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As you fade into the night.

Cut me open

Andy's POV:

I couldn't help but feel hurt. She such a beautiful girl and she's gone threw such hell. I know Jinxx is so protective over her as he should be. I know the guys feel the same way I do Ashley looks like he's beging to get protective of her too but he wouldn't go after her would he?

After dinner she slipped away and came back 5 minutes later with a weird look on her face but maybe it was just me. I really cared for her.

I feel like im starting to like her .But there was one problem. I have Haley.

Jess's POV.

They decided on some scary movie when I came down and I couldn't help but notice andy give me a questionly stare. His beautiful blue eyes made me crazy but he couldn't love me I'm a fat pathetic loser.

I looked to see all the seats were taken except between CC and Andy. Jinxx and Sammi were on the couch with jake and Ashley was on the chair.

I sat next between Andy and CC and cc poked my side giving me a smile.

Jake got up and put a movie in.

" do you like scary movies?" CC asked as the commercials started.

" no" jinxx said for me

" she gets so scared" Sammi added laughing

" no I don't!"I protested even though it was true

" Jess when we watched insidious you jumped a mile when Jinxx touched your shoulder " sammi said back and the guys laughed.

" whatever" I muttered and Andy leaned into my ear

"Ill protect you " he whispered sending a smile to my face. No stop you don't like him.

By the end of the movie my face was buried in Andy's chest with his arm around my shoulder. Fucking scary movies. As the movie ended I sat up and looked around noticing the guys had an amused look on their face.

" told ya" Sammi mocking

" shut up " I pouted and they laughed

" sorry Jess but that was kind of funny" cc said

I stuck my tongue out.

"I'm going out for while who wants to come?" Ashely said standing up

" ill join you"Sammi and jinxx said

" Im meeting an old friend she wants to come back here hope that's okay" Andy said

Friend. Or girlfriend?

" yeah sure dude" CC said

" we'll stay with Jess then"jake said and the rest nodded.

" see ya, and don't bring any sluts home Ashley " CC said

They huged me and left. We sat there in silence for a few seconds until jake jumped up

" I'm ordering a pizza" jake said and I laughed

" pig"

He took out his phone and ordered one then sat down with CC and me on the couch.

" so what's going on with you and biersack?" CC asked and I blushed

" nothing.." I said

" oh bull shit you like eachother" jake said I shook my head

" guys he probably doesn't like me and he's going to meet up with another girl so "

" that's why he was inches from your face" CC said and I slapped him .

" he doesn't like me he was just comforting me"

" so you like him" Jake said smirking like a mad man

" shut up.." I said blushing

"Ah Jessica has a crush!!" CC yelled messing my hair

I blushed more and stood up

" aww I'm only teasing " CC said

I shook my head just as the door rang.

Jake ran to get the pizza while CC set up the Xbox .

" Seriously though you two will happen " cc said with a wink and i sighed sitting on the couch.

Jake ran in with a pizza and say next to cc grabbing a controller as c.o.d started playing on the screen. Oh god.

I watched for a few minutes as the bantered back and forth to each other then got bored .

I sat between the two and jakes controller .

" wooh you play video games?" They asked shocked. I laughed

" yeah Johnny made me learn so I've played so many" I said looking at the game

" who's Johnny?" Jake asked

" he's my best friend from Boston, known him since birth"

They nodded and we started playing again making little conversation. After an hour I let jake and CC play as i was falling asleep.

" tired?" Cc asked and I nodded. He laughed and moved his arms up signaling to lay on his lap. I obeyed and finally was falling into sleep when the door opened and I heard loud voices.

" fuck.." I muttered I felt cc pat my back and let out a chuckle.

I sat up and saw ashley .He smiled patting my head while entering the living room. Sammi and Jinxx followed and sat on the opposite couch. Andy followed with a blond chick basically clinging to him and my heart dropped. They stumbled up the stairs and I sat into the couch feeling my heart shatter. I knew it.

" hey guys have fun?" Jake asked shutting the game off and flicking the T.v on.

" yeah we hung around town and stuff, how about you." Ashley asked

" we played video games by the way Jinxx Jess is amazing at them . You never told me!" CC said wining and we laughed

" it wasn't important" Jinxx shrugged

They started watching some show but my mind was clouded.

I couldn't help but think of Andy though I was so stupid he didn't like me he has a girlfriend ,she was so pretty and skinny I was just ugly and fat.

Jake saw me and touched my shoulder.

" you okay.?" He whispered and I nodded sadly. He looked at me obviously not believing it.

" I'm going to bed night" I said standing up. I hugged the guys and Sammi and went towards the stairs.

" ill probably go too night" i heard Ashley say and then shortly he started following behind me. I ignored him and walked past Andy's room hearing Haley's annoying giggle. I cringed tears dropping from my face and quickly went to my room closing the door.

I changed into a pair of sport shorts i stole from john and a black tshirt and brushed my hair . I sat on the bed tracing my arm. I wanted to cut but I didn't want to let jinxx down. I sighed .I could hear Andy and the girl giggling then it stopped .I knew they were kissing. I laid on my side letting tears fall down my face.

I started crying harder not just because Andy, Christ I've only known him a few days, I wasn't eve sure I liked him like that, I just needed someone. My heart still felt heavy from my parents passing. I was a mess

I sat on the floor against my bed leaning my head back.

After alittle but I heard a nick on my door. I ignored it. After a few seconds It opened and Ashley peaked his head in.

" Jess..?" He asked stepping in and closing the door.

I looked up at him and he sat next to me rubbing my back

" what's wrong?" He asked and I shrugged.

" your parents?" He asked and I gave a small nod.

" want me to get jinxx?" He asked hesitant. I didn't care I just needed a hug.

" no it's okay," I said. He stood up and grabbed me. He laid me on my bed and then laid in front of me wrapping a arm around me bringing me close. He rubbed my back as I cried into his chest.

" I'm sorry.. You can leave if you want" I asked looking up.

" no , I'm staying right here, relax it's okay " he said and I leaned against him crying again.

" it's okay Jess it's okay" he said

" itll be okay" he whispered in my ear and I smiled a little calming down. I've never been comforted like that besides jinxx or Sammi.

I slowed my breathing and closed my eyes as I let sleep envelop me.

I woke up to the feeling of arms around me. I looked up to see Ashley's face. I smiled and checked the time to see it was 6:40.

" shit " I muttered waking ash up

" hmm?" He said tiredly opening his eyes and looking down at me.

" sorry.. Didn't mean to wake you"I said sitting up out of his warm arms.

" no problem, ill leave so u can get ready" he said getting up and goig to to door.

" hey ash?" i called as he opened the door.

" yeah?"

" thank you" i said smiling and he sniled back

" anything for you" he said and then closed the door behind him.

I got changed into black skinny jeans and a green day shirt. I put bracelets on and straightened my hair. I looked in the mirror and sighed as I left my room.

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. Everybody was already down there and at the table drinking coffee.

" morning Jess!" CC yelled and I smiled still walking like a zombie to the table next to Sammi .

" guys this is haley" andy said pointing to her. She had bleach blond hair and a spray tan that made her look like a orange. she waved and smiled sweetly .

" thats cc, ash ,Jinxx ,Sammi jinxxs wife, jake ,and jessica jinxxs cousin" andy said pointing to us and haley smiled to everyone except me she gave me a glare. Feeling the love.

She glanced at my wrists as got a smirk. I brought my hands close and slumped in my chair.

" nice to meet you all" she said

sammi saw me starring at her and leaned to me.

" her voice annoys me, and she looks like a freaking orange i just want to send her out the window" she said and I bursted out laughing causing everyone to look at me.

I put my head on table and laughed more.

" Jess you have to go to school" Jinxx said and I groaned against the table. I lifted my head

" no.. I don't want to go to school" I wined and he sighed

" you have to.." Andy said. Wow first words he's said to me since the thing got here.

" better than being with this ugly orange" I muttered just loud enough for jake and Sammi to hear me and they started laughing . jake slapped my arm.

" play nice" he whispered and I stood up smirking.

" I always do" I said silently to him

" ill drive you " Jinxx said standing up also. he grabbed his keys and walked out the door Sammi following.

" have a good day" cc said standing up and hugging me.

" stay safe" jake said hugging me also.

Ashley stood up and kissed my cheek.

" be safe"he whispered and pulled away. I looked at Andy who just sat next to Haley.

"Bye" I muttered and walked out to the door. I opened it and made my way to the car.

jinx turned around in the car once I got in the back.

" jeez us that girl orange enough?" He asked and I laughed

" that's what I said!" Me and Sammi said at the same time. He chuckled and pulled out.

He drove down the road and I started shaking. Another day of hell.

Jinxx pulled up and stopped turning around to me.

" have a nice day and if anyone touches you. Kick some ass hear me?" Jinxx said and I nodded

" whatever "I mumbled getting out and heading towards the gates of hell.

The day went on dreadfully . Kids picked on me and I sat by myself. What else is new?

after the bell rang i quickly ran down the hall trying to avoid another run in. I just walked out the door when I was shoved . I skidded across the concrete on my side and saw the 4 girls from yesterday. I sat up and looked to the left seeing jakes car.

" thought you could leave without playing didn't you?" the same girl from yesterday said stepping close.

I tried to get up but she pushed me back down. She grabbed me by my shirt lifting me up and punched me in the face.

I saw Ashley jake and Jinxx running towards us.

She hit me again causing blood to spill from my nose and then she kneed me in the stomach. I fell to my knees gasping for air just as I got another kick from the other girl.

" hey!" I heard Jinxx yell but they didn't stop.

" hey leave her the fuck alone" I heard Ashley this time as they got closer.

She ignored them.

" see you tomorrow" one of them said kicking my head and walking away.

I stayed on my knees gasping for air blood dripping from my nose. I could feel eyes on me from passing by students .

" Jess!" I head voices say. I looked up and saw jinxx Ashley and jake standing over me.

"Jess are you okay?" Jake asked and I chuckled then moaned in pain from the movement.

" fucking amazing" I said spitting blood from my mouth then sucking in air.

I finally had air back and the blood was stopping.

Jinxx picked me up and hugged me tight as I leaned into him watching the other kids laugh.

"Lets go home" he said grabbing my bag and guiding me to the car jake and Ashley shortly behind.

We got in and I got in the passenger seat. Tears fell fast from my face as we started driving.

" Are you okay?"Ashley asked from the back and I ignored him. No I wasn't fucking okay.

" this always happens Jinxx can't I just quit school!" I asked and he looked at me.

" Jess" he said rubbing my shoulder.

" Jess.. You know your parents wouldn't like that,"Jinxx said

" I don't fuckig care I just hate everything!! " I screamed

" Jess it's okay" jake said leaning forward and rubbing my shoulder. I stopped crying and looked as we pulled in.

" I just hate being everyone's toy" I muttered

" I know sweetie" jinxx said

" atleast tell me the orange is gone" I said and they tensed

" oh that's just fucking great"I said causing them to snicker.

We got out and went to the steps. Jake had his arm around me and I leaned against him.

I walked in the house to see Andy and Haley in the living room. CC was Laing on the ground looking at the ceiling. I raised my eyebrow and shook my head.

The rest walked in behind me taking seats around the room.

" where's Sammi?" I asked

" she went out to get stuff ready for touring" Jinxx said and I nodded.

I went over to CC and sat on his stomach.

He made a hmph sound and looked at me .

" hey kid how was school?" He asked lifting me up and going to a couch with me . He sat me on his lap. I moved over and put my legs on Ashley so I was laying on them into cc's chest.

" terrible as always " I said and cc sighed

" what happened?" Andy asked still clinging to Haley .I glared lifting my head from cc's chest. He rubbed my hair.

" same thing as yesterday got beat up" I saw Haley smirk .

" I'm sorry" Andy mumbled and I shrugged getting off cc. I went to the bathroom and cleaned my face then walked back to the living room.

" hey guys why don't we have band practice? Haley and Jess can get to know eachother" Andy said and I pleaded Ashley and jake with my eyes.

" sure.." Jinxx said standing up. He kissed my head and walked out after Andy.

" sorry kid" CC whispered as he hugged me. jake kissed my head and ashley gave my shoulder a squeeze as They left .

Haley stared at me from across the room. I sighed and sat in the chair awkwardly. Here comes the social anxiety

After an hour I decided to make small talk.

" so Haley -" I started

" oh shut up" she snapped

I was stared at her. Fuck no .

" what?" I asked

" stay away from Andy" she snapped

" excuse me?"

" stay away from Andy he doesn't want you he wants me. " she said back and I got fumed

" I don't like Andy" I said. Even tough I wasn't sure if that was true or not.

She scoffed

" whatever fat bitch noone will like you"

I was taken back she made me want to punch her in her fucking face. I stood up but sat back down.

" I see you harm yourself" she said pointing to my wrist and I moved it away.

" I would too if I was as ugly and fat as you." This time I stood up and stood in front of the couch she was at.

" listen I don't know who you think you are and I don't care , I don't need some orange bitch telling me all stuff I know" she stood up and slapped me. The echo still filled the air as my face hung to the side. I grabbed my cheek.

What the fuck

" Im going to find andy" she said sweetly shoving me out of the way and walking away.

i ran up the stairs.

" of course he chose her of course, she's so perfect I'm just a suicidal fat cow" I said to myself closing my door.

I cried into my I bed and took out my blade.

I made lines across my wrist untill I dropped it. I washed it off and heard the guys back downstairs.

I got my jacket and walked down the stairs into the living room.

They looked at me and jinxx furrowed his eyebrows.

" you okay?" Andy asked. Like
He cares. I ignored the question

" I'm going for a walk" I said going towards the door.

" Jess come back" Ashley called but I didn't I closed the door and ran down the street. I needed to clear my head. I walked down the street and found a park. I sat on the bench and starred around me . I couldn't take this , why did everything hate me?


I love this so much update soon plzzzz

Madison Madison


IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

This story is amazing! It made me smile, laugh and cry. This is one of the greatest stories I have ever read before. You have done amazing job! When I started reading this I couldn't stop cause I just had to keep reading cause I had to know what's gonna happen next.
At first I was sure she would end up with Andy but then after a while it was obvious that it would be ash and they are so super cute together in this story. I LOVE THIS AND CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!!! :)

BubbleslovesBVB BubbleslovesBVB

All the feels!!!

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

Yay she's awake!

musicminxx musicminxx