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You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be

Too much to handle

The house was huge. Considering that it was in the rich part of town, it made sense why it looked so expensive. There had to be over a hundred people in the house. Some were dancing, others talking and some were just flat out making out with each other.

Lily looked around and noticed almost all of them had red cups in their hands. So it was that kind of party.

"Do you want one?" Andy asked, pointing to the red cup in a girl's hand.

"Oh, um, sure." Lily said.

"Okay," Andy nodded. "I'm going to go with Chance. I'll be right back." Andy turned and left with Chance to the kitchen, leaving Lily behind in the huge crowd of people.

She looked around at all the unfamiliar faces. But then she saw a familiar face and he saw her too. Tyler.

Tyler was the last person on Earth that she wanted to see right now. He stopped talking to the girl he was with and began to make his way over to her. She turned away from him but he caught her by the wrist, causing her to turn around and face him.

"Lily, let me explain--" He began.

"There's nothing to explain, Tyler." Lily pulled her wrist out of his grip. "I have Andy now and even though we're not together officially, I know he loves me."

"Don't be so sure of that. I've heard some things." Tyler warned.

"What kinds of things?" She said slowly.

"Well, that he's a player."

"Oh and like you're not." Lily said sarcastically.

"Again, if you would just let me explain--"

"Just... What kinds of things, Tyler?"

"He keeps one girl around as a fall back. He goes around and hooks up with other girls and if it doesn't work out with one of them, he still has the other girl which in this case happens to be you."

"That's not true. Why should I believe you anyway?" She snapped at him.

"Where is he, Lily? Told you he was going with his friend to get you a drink, right? And he hasn't come back since you got here, right? See, I know these things. This isn't the first party I've seen him at and I have plenty of girl friends that have told me about him."

"No... It can't be true. He told me he didn't have any friends and that he was bad with girls..." Lily refused to believe him.

"He was lying to you. He used you. It's what he does." Tyler explained. "Did you hear he knocked up some chick back where he used to live? That's why he moved."

Tears filled Lily's eyes, threatening to spill down her cheeks. She didn't want to believe it but it had already been close to twenty minutes and Andy hadn't come back yet.

She couldn't take it any longer. It was all too much for her to handle. This wasn't fun anymore. Why did every guy she came across have to be a douche?

She turned away from Tyler and pushed her way through the crowds of people, out the door and into the cold December air. The air was so cold, her tears began to freeze on her cheeks.

Home wasn't too far away but the air was bitterly cold and the longer she was outside, the colder it seemed to get.

It was quiet outside. There weren't many people out at night in the middle of December. A few cars occasionally passed by but there weren't many.

She was almost half way home when she heard an angry car horn sound from behind her. She turned in the direction of the noise to see a set of headlights heading straight towards her.




R Romance Drama Teen

Andy Biersack/OFC; Sequel to You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be


Completed ✓
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When I came on one day (very long time ago) I went to make the sequel and there was an option to put the sequel/prequel in. They've taken it away since then I guess, which sucks because I think it's pretty awesome, too.

thatscalledyes thatscalledyes

I have a quick question. How did you get the sequel to pop up. That's pretty neat.

:( Poor Andy
Teehee! Teehee!
cute :)
love me always love me always