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Los Monstruos

Secret Admirer

Hasina’s POV

“Do you guys have anything I can change into?” I asked, lingering in CC and Andy’s door way, “I just want to get out of this dress and heels,”
“Ashley might have a big tee shirt somewhere in his suit case,” CC said, “You could go check,”
“Thank you,” I said wandering over next door to Ashley and Jinxx’s room, I knocked on the door, “It’s open,” I heard Ashley say, I opened it slowly; poking my head through, “Hey,” I smiled,
“Hey,” Ashley said back,
“The guys next door informed me that you might have a big shirt I can borrow,” I blushed,
“Yeah, let me get it for you,” he said, walking over to his suitcase,
“Thank you so much, I really need to get out of this dress,” I say as he hands me the shirt. Without even thinking, I take off my dress right in the room, without any concern of who saw me, I put the shirt on and it fit just like another dress, perfect. I turn around and see Ashley’s face turning all different shades of pink.
“What?” I smirk,
“Nothing,” he protests,
“Just, admiring the view,” he blushes,
“I bet,” I roll my eyes, walking to the window, overlooking the Denver skyline. I could feel him coming closer, his footsteps treading soft on the carpet.
“The city sure looks beautiful at night,” he whispers standing behind me,
“It sure does,” I sigh,
“You look even more beautiful standing in front of it,”
“Oh stop it,”
“What?” he chuckled, “I’m just being honest,”
“Being sly is what you’re being, honey,” I said walking away from the window,
“Why can’t you accept the fact that I just think you’re beautiful?”
“Because it’s just a trick, and I don’t like tricks,”
“What am I tricking you of?”
There was silence between us, “I just…I’m not good with guys alright, I’ve had a lot of shitty guys and I fall too easily so just stop, OK?”
“OK, I’m sorry…I was just complimenting…didn’t think you’d actually take it seriously,” he sat down on the love seat, scratching the back of his head,
“Well,” I began, “thanks for the shirt…I’ll give it back when it’s washed,”
“No,” he protested, “just keep it,” he smiled softly; I walked out of the room, closing the door behind me, sliding down the wall. Oh God, why must he do that to me? So gorgeous, that smile, those eyes. No, Hasina! Control yourself! I was such an idiot back there…
I just wanted to back to Isis’ apartment; then again, I was bunking with CC and Andy so I guess it wouldn’t be that bad. Andy was all doped up on pain pills so he was probably out and then CC, well, CC isn’t the kind of person to go to for “girl talk time”, but I guess I could try to talk to him. No, I’ll just go to sleep and talk to Isis in the morning about it.
“Hey, Sina,” greeted CC as I came through the door, “mission a success?”
“Yeah, I got the shirt,” I smiled slightly,
“Are you alright?” CC asked; gosh was I that obvious?
I quickly averted my gaze at wall behind CC to avoid eye contact, “yeah, I’m alright just tired,”
“Then why aren’t you making eye contact?” Shit.
“What?” I said trying to play dumb,
“You’re not looking me in the eye, something is up, c’mon, tell Dr. Coma about it,” he said patting the bed for me to sit next to him,
“It’s just Ashley,” I confessed,
“What about him? Did he make a pass at your or something?”
“Sort of,” I blushed, “he just told me I was beautiful, and I know I shouldn’t take it to heart but God…”
“There’s nothing wrong with that, he rarely tells that to any girl, it’s either, “hey girl, you’re so fine or hot or sexy,” it’s never really ‘beautiful’ with him,”
“I kind of snapped at him for it, I’m well aware of his history so I just didn’t want to get hurt so…I just turned into a total bitch…and he was still nice about it,” The feeling in my legs was draining as I sat there and continued to replay the scene over in my head, “you like him, don’t you?” CC smiled,
“Yeah, a lot,” I sighed,
I looked at CC, “you should be lucky, he hasn't done that to anyone except his ex, Kina,”
I brushed my hair out of my face and smiled a little bit, “there’s a smile!” CC shouted happily, “Now, let’s draw faces on Andy while he’s out cold,” he said handing me a marker; this was going to be a long and fun night.

Ashley’s POV

I was running down a hallway, but it seemed no matter how fast I was running, I was stuck in one place.
“Hasina!” I screamed,
“Ashley!” she screamed back, “where are you?”
“I’m right here!” I replied, “Where are you?”
I finally got to the end of the hall where the door was, I opened it and I was in the alley way, behind the club, Max was there, holding Hasina close to him, “Ashley!” she squirmed, “help me,” she cried.
“Hasina!” I ran and tried to punch Max in the face but he blocked me without even moving.
“Ashley!” she cried out, tears streaming down her face. I got up, watching Max as he started running his hands up her leg, “don’t touch her!” I growled, “Who’s going to stop me?” he smirked.
I started running, faster this time, I jumped over him, getting ready to sock him in the face and then…

“Hasina!” I screamed, I woke up in my bed, sweat all over my face and chest,
“Hey, calm down man, it was just a dream,” Jinxx said coming out of the bathroom,
“It was awful though,” I wiped the sweat from my brow and sat up, heaving,
“I thought it was a good dream the way you were moaning out, ‘Hasina’,” chuckled Jinxx,
“No, it was awful…I couldn’t save her…”
“Just relax,” Jinxx assured, “Hasina is next door with Andy and CC, I’m sure she’s fine,”
I nodded in acknowledgement, “you’re probably right,” I got up and put on my hoodie and shoes,
“Where are you going?”
“For a walk,” I said lowly,
“It’s five a.m.!”
“I don’t care,”

Hasina’s POV

I came back to the hotel before anyone could wake up, I went back to Isis’s place, showered up and got a new change of clothes and just as I stepped off the elevator, Ashley was standing right there, “hey,” I said softly, “Hey,” he smiled, “what’re you doing up?”
“I just went to Isis’s and got some new clothes and a shower,”
“Yeah,” I blushed, “well, what’re you doing up?” Ha, good thinking, turning the tables on him so it doesn’t make me look like a victim!
“I had a bad dream and I need to go for a walk,”
“You shouldn’t walk Denver alone if you don’t know the area…or the people for that matter,” I warned,
“Then join me,” he smiled, “we can go get coffee,”
“I’d like that,” I smiled back,

Jake’s POV

Isis and I did nothing but talk and kiss all night. Though I had such a huge temptation to just throw her on the bed, I knew that Isis was worth waiting for. I felt safe lying next to her, listening to her breathing. The way her cheeks puffed out slightly when she laid her head on my chest was so adorable.
She began to stir in her sleep; her eyes then fluttering open, looking at me,
“Hey there beautiful,” I smiled,
“Hey there,” she smirked, rubbing her eyes,
“Sleep well?”
“Yes, in fact,” she said sitting up, leaning over to kiss me, “I slept wonderfully,” I smiled, gladly kissing her back, pulling her close to me,
“I’m glad,” I smiled holding her,
“So, what do you want to do today?” she asked,
“Anything, as long as I’ve got your sweet lips,” Wow, really? How cheesy was I? She giggled so that was the only plus.
“Well, how’s about we hop a plan and go to Los Angeles?” she smirked,
“Los Angeles? Now?”
“Sure, why not? I mean, I’ve never been there and I’m sure you want to go home for few days,”
“I do miss Trixie,” I sighed,
“My dog,”
She smiled and kissed my head, “then let’s go, I’ll order some tickets, if we leave by noon, we’ll be there by…well, noon,”
Time zone jokes. Damn this girl was quirky but so cute! “You’re serious?” I asked her,
“Dead serious,” she got up from the bed and walked to her wardrobe and grabbed a suitcase,
“It’ll be fun!” she gleamed,
I smiled back at her, standing up out of the bed, grabbing my pants and my phone, “I’m going to call and let the guys know,” I kissed her head and walked out to the living room, dialing Jinxx’s number,
“Hello?” answered Jinxx groggily,
“Guess what,”

Ashley’s POV

I spent nearly the entire morning with Hasina, sitting on a park bench, sipping coffee and talking. It was colder than usual today, I felt myself zipping up my hoodie to stay warm. Suddenly, my phone started going off, it was Kina, what did she want? I hit ignore and let it go to voicemail, two minutes later, my phone went off again, “you going to answer that?” Hasina asked taking a bite of her doughnut.
“It’s nobody important,” I shook my head. Five minutes later, my phone went off…again. I looked down and this time, it was Jake. Someone I actually didn’t mind talking to.
“Hello,” I answered,
“Guess what!” he shouted,
“Dare I ask?” I rolled my eyes, Hasina smiled softly and took a sip of her coffee, and I smiled back,
“We’re heading to Los Angeles in two hours!”
“No shitting?” I gasped,
“Isis bought tickets for her and Hasina so they can come along, I informed the rest of the band, they’re all getting ready to leave,”
“That’s great, I’ll get back to the hotel and start packing,” after Jake hung up, I put my phone away and looked at Hasina, “well, looks like you and Isis are coming to Los Angeles with us for a little trip,”
Her eyes lit up as she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug, “that’s so awesome!”
I hugged her back, then she pulled away, “I have to go home and pack!” she gasped.


I'm hooked!!!!
PLZ UPDATE SOON!!! ...srry 4 yelling...
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OH SHIT CC! 0.0 Update soon c:
JinxxieBooBear JinxxieBooBear
That's just how I roll ( I am such a failed child). But w.e. nice move Isis slip while running to the bathroom lol.

Update soon
ELLA 0.0 xD
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