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Los Monstruos

Flight Delays and A Devil in the City of Angels

Jake's POV

We checked out of the hotel before noon and headed towards the airport; out of all the airports in the U.S., Denver's was the most irritating. I would normally have a head ache by the time we found our gate. Not only was security up tight but the Denver International Airport (DIA) was just plain ginormous. You could literally fit an amusement park in there.
The taxi pulled up to the East Gate; Isis had dozed off on the rid over and I had to gently nudge her awake.
Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at me, "hey," I smiled back.
"Hey there, sleepy; we're at the airport," she stirred around in her hoodie and sweat pants, looking out the window at her surroundings.
"Well, let's get going," she yawned as she got out of the cab.
We grabbed our carry-ons and met up with the others after we managed to get through security unscathed. “Are you excited?” I asked her,
“Of course,” she gleamed, “I get to go to Los Angeles ‘City of Angels’, I’m beyond excited, especially to see the ocean,” as Isis is talking, I lapse over into CC talking to the others about the airport security.
"Well that went better than expected," retorted CC pulling his luggage behind him, "I was expecting one of us to get tackled for triggering the detectors."
We finally found our gate and plopped right into the chairs already exhausted; I was starving but I figured I could wait till we landed in L.A.
"Excuse me, Delta passengers of Flight 2453 bound for Los Angeles, there will be a two hour delay due to maintenance, sorry for the delay and thank you for flying with Delta," said the lady over the intercom.
"Shit," sighed Ashley, "well, what do we do now?”
"We eat!" shouted Hasina, getting up to go to the Panda Express around the corner.
"Food sounds good right now," smiles Isis as she got up to follow, Hasina.
Just as Hasina and Isis went around the corner, Ashley jumped over into Isis’ spot and looked at me, “Jake, I’ve got trouble in River City,”
I raised my eyebrow, “dude, gross…”
“No! Not like that!”
“Well, what then?”
“It’s just…” he sighed, “Kina has been calling me ever since this morning,”
“Dude, no,” I groaned, “please, do not tell me you’re actually talking to her again!”
“Of course I’m not talking to her, she just randomly called me up out of the blue!”
“Well, what’s the problem? Do you need me to help you fake your death again?”
“No, I just…I don’t know how to tell Hasina,” I sighed, drooping his head.
“Wait, you and Hasina? Why haven’t I known about this?”
“No, we’re not exactly a thing, I sort of like her and I just don’t want to hurt her feelings, especially if Kina comes over to visit after she finds out I get back from L.A.”
“How would she find out?” I asked,
“Are you kidding me? She follows all of us on Twitter,”
“True,” I rolled my eyes; just then Hasina and Isis came back. Hasina carrying one plate for her and Isis carrying two plates; she sat next to me and gave me one of the plates, “babe, you didn’t have to!” I blushed, “of course I did, Jake; I could hear your stomach growling all the way from Panda Express!”
“Thanks,” I smiled; kissing her cheek.
Ashley got up to give Isis back her spot and sat back next to Hasina. I pulled out my phone and sent Ashley a text,
“Don’t worry, Ash. We’ll sort this out when we land.”
He looked up at me and nodded.
“So, what all do you want to do when we get to the City of Angels?”
She shrugs her shoulders, “I honestly don’t know, I’ve never been anywhere else besides Denver, well and Mexico…and North Dakota,”
“What the Hell is in North Dakota?” I raised my eyebrow,
“Nothing,” she scowled, “just family…mostly on my mother’s side,”
“Did a show up there once; we were opening for Avenged Sevenfold…it was cold,” I shuddered at the memory. Isis giggled and wiped a piece of rice off her lip, “yeah, that’s North Dakota alright,”
“I want sugar,” groaned Andy,
“No,” grimaced Jinxx and Ashley in unison, “you remember what happened the last time you wanted sugar!”
“Just a little bit?” he asked in a timid voice.
All Andy could do was just slouch in his chair and pout. I kept glancing at my phone hoping time would go by faster. Hasina and Isis were reading, Ashley and Jinxx were talking, Andy and CC were sleeping and what was I doing? Just staring into space like a loony, hoping they would call our flight up anytime soon.
I snapped out of my daze and looked at Isis who was reading so intently. She made the cutest faces as her eyes grazed over every sentence with a glassy look.
“What’cha readin’?” I asked,
“The Bell Jar,”
“What’s it about?”
“A girl who becomes depressed about her role as a female in primitive male dominance society and tries to kill herself,”
My face kind of dropped, “oh,”
“But it’s a good book!” she interjected, “I mean, Sylvia Plath is kind of dark but I love her work,” she smiled.
“Delta passengers, Flight 2453 bound for Los Angeles will now be departing at gate 12, once again thank you for flying Delta, enjoy your flight,”
“YES!” shouted Andy triumphantly,
“Ready?” smiled Isis,
“Oh yeah,” I said in a cocky manner, she just playfully rolled her eyes and walked onto the plane with me.
“Do you want the window?” she asked,
“No, that’s ok,”
“Good, I love staring out of the window of an airplane,” she smiled. This girl was insane. Staring out the window always gave me vertigo.
We went through all the boring precautions, demonstrations and what not. It took twenty minutes before we finally hit the skies. I was relieved at the thought that in almost two hours, I would be home. My own bed and Trixie! Oh gosh how I missed that dog. I hoped Isis liked her, I knew she said she wasn’t a dog person but I just hope she’d at least give Trixie a chance. Looking around at my bandmates and Sina, everybody was asleep except for Isis and me. She was getting there, I could tell because she was resting her head on my shoulder. I wanted her to enjoy her time in L.A. and as for Sina, I just hope Kina isn’t stupid enough to come around Ashley.
I must’ve blacked out for a while because now, it was Isis’ turn to wake me up.
“What?” I jumped,
“Babe relax, we’re landing now, put on your seatbelt,”
“Oh,” I said feeling kind of stupid,
I looked around at CC and Andy holding hands as if they were on a rollercoaster waiting to hit the upside-down loop. Those two, I swear.
The moment we stepped off the plane, I felt that California heat and it felt amazing.
It felt like home. I was so happy.
Quickly everyone and I transferred from the desert heat into the cool, air-conditioned airport. “Home sweet home, guys!” shouted CC.
“I could go for some Starbucks iced coffee right now,” replied Jinxx,
“I could go for a shower,” grimace Andy, “high altitudes make me sweaty,”
Everyone grabbed their luggage and began walking towards the doors to our taxi, when suddenly, I hear a voice and I stop frozen in my tracks. That foreign accent, the softness of it, it was…no,
“Well, fancy seeing you here, Jake,” there was venom in her voice; I turned around.
“Hi, Ella.”


I'm hooked!!!!
PLZ UPDATE SOON!!! ...srry 4 yelling...
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OH SHIT CC! 0.0 Update soon c:
JinxxieBooBear JinxxieBooBear
That's just how I roll ( I am such a failed child). But w.e. nice move Isis slip while running to the bathroom lol.

Update soon
ELLA 0.0 xD
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