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Los Monstruos

Three Weeks Later

Isis’s POV

*Three weeks before*

“I’ll be back,” Jake said,
“They all say that,” I said looking down at my shoes,
“I mean it, Isis,” he said lifting my face up, “I’ll be back once the tour is over and then we can hang out some more,” he smiled.
“Alright,” I smiled back and kissed his lips softly,
“Hey! Hey!” shouted Ashley from the bus door, “No PDA!”
“Well, President PDA Police,” Jake said looking back, “you’re one to talk!” Ashley’s face went red and he shut his mouth in an instant.
“I’ll be back,” he said again, promisingly.
“I know,” I smiled as I kissed him again, wrapping my arms around his neck, “now,” I said, “get on the bus before it leaves without you,”
“I’d rather it leave without me so I can stay here with you,” he smiled.
“Go,” I said playfully pushing him. He broke from my grasp and ran to the bus, looking at me one last time before the bus door closed and began to drive away.
I stood there, waving good bye, hoping he could see me. The bus merged onto the interstate and was gone in a matter of minutes.
I went back to my car and slid into the driver seat.
“Are you ok?” Sina asked taking her sunglasses off, revealing her natural brown eyes.
“Yeah, it’s just kind of hard,” I said resting my head on the steering wheel, looking at her,
She smiled softly at me, patting my back, “if he really cares, he’ll come back singing like a love bird,”
I sat up and hugged her, “I hope you’re right,” I whispered.

*Three weeks later*

Jake’s POV

“Thank you so fucking much, Mexico City!” shouted Andy into his megaphone before we departed the stage. Mexico was insane! Only two more shows, I thought. Two more shows on our tour and I was free for the rest of the year; to go back to Los Angeles, to sleep in my own bed…to see Isis.
She had been racing through my mind for weeks after we left Denver. Why didn’t I get her cell number before I left? Maybe it was for the best. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. When I see her, I’ll be wrapping my arms around her and I won’t let go. Well…I might have to if she starts to suffocate from all the smothering.
I ran back stage, put up my guitar and went to the showers to wash off my war paint.
I was the first one back on the bus before anyone else and I was all nuzzled in my bunk with my iPod in my ears and my head on the pillow.
“Jake?” I heard CC say, peeking his head into my bunk.
“What?” I groaned,
“Why are you going to bed so early?”
“You’re not going till I give you a straight answer, are you?” I asked, annoyed.
“Nope,” he said sitting on the floor, facing my bunk.
“I’m trying to sleep so that the days can go by faster so tour can be totally over,”
“Why do you want tour to be over, man?” he asked astonished,
“Because he wants to be back with Isis,” said Jinxx in a gushy voice when saying Isis’s name.
“Dude, you’ve seriously fallen for this girl,” said CC sipping his beer,
“I have not!” I protested,
“Don’t give me that bullshit,” laughed CC,
“I just miss her is all,” I said turning over, facing away from CC.
“Don’t worry; this last week will go by like one of Ashley’s groupies,”
I groaned, “This’ll take forever!!”

Isis’s POV

I lay on my couch, sipping my wine, Sina was making dinner and I was in my sweat pants and the hoodie Jake gave me. It still smelled like him and it made me sick.
“Dinner is ready,” Sina said,
“I’m not hungry,”
“Isis Maria, this is ridiculous, you’ve been moping around this apartment for the past three weeks like a widow, now you’re going to eat and we’re going to go out tonight!” Sina said angrily. I’ll admit, the tone in her voice made me frightened.
“All you do is lie on that couch, kill a bottle of wine and listen to Patsy Cline! That is no way to live!” she continued,
“What am I supposed to do, Sina?” I asked sitting up, watching her put scoop a slice of lasagna onto a plate with a salad on the side, “I miss him!”
“I know you do, Isis but the only way you’ll make the time go by faster till he comes back is to have some fun and get out of the house,” she suggested.
The more I thought about her words, the more I knew she was right. These three weeks have been slow as Hell and all I did was mope around, shower, change into some different sweats and mope around some more. And when I wasn’t moping around my apartment, I was moping around at the flower shop. I’m surprised half my inventories of roses are still alive.
“Now,” began Sina, “get over here and eat my homemade lasagna, you know you love it!”
“I do love your lasagna, Sina…” I groaned, forcing myself to get up and sat next to her at the island.
It smelt delicious, all topped with twelve different kinds of cheese! Top that Stouffers frozen lasagna! One of these nights I was hoping for her to make some of oven baked broccoli that her mom use to make us when we were teenagers.
“So,” said Sina as she took a bite of her salad, “what should we do tonight?”
I shrugged my shoulders, “it doesn’t matter to me,” I picked at my salad as I tried thinking of things to do, “we could walk around 16th Street, I mean I heard there was supposed to be some sort of show going on,”
“We could do that,” she praised, “just as long as we’re not cooped up in here all weekend,”
Sina finished her food first, like always, and I was still left with no lasagna and half of my salad left to finish.
“Well, let’s get all showered up and into something cute, I might want to swing by Beta Nightclub and get my drink on, maybe snag a boyfriend,” she said winking as she took my plate to the sink.
“I’m not sure I want to go to Beta, I mean that’s Max’s usual hang out for when he wants to get a nasty one night stand,”
“Don’t worry, if he ‘causes any sort of trouble then I’ll be putting an end to it quickly,” she said reassuring. I got up and went to the bathroom with Sina; she was already showered, she just needed to do her make-up and hair so she did her make up in the mirror while I showered.
After getting all cleaned up, Sina suggested that I wear her leather hot pants with ripped fishnets underneath and her black five inch stilettos that had metal spikes around the heels.
She was already decked out in a purple tube dress that had chains and safety pins dangling on it, with ripped panty-hose and her Dia de los Muertos shoes she got from Hot Topic. Her black and aqua hair was in big bouncy curls and she put in her silver contacts to make her eyes stand out.
“What should I wear with the leather hot pants?” I asked her standing there in the hot pants, ripped fishnets, spiked heels with a towel rapped around my bare chest.
“Something backless,” she said smiling as she dug through my closet and pulled out my Runaway brand tank top. It was backless; splattered in silver metallic paint and had chains that connected in the back. I blushed and took it from her, “fine,” I said running into the bathroom with the top.
Once in the bathroom, I reached up in the towel cabinet for a small box, I opened the small box and took out my re-useable backless bra that I rarely use so the adhesives sides were still sticky.
Twenty-minutes later, I was all finished; I walked out into the living room to present myself to Sina, “OOOH!” she howled, “you look sexy honey!”
“You really think so?” I blushed,
“I know so darling,” said grabbing her jacket and purse, I grabbed Jake’s hoodie and wrapped it around me. “We’re going to rock the club off its support beams,” she said smiling as we walked to the elevator. I was a little bit excited to get out of the house. I was scared to run into Max. God, I just hope tonight goes well.

Jake’s POV

Tour was done! Finally! And the guys and I were on a plane that was just landing in Denver; I couldn’t wait to see Isis.
We grabbed our luggage, got ourselves a rental car and I was on my way to see Isis. Ashley was driving, I was in the passenger seat and the others were filling up the back.
“We’re back in the Mile High City and we are going clubbing!” shouted Ashley,
“Wait, what about Isis?” I asked,
“Oh she’ll still be here in the morning,” laughed Ashley,
“No, I want to go to her place,”
“Alright, keep it in your pants,” grimaced Ashley, “we’ll just go to the club for one drink and then we’ll go to her place, deal?”
“Fine,” I growled what a curve ball in my fucking plan man.
“What club are we going to?” asked Andy,
“This place called, Beta Nightclub, I heard it was pretty good,” replied, Ashley.
I was going to be so miserable the whole night…


I'm hooked!!!!
PLZ UPDATE SOON!!! ...srry 4 yelling...
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OH SHIT CC! 0.0 Update soon c:
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That's just how I roll ( I am such a failed child). But w.e. nice move Isis slip while running to the bathroom lol.

Update soon
ELLA 0.0 xD
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