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You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be

This is what you call a family

“Alright, dude. This time, you’re going to ask her out. This time will work, okay?” Ashley squeezed Andy’s shoulders from behind.

“Okay, okay.” Andy said. “I’m ready.”

He heard the opening and closing of the door at the top of the stairs and the light patter of footsteps. This was it.

“Wait. What do I say again?” Andy said nervously.

Ashley just rolled his eyes and gave him an encouraging push toward the stairs.

“Guys!” Lily sang. “I got you another gig!” She hopped off the last step and looked around at the boys. “This is a good thing! This is the part where you all cheer and thank me. What’s going on? Why do you all look guilty of something? Oh, god, please don’t tell me you robbed a bank or something.”

“Andy has something to ask you.” Ashley announced.

Andy glared at him and then looked back at Lily, his facial expression softening. “Uh, yeah, uh… Lily would you, um… Would you…” Andy stumbled over his words.

“Jesus Christ, Andy. This is painful. Just spit it out already!” Ashley exclaimed.

“Go easy on the poor kid.” Jinxx advised. “We can’t all be as good with girls as you are, Ashley.”

“What is it, Andy? You know you can tell me anything.” Lily ignored the other boys and encouraged him to say what was on his mind.

Andy took a deep breath. “Will you go out with me?” He said so fast she barely caught what he had said.

Lily looked even more confused. “Like…Like a date?” She asked.

Andy nodded. “Y-Yeah.” He stuttered, looking down at his worn out, black and white checkered converse.

He waited for her to say something, though he knew the answer would be no. He was absolutely positive that she only thought of him as her friend. There was no way she would go for him. She deserved someone so much better than him. Someone like Tyler, minus the douche bag quality.

“Of course, Andy. I’d love to go out on a date with you!” Lily threw her arms around his neck and held him close to her. “I thought you’d never ask.” She whispered in his ear and a huge smile spread across his face. He saw Ashley give him a thumbs up from over her shoulder.

“SHE SAID YES!” CC shouted, running over to them and wrapping his arms around Andy and Lily. “Oh, guys. This is just so touching!”

“Group hug!” Jake exclaimed and the other three guys joined in on the hug, trapping Lily and Andy in the middle.

Everything was going so well. The boys had a new gig scheduled, Lily had agreed to go on the date with Andy, and everyone was getting along. They were like on, big, dysfunctional family. At this rate, nothing could stop them. No, not this time.




R Romance Drama Teen

Andy Biersack/OFC; Sequel to You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be


Completed ✓
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When I came on one day (very long time ago) I went to make the sequel and there was an option to put the sequel/prequel in. They've taken it away since then I guess, which sucks because I think it's pretty awesome, too.

thatscalledyes thatscalledyes

I have a quick question. How did you get the sequel to pop up. That's pretty neat.

:( Poor Andy
Teehee! Teehee!
cute :)
love me always love me always