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As you fade into the night.

I'll race you

I woke up the next morning with a headache. I got out of bed ashley nowhere in sight and took a shower. I let the warm beads envelop me as i stalled ,I didn't want to go to school.

After my shower I got dressed in white skinny jeans and a red my chemical romance tshirt.i brushed my hair and applied eyeliner and walked out of my room.

I walked downstairs and saw Ashley and CC in the living room.

" morning" they said and I smiled and nodded.

"need a ride?" Ashley asked

" no it's ok ill walk" I said walking to the door.

" nonesence" he said and walked after me.

" bye cc"

" bye jess! Learn stuff" he called and I laughed. I picked up my fox riders backpack and walked out after Ashley.

He slung his arm around me and walked to the car.

" everyone else sleeping?" I asked as we got to the car and he nodded getting in.

" they were up late " he said outing the car into drive an pulling out.

The ride stayed silent but a comfortable silence.

He pulled in and put it in park turning to me.

" stay safe okay?" He leaned over and kissed my cheek.

" I'll try" I said getting out and shutting the door still in shock,He kissed my cheek. I liked it. Wait what an i saying no I didn't . He's Purdy purv he doesn't date, he wouldn't like me.

I sighed and walked towards my first class.

Stop dreaming Jess.

It was 11 and I was walking to lunch when I was slammed into the locker. I stood up just as they went to hit my face but I ducked causing them to get angry.

I recognized the girl as Haley She swung again and I pushed her away. I was not taking this. As she went to swing again a boy came from behind her.

" having trouble Haley?" He asked and socked me in the face causing me the stumble back.

They walked towards me and I ran down the hall. I went to the back door and sprinted out. I needed to get home . I raised out of the school grounds. They followed me out and I sprinted harder. I was not going to get beat up again. I was done.

I sprinted down the street . All of the sudden I was grabbed from behind and turned around They hit me untill my vision blurred.i kicked the boy in his area and got away. I ran harder my backpack thudded against me. I saw the house and speeded up. Please be home please be home.

I didn't see the two kids but I continued running darkness coming over me. I ran hard going up the driveway and got up the steps just as the door opened . I stepped In just as my vision was going black.

" Jess?" Ashley asked but the last thing I remeber is falling toward.

Ashley's POV:

She started to fall toward and I caught her.shit

" Jinxx!!!!" I screamed

" CC JAKE!!" I screamed

I almost dropped her and needed help.

" fucking hell get in here!!" I yelled

CC and jake came running in when they saw me barley holding on to Jess. She wasn't heaven but her dead weight was.

" what happened?!" Cc asked standing nearby unsure what to do.

" I don't know , jake help me" I said

Jake ran over and helped me lower her against the wall sitting up CC stood by worried .

Jinxx ran in and saw Jess .

" what happened?" He asked

" I don't know I opened the door and she came stumbling in and passed out. She looked out of breath."

Jinx ran over and grabbed her waist and picked her up, he looked like he was struggling.

" Jinxx ill help you" I said but he shook me away

" I got her" he said and walked to the living room, me , cc and jake trailing behind him.

He set her on the couch gently and took her hand touching her face.

I looked at her face covered with blood. Why are they so mean to her she's beautiful.

Jinxx was leaning over her and rubbing her cheek.

" Jess wake up" he said

" Jess" he said rubbing her hand . He really loved her .i could tell, he was protective of her also, which made me curious as to what her past exactly was

CC jake and me sat on the other couch watching nervously for her to wake up when Andy walked in with Haley from downstairs.

" what happened?" He asked scared eyeing her

" we don't know she came in and passed out" jake said

Haley looked annoyed and sighed.

" Andy baby lets go " she wined and we looked at her

" Haley bu-"

" andy now shes fine "she yelled and he followed her out the door.

" what the fuck" CC yelled

" bitch" I muttered and looked at Jinxx crouching next to Jess his head on on her shoulder .

We sat there in silence for 30 minutes when I heard someone groaning. I looked over and Jess was starting to wake up

Jinxx sat up and looked at her.

" CC go get water" he said ad CC jumped up

Jessica's POV

When I regained conciouness I was Laing down. My body ached and I groaned.

" cc get water" I heard faintly and I started to open my eyes. I saw Jinxx standing over me.

" What's going on?" I asked trying to sit up but I couldn't

" Jess it's okay lay bak down" he said
I looked around to see CC Ashley and jake leaning next to me now. CC handed me water and I took a sip

" what happened?" They asked and I groaned trying to think

" uh. I was getting beat up and a guy joined so I ran . They got me again and beat me next to the street but I ran again and got here thats all i remeber"I said and Jinxx rubbed my hair

" this can't keep happening" he said and Ashley picked me up and put me on his lap. I groaned in pain but I laid against him.

" ash be careful"Jinxx hissed

Jinxx sat on the other side and grabbed me from him. I leaned against him while he rubbed my back.

" I hate seeing you like this" he said

" ill be fine" I said

" Jess you passed out today your not going to be okay" he said

" Jinxx calm down I'm a big girl I can deal with it "

He shook his head.

" where's Andy?" I asked and they tensed

" he's with Haley"

I groaned

" he hasn't even talked to me since he found her" I said

" he'll come around dont sorry she won't last long" Jinxx said and I nodded.

" lets watch a movie" jake said

" you can I don't feel good I'm going to lay down" I said..

I stood up but felt light headed and fell back on the couch.

I hadn't eaten since the my first day, if I had I threw it up.

Jake looked at me

" you okay Jess?" He asked and I nodded

" are you sure? You don't look good" CC said

" I fine just lightheaded" I said standing up slowly.

Jinx looked at me

" stop starring jermemy" I said and he shook his head

" I'm just worried why don't you lay down here" he said and I nodded

" fine " I said leaning back into the couch knowing he wouldn't give up. I didnt feel like moving anyway.I watched tv with them for a while not really paying attention.

I leaned into Ashley and he put his arm on my shoulder earning stares from CC and jake they would be hounding me about this later. Ashley smelled like whiskey but it smelt nice. I got confused again about if I liked him. Why was love so hard?

I groaned causing ash to look at me.

" you okay sweetheart?" He asked and I nodded.

" yeah in fine" I said leaning back Into him.

The door slammed and Andy walked in. He looked at me and ash and rolled his eyes.

" feeling better?" He asked coldly

" yeah" I said back.

" what are we doing for dinner?" Andy asked sitting in the chair.

" I don't know want to go out?" CC asked and they nodded.

" lets go now then" jake said

I groaned and stood up.

" let me clean my face I probably look terrible"I said and walked in the bathroom and washed my face off that was covered in blood. I had a black eye and my nose was black and blue. I shook my head and walked out.

The guys were waiting by the door .they saw me and walked out. I followed behind. I got in the passengers side and Jinxx got in the drivers side while The rest got in.

" so is Haley your girlfriend?" CC asked Andy and I sunk in the seat. I do not like her.

" yeah she is she's awesome isn't she?" He asked smiling and the guys put on fake smiles.

" yeah dude " jake and CC said

" yeah she seems nice" Ashley said

" what about you did you and Haley get along Jess?" Andy asked and I turned around

" yeah " I said smiling an CC rolled his eyes.

They made conversation utill we pulled in. We got out and walked in . We were seated me between jinxx and cc . We ordered drinks and I sat quietly as they talked now feeling In the mood.

The waitress came and took everyone's orders.

She turned to me.

" oh I'm not eating thanks" I said knowing I couldn't if I wanted to lose weight.

She gave a weak smile and walked away.

" Jess why aren't you eating?" Jake asked.

Jinxx turned to me . He was going to start to worry again.

" I'm not hungry" I said

" Jess can I talk to you outside?" Jinx said and stood up. The guys looked confused and I sighed standing up also.

I followed him outside quietly and he walked to the side and stopped.

" Jess what's going on" he asked

" what do you mean" I said trying to play it off.

" I'm not an idiot . Why aren't you eating" he asked

" Im not hungry" I said

" I've heard that before then remember what happened?" He said

" jer it's not like that I just not hungry" and he rolled his eyes

" I'm fine, hear me fine" I said and he shook his head

" I see through this jess" he said

" Jinxx I'm fine , it's not like last time"

It was it was exactly like last time. I wanted to tell him, I wanted him to help me but I couldn't.

He grabbed my wrist and looked it up and down. He grabbed the other. Nothing new.

He sighed

" lets get back and remember I'm watching you" he said and I rolled my eyes walking in after him.

" everything alright?" Ashley asked eyeing us as we sat down I looked at Jinxx for him to reply.

" yeah just talking about selling her house". He said and the nodded. i knew they didnt believe it but didn't want to push it .

Dinner was hard because I wanted to eat so badly but I couldn't . I had to atleast lose 10 more pounds to be 110.

We were walking out when me am Ashley both called shot gun. We glared at eachother and stopped.

" race you" I said and he smiled

Jinxx unlocked the car

" 1 2 3" I counted and dashed for the car. Idiot didn't know I ran track. Within seconds I was In front of him going to the car. I dashed in and jumped to the front. A few seconds later he showed up panting.

The guys came from Behind laughing.

"Damn girl" Andy said and I laughed

" did I forget to mention I'm fastest on my track team?" I asked as the got in and laughed.

" Cheater!" Ashley wined

" not my fault" I said turning around and smiling.

" children" Jinxx said and chuckled staring the car.


I love this so much update soon plzzzz

Madison Madison


IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

This story is amazing! It made me smile, laugh and cry. This is one of the greatest stories I have ever read before. You have done amazing job! When I started reading this I couldn't stop cause I just had to keep reading cause I had to know what's gonna happen next.
At first I was sure she would end up with Andy but then after a while it was obvious that it would be ash and they are so super cute together in this story. I LOVE THIS AND CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!!! :)

BubbleslovesBVB BubbleslovesBVB

All the feels!!!

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

Yay she's awake!

musicminxx musicminxx