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You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be


The back doors of the ambulance opened and Andy was pulled out of the back. One of the paramedics helped Lily out of the back and ordered her to follow them. He said that she would be given further instructions once she was inside. She nodded at him in acknowledgement and then ran inside to catch up with Andy.

He still hadn't woken up yet and now he was on oxygen. None of this was looking too good.

"Excuse me, Miss? Are you with him?" A nurse said to Lily.

"Y-Yeah. Is he going to be okay?" She asked.

"We think so but we're taking him to get x-rayed right now to check for any broken bones. I'm going to need to bring you to a waiting room." The nurse informed her.

"Oh... Okay..." Lily allowed the nurse to take her to a small waiting room while Andy was rushed down the hallway.

After a few hours of waiting, a nurse came in to tell Lily that Andy wouldn't be awake until tomorrow.

"You should go home, dear." The nurse said. "Go get some sleep and come back in the morning."

Lily shook her head. "No, I-I can't go home. I need to stay here with him. He saved my life. I'll sleep here if I have to. I can't leave him..."

The nurse sighed. "Alright, well, I'll come and get you when he's settled in a room."

Lily nodded and watched the nurse turn and leave. She couldn't go home because she had no way of getting there. Her parents were out of town on business trips and the boys were probably still at the party getting god knows how wasted. But the fact that she had no ride home was not why she refused to leave the hospital.

Andy had risked his life to save hers. The least she could do was wait here until he woke up.

Hours had gone by but it felt like days. She tried to fight off sleep for as long as she could and perked up every time a nurse walked by only to have her hopes let down when they didn't stop in.

Finally after about four hours, the same nurse from earlier came in to bring her to Andy's room. By now, it was almost seven o'clock in the morning. She had stayed up all night just waiting for him to wake up.

She walked in the room to find him propped up in bed with a sling around his left arm.

"I have a visitor for you, Andy." The nurse led Lily in and pushed a chair over by the bed for her to sit next to him.

"Lily, you're here!" Andy reached for her hand.

"I've been here all night, Andy." She told him. "I rode in the ambulance with you last night and I've been here ever since."

He smiled at her and gave her hand a light squeeze.

"I'll give you two some time alone." The nurse said before leaving the room.

Once she was gone, Lily pulled her hand away and stood up. "What the fuck were you thinking?! You could have died!" She shouted at him.

"I would rather die myself than have you die..." He shrunk back against the bed.

At this point, the rumors didn't matter to her anymore. Nothing mattered. It was obvious they weren't true. She sat back down, just glad to know that he was still alive.

There was a knock on the door as Ashley, Jake, CC and Jinxx walked in and surrounded the bed.

"Bro, what happened?" Jake asked.

"I, uh, got hit by a car while saving Lily's life." Andy explained.

"Aww." CC cooed.

"Andy, what the fuck." Ashley said. "We have a show tonight."

"Shit..." Andy remembered. "I'll do it. I don't care what the doctors say. I'm going on stage tonight and that's final." He was not about to let his band down.




R Romance Drama Teen

Andy Biersack/OFC; Sequel to You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be


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When I came on one day (very long time ago) I went to make the sequel and there was an option to put the sequel/prequel in. They've taken it away since then I guess, which sucks because I think it's pretty awesome, too.

thatscalledyes thatscalledyes

I have a quick question. How did you get the sequel to pop up. That's pretty neat.

:( Poor Andy
Teehee! Teehee!
cute :)
love me always love me always