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As you fade into the night.

No hope to spare

The car pulled up to the hospital and Andy pulled out his wallet from the front seat while me and cc unbuckled.

It was 10 the next morning , we stayed In a hotel when we got to la since it was 4am. Jake , Ashley and John took a separate taxi since there was 6 of us.

Andy handed him a few bills and we instantly swung the doors open before slamming them shut. once we got out the other taxi pulled out and the door immediately swung open as Ashley jumped out followed by jake.

Ashley walked quickly towards the front door as john got out and we didn't waste any time before we followed him into the white building.

" do you know what room?" Ash asked and I nodded leading the way to the elevator .

I pressed the up button and we stayed in silence before the elevator dinged open revealing a empty cart.

We all crowded in and I pressed the 2nd floor button watching as the cool metal doors slid closed Ashley was nervously moving around and Andy placed a hand on his back just as the elevator started it's plunge upwards.

" calm down ,you're going to pass out or somethig and one in the hospital is enough" he said and Ashley laughed before rubbing his face a little.

" sorry I'm , I just want to see her. You guys don't understand how much I love her, you know me, I don't get attached but that girl makes me crazy" he admitted as I smiled a little despite the burning sensation going on in my body, I needed to see her.

" I understand , I know if it was Lauren I'd be the same" cc replied

" or Ella" jake added

" or Juliet" Andy said and I laughed a little

"what we are trying to say is that we understand man. " cc said and Ashley smiled just as the door dinged open.

He waisted no time before he flew out of it rushing down the hall.

" room 223!" I shouted knowing he had no idea where he was going.

We laughed and walked out after him watching him walk slowly into a room.

I let out a breath stopping at the door before I pulled the lever and opened it.

We walked in and immediately stopped at the sight.

She layed on the bed on the left wall wearing my misfits shirt and a pair of black basketball shorts.

I smiled a little knowing Sammi must of brought them knowing she'd flip if she woke up in the gown.

Her head laid to the side a few strands falling over her Slightly bruised face. There was a cut under her right eye and her arms were to her side a bandage on her left arm while Ivs stuck out of her right.

Sammi sadly smiled and got up making her way to me burying her head into my stomach as I numbly wrapped my arms around her.

Juliet, Ella and Lauren followed her actions going to cc , andy and jake as I kissed the top of Sammi's head.

" hey guys" Matt said from the windowsill

"hey " Andy said softly the others mumbled a quiet hi also but all i could do was stare.

I watched Ashley pull up a chair right next to the bed and loosely grip one of her hands as the room was still silent.

John was leaned against the wall smiling sadly as we all looked at her.

Ashley moved the hair from her face and kissed her hand lightly.

" shit" Andy said walking in fully so he was the head of the bed with Juliet still dug into his side.

We followed slowly and i looked as she laid there so peaceful, alsmot dead and it scared me.

" Any news?" I asked turning and sitting in a chair bringing Sammi on my lap with me

Andy , and cc followed my actions bring the girls on their laps also as John moved to the window sill next to matt and hopped on it.

Sammi shook her head.

" she moved this morning , so I guess that's a good sign but they still don't know when she'll wake up, and when she does shes still in bad shape" Sammi said and I sighed holding on to her tightly as I watched Ashley stare at her with sad eyes and stroke her hand.

" so what are you guys doing about tour?" Lauren asked and I looked at the others but John replied for us.

" they dropped out, it's just gana be of mice and men and the openers"

once he said it they looked at us shocked.

" guys, that was a big tour"

" we know" cc said

" but when she wakes up we don't want to be somewhere across the state or world, I want to be here" Ashley said making them nod sadly.

Sammi yawned and leaned weakily into my chest.

" you want to go home?" I asked and she shook her head against me.

" no it's okay" she mumbled but I stood up placing her on the floor.

" come on you've been here all night, go home and rest , all you girls should, same with you Matt" I said and they nodded but Matt stayed still.

" okay, we will but we're coming back" Ella said getting off of jakes lap.

The other girls followed her actions and Sammi leaned up to place a light kiss to my lips.

" I'll be back" she said and I smiled a little smoothing her hair and kissing her cheek

" get some sleep"

She nodded and started walking to the door with the rest but they stopped looking back.

" you coming Matt?"

" no I'm staying "

They nodded before waving and stepping out the door leaving us to a silent room.

" thanks for coming and being here for them Matt" Andy said breaking the silence and we all turned to look at Matt who nodded rubbing his eyes a little.

" it's fine, I mean I felt like I had to, I saw it happen" he said and we all fell silent looking at him.

" y-you did?" Ashley asked wide eyes and Matt nodded sadly

" I was at the set of lights and I saw a car that looked like Sammi's fly down the road , there was a car following her and she ran through a yellow light but I guess she was so worried and concerned about who was behind her that she didn't see a truck running through the red light." He said and we all froze as I saw Matt rub his face looking out the window

" I though it was Sammi at first you know but I knew something was off when I saw 4 teenage boys get out of the car"

My fists balled up , of course it was kids from school, they did this to her, because of them it's why she's like this

" of course,fuck those bitches crossed the line" I snarled making everyone look to me

" jinxx just calm down"

" no because of them! Those fucking assholes that can't except that she's different! They caused this! All of this! All of her life these type of kids keep hurting her and now! Now she's in a hospital bed because of these kids! I won't just calm down!"I yelled rubbing my face feeling my insides heat up.

Andy was about to reply but the door swung open revealing a doctor.

He was in his mid 50's tall but not too tall with brown short hair on his head. He stepped in eyeing us and I let out a breath to calm my self.

" hello, I'm doctor green I take it you're some of her friends?" He questioned and we all nodded

"I'm her cousin, that's her boyfriend and these are her friends" I said and the doctor nodded

" what about her parents? Have they been called?" He asked and I felt my heart drop a little as we remained silent

" they, they passed away a few months ago, me and my wife are taking care of her for now since im the closest family member to her"I said and he nodded sadly

" I'm so sorry for your loss" I nodded and he looked at her stepping to the Ivs and looking at them before turning back to us.

" well I'm sure your wife told you about her condition but i didn't go into depth with her" he said and we nodded

" is she going to wake up?" Ashley asked rushed out causing a small frown to fall on the doctors face.

" she is ,well, she should, she had a lot of blood loss from many places on her body so her body put herself in a coma to repair all the damage."

I nodded letting out a small sigh of relief while waiting for him to continue

" she has 4 broken ribs, her wrist is dislocated and a bunch of bruises and scratches about her body, she took most of the impact in the side of her head but luckily it was covered so it was mostly her side from what I can see. She defiantly has a concussion and when she wakes up she'll be in a lot of pain"

We nodded and he sighed a little

" so when should she wake up?" Cc asked and the doctor shook his head.

" I really don't know, it could be 3 weeks, a week, maybe months we don't know we just need to hope and keep the Ivs in so they can restore her health but besides that I don't know"

We all nodded sadly and he started towards the exit

" it was nice meeting you, I'm sure ill be seeing a lot of you. Ill come by towards 3 to check until then page us if anything happens."

We all nodded and he walked out the door closing it behind him leaving us in the room

. It was silent besides the soft hum of the tv and the solid beeping of her heart rate.

No one made any intention of talking as I'm sure we were all taking it in.

Ashley scooted closer bringing her hand up to his face and closing his eyes leaning his head down into it.

I sighed out and buried my head in my hands ,my brain was overwhelmed with terrible information and broken hopes.

I just wanted her to wake up, I just needed hope , some sign that it was going to be okay but right now the only thing I could do was wait.

I just prayed that she would wake up, she had to , she always did.

I didn't take my face out of my hands and I felt a hand lightly clamp my shoulder but no one said anything as we listened to the heart monitor the loud beeps matching the ones that ached in my heart.



I love this so much update soon plzzzz

Madison Madison


IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

This story is amazing! It made me smile, laugh and cry. This is one of the greatest stories I have ever read before. You have done amazing job! When I started reading this I couldn't stop cause I just had to keep reading cause I had to know what's gonna happen next.
At first I was sure she would end up with Andy but then after a while it was obvious that it would be ash and they are so super cute together in this story. I LOVE THIS AND CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!!! :)

BubbleslovesBVB BubbleslovesBVB

All the feels!!!

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

Yay she's awake!

musicminxx musicminxx