This place is good enough for me.
“Well, now that you’ve had the tour why don’t you go and freshen up a little because I have a surprise for you,”
“Jake you know I hate surprises!” I detested,
“But you’ll love this, I promise,” he grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it, “trust me?”
Trust. That word lingered in my head since the Ella incident at the airport.
“Ok,” I smiled, “give me an hour and I’ll be ready,”
“Perfect,” he smiled. He let go of my hand and off I ran to grab my suitcase. I darted upstairs to one of the spare bedrooms and flew into the bathroom, slipping and falling with a thud.
“You ok up there?” he called in a chuckling voice.
“Yeah, baby, I’m fine!”
I think I hurt my hip, actually…


I'm hooked!!!!
PLZ UPDATE SOON!!! ...srry 4 yelling...
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OH SHIT CC! 0.0 Update soon c:
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That's just how I roll ( I am such a failed child). But w.e. nice move Isis slip while running to the bathroom lol.

Update soon
ELLA 0.0 xD
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