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As you fade into the night.

Welcome to the family .

" so you're sure you have every thing?" Jinxx questioned me as we stood in the front door.

I looked at my backpack and medium black suitcase

" positive"

" are yo-"

"Jinxx you've asked me 10 times, yes I'm all set" I said making him sigh laughing

" okay okay fine lets go"

I smiled picking up my backpack And following him out the front door. I stopped still looking back into the house, the house that held all my memories.

The Holidays, birthday parties, the fights the hugs the late nights, and dinners and just everything came tumbling on me. I was leaving so much behind, but I knew I was gaining so much more but there was still a part of me that didn't want to leave it. I was scared, I has no idea what I was going to do with my life, here when I had my parents I had a plan, I was going to college for English but now what? I didn't have money for college, What was I going to do? The better question was what could I do?

" you okay?" Jinxxs voice asked cutting through my thoughts.

I looked up at him and he smiled down at me. I took in a breath nodding and following him out my house shutting the door behind me.

Here's to a new life.


" it's fine, why don't you just open your eyes" jinxx said laughing as I shut my eyes tighter hiding more into his chest.

The plane was making its decent and I hated it, I hated flying he knew that.

" why don't you just suck my ass" I hissed into his jacket making him laugh harder and smack my back a little just as the plane jolted meaning we were on the ground.

I cautiously lifted my head up seeing the airport zoom past us as the plane slowed down and soon skidded to a stop. People started to get up and jinxx looked at me laughing again.


I pushed his chest and got out of the seat as he followed my actions stepping out in the aisle.

He pulled my backpack down handing it to me before grabbing his own and shutting the overhead.

"Lets go" he said and I nodded following him as we walked off the nearly deserted plane

We were both silent as we made our way to baggage claim dodging the rushing travelers all in a hurry. jinxx spotted my black suitcase before I could and he walked quickly to the revolving belt and grabbed it quickly and walking back to my side.

"Ready?" He asked and I nodded silently taking everything in while walking beside him to the front doors.

We walked out the automatic doors and I smiled immediately getting hit with the warm sun.

" so how are we getting home?" I asked and he chuckled

"Sammi, I texted her when we landed so she should be-"

He cut off when he saw a black corolla making it's way towards where we were on the sidewalk.

"Right there" he said chuckling and I smiled walking to the now parked car.

sammi jumped out and ran at me making me smile as she gave a me a tight embrace.

"You've gotten so big Jesus Christ" she said giving me one more squeeze and I laughed as she took her arms from around me

"I guess I have" I said as jinxx came over and gave Sammi a quick peck on the cheek and grabbed the keys.

" lets go"

I got in the back seat as Sammi got in the passenger seat and Jinxx started the car and immediately put it in drive.

I remained quiet letting the couple up front talk while I gazed at the passing city. I had been to LA once, when jinxx had just started the band, my parents and I flew out to see him play,they were always so into his music , they were always so proud of him. So we flew out to see black veil brides perform the show.

Ever since that day my parents were extremely proud of him. I was too, since day 1 when he left I was sad but I was also excited for my cousin, me being so young I didn't have a doubt in my mind that he wouldn't become famous,I always believed in him and I still do.

My thoughts were cut short by Sammi snapping her fingers in my face I looked at her confused as jinxx laughed putting the car into park

"We have literally been talking to you the whole way and you have not replied once I thought you died"

I shrugged just as JINXX unbuckled and Sammi got out.

Guess we're here

I looked at the house, not huge but not small either, it was a simple size I sighed out before grabbing my backpack next to me and sliding out the car door.

As I shut it jinxx did the same with the trunk pulling out my suitcase as Sami already was walking to the door

"Let's go"

I sucked in a breath and followed jinxx as he made his way up the steps and to the door that Sammi already made her way into.

"Ready?" He asked and I shook my head taking in a breath.

My anxiety was stronger than ever it always was meeting new people. I of course had met all of the guys except cc that day years ago but I had never talked to them.

"Great lets go then" he said smirking letting out a laugh

With that he pushed his way into the already half open door and I instantly followed and the doorway led straight into a kitchen.

Jinxx kicked off his shoes by the door and I did the same taking in the house.

The kitchen was the room we were in now and to the right was a door that led to the garage I assumed. To the left was a wall with an opening on each end both leading to the living room or what I guessed was the living room judging by all the commotion coming from it. I was guessing the stairs were in the middle and the basement through the door that stuck out on the right side of the wall.

I felt jinxx nudge me breaking my thoughts as he made his way into the living room me following him slowly.

We walked in and saw everyone on the couches their heads turning towards me and jinxx making me shrink back behind him.

"Hey guys" he said reaching behind him and grabbing my arm pulling me back in front of him making me whine a little bit as they all laughed.

"You guys remember Jess right?" He asked and 3 out of 4 men nodded.

" nice to see you again" andy said from his spot on the couch.

He had a girl beside him who I didn't recognize but there was also another girl and a man who I knew was cc beside her. I smiled and nodded and the girl smiled

"I'm Juliet"

I nodded shyly She was beautiful with dark brown hair reaching past her shoulders.

"And I'm Lauren" the other one that was next to her said.

She had short blond hair and was also simply beautiful, all of them were.

"And I'm cc!" He exclaimed beside her making them laugh and me smile slightly.

"And I'm Ella" another girl said from another couch on the side wall, she had long brown hair also but was also British from her voice I smiled as I saw jake next to her and Ashley beside him giving me a small smile.

"Hey jess" jake said smiling at me and I smiled back

"wow jinxx never told us that his baby cousin wasn't exactly a baby anymore" he said smirking at me and i remained silent again.

"That's enough ash" jinxx said from behind me and they all laughed again as I watched them look at me.

I hid behind jinxx once more and he let me laughing.

"She's a little shy" he spoke

"A little?" One Of the girls the girls said and jinxx chuckled a little.

"No more like she's basically part mute" Sammi said I shuffled a little looking from behind jinxx and flipping her off.

They laughed again making me hide back behind jinxx

"And on that note I'm going to show her the room she'll be staying in, let's go jess"

I nodded against his chest and he started to head past the couches and to the stairway that was on the right.

I followed him as we walked up the stairs revealing 6 doors. He walked to a room at the end and opened it up.

There were plain white walls with a desk and a full sized bed against the wall.

jinxx put my suitcase on the bed and I dumped my backpack on it falling beside it. Jinxx laughed and pushed the bags off the bed and onto the floor before dropping down beside me. I leaned slightly against his shoulder sighing

"so what do you think of them?" He asked and I smiled

"They're all so nice, I'm sorry I didn't talk to them, can you let them know that?" I said and he smiled putting his arm around me.

"I told them you don't usually talk to new people so they didn't expect any less, trust me they're all understanding people, you'll like them okay? Just when you're ready talk to them, you'll soon have 7 new best friends."

I smiled before nodding into his chest tiredly.

" so my room is the the left of you, and since we only have 5 me and Sammi are also sharing with jake and Ella."

I nodded again

" the bathroom is to the right of you, Ashley's is next to that, andy and juliets is next to his and cc and Lauren are to the right of the stair case"

"Okay. Thank you, for everything" I said and he smiled brining me closer into his chest and rubbing my back slightly.

"No problem, I told you once and I'll tell you again, you're my little sister basically, id give you the world to make you smile"

i let out a smile at this and nodded into his chest.

" are you tired?" He asked almost a little teasingly.

I was always tired

I nodded into his chest as he looked around the room to my clock.

"Well it's 5, we'll probably order pizza do you want to eat and then sleep?" He asked

"No I'm just going to sleep" I said and I felt his embrace leave as his arms moved from my shoulders making me sit up and look at him

" I'm going to re state That, you're going to eat and then you can sleep okay?" He asked and I sighed nodding

He knew I skipped meals sometimes, it started awhile ago, I didn't mean to I was busy with school that sometimes I forgot to eat and then I realized I was losing weight, so that's what I did, I barely ate a meal a day, and he knew that. This was going to be tough

"Im almost positive jake already ordered some knowing them, but I'm going to go down and check, why don't you just unpack and get settled and then come down when you're ready okay?" He asked and I nodded He stood up off the bed and smiled kissing my head

"I'm so happy you're here" he said and I smiled

"As am I" With one last smile he walked out my door and I sighed looking around.

This was my new life, and I didn't even know what to think, I was excited, they were all so nice but I was so scared of getting to know people that I didn't even want leave my room.

I sighed getting off the bed and emptying my bags. I dumped my clothes in the closet and drawers folding them and hanging them. I put my Blankets on the bed and put my phone on its charger.

I stood there before realizing I should probably join them downstairs. I slowly made my way out of the room and down the stairs.

The living room was empty so I followed the voices into the kitchen seeing everyone sitting at the table laughing around a few cardboard boxes

" I was just coming to get you" jinxx said and I smiled looking for somewhere to sit.

My nerves kicked in when I saw the only empty spot was between andy and Ashley across from jinxx and sammi I swallowed my fears and slid the chair out and say down seeing jinxx smile and nod to the box.

I sighed and grabbed a piece before eating it slowly

" so how are you liking LA so far?" Jake asked towards me and I stayed silent before putting the pizza down and rubbing my hands on my thigh nervously

"Good, haven't seen much but I like how warm it is" I said and they smiled

"I bet it gets cold down in Boston" cc said and I nodded again

"Yeah it takes me the whole summer just to thaw out. That's why I never leave my room, if I do I freeze"

They all let out a small laugh making me relax a little more.

"You better not do that here" Ashley said smirking over at me

"That would be a shame to never see your face often" he said under his breath so only I could hear making my cheeks heat up.

He's deffinatly living up to his reputation.

" whore" andy coughed put loudly towards Ashley making me laugh as they started more conversations.

The more we talked to the more comfortable I felt with them. The girls were playful like Sammi and the guys were all so nice and funny and just overall were good at gaining my trust so fast.

Not even a day and I was already comfortable with them. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.


I shut the bedroom Door smiling the whole time as I changed into a loose shirt and some shorts.

I was never one to get close to people so quickly but them? I could already feel a friendship.

I dropped into my bed starring at the darkness and sighed taking it all in.

I lost everything, my parents but i was with jinxx, I knew I would be okay, even though my past was something that will haunt me, I know he was going go help me get through it.

He always did.



I love this so much update soon plzzzz

Madison Madison


IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

This story is amazing! It made me smile, laugh and cry. This is one of the greatest stories I have ever read before. You have done amazing job! When I started reading this I couldn't stop cause I just had to keep reading cause I had to know what's gonna happen next.
At first I was sure she would end up with Andy but then after a while it was obvious that it would be ash and they are so super cute together in this story. I LOVE THIS AND CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!!! :)

BubbleslovesBVB BubbleslovesBVB

All the feels!!!

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

Yay she's awake!

musicminxx musicminxx