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Jinxx's Dark Side

"Ew! They let pigs into this hospital!"

Cheryl and DJ were still with Andy, and relived that he was okay. It was stange though, that he never forgot who they were, or who anyone was, but doesn't remember what happen to him While Andy was resting, DJ and Cheryl were minding there own buisness. Talking, texting, Tweeting fans that Andy was okay. Then a doctor walked in. When he started talking it made DJ jump, then Cheryl burst into laughter. The two had never ever been serious together.

"Ladies please." The doctor said already annoyed.

"Sorry." The girls said at the same time. They tried to hold in there laughs, only to cause snorts.

"Ladies. Can we talk in the hall?" The doctor said getting even more annoyed.

"Can you stop calling us ladies? We have names you know." DJ

said. She had always been bitchy.

"I'm sorry, Miss. I never caught your names." The doctor said shutting Andy's door and walking a couple of steps down the hall.

"I'm Cheryl." DJ said throwing a wink at... Well, the real Cheryl I guess.

"I'm DJ" Cheryl said looking the doctor in the eye while keeping a calm.

The girls followed the doctor he walked over to the staff room to talk about Andy's injuries.

"Girls, sorry, DJ and Cheryl, Andy's injuries are not good. They have put him in -"
"How bad was Andy's injuries?" Cheryl inturuppted the doctor.
"His injuries were very serious, it's a good thing you gals called us right away. Or else he probably would have been dead." The doctor answered.
"My poor baby wouldn't be alive right now if we didn't find him in time." DJ said softly and sadly, on the verge of tears. Cheryl put her arm around DJ, reminding her that she did save Andy. That becuase of them he would be dead. But he wasn't.

"So, that means he can't play shows?" Cheryl asked.

"Probably. He'll need a lot of rest." DJ Sighed.
"You're right, he need's all the rest he can get before he goes home." The doctor said.
"Okay. We'll keep him rested. But it will be hard. He played three shows with a broken nose, to broken fingers, and I can't remember how many broken ribs." DJ said trying to lighten the subject while walking back to Andy's room.

DJ opened the door and found herself face to face with a cop.

"OH GROSS!" She yelled bacing into Cheryl.

"Ow DJ! What the hell?" Cheryl said nudging DJ forward. DJ turned around on her heel to face Cheryl. She grabbed her shoulders and shook Cheryl as she said:

"They let pigs in this hospital! Thats gotta be against some kind of health... Umm... Condtion thing!" DJ yelled.

"Excuse me. When you're done your little spat. We have some questions we'd like to ask you and your friend if you don't mind." The cop said shaking Cheryl's hand and reaching out to shake DJ.

"No." DJ said in discust looking at the cops hand. He put it back down to his side.

"We'd like to take you to the station. To get some answers. It appears Mr.Biersack was attacked. You guys were the last to see him, correct?" The police officer looked at Cheryl.

"Correct." Cheryl said shyly.

"If you follow me, I've got the cruiser in the lot." The cop geastured to the door and followed the girls.

When they got to the cop car DJ looked at Cheryl and laughed.

"What? Never figured you be in one of these again? We all knew it would happen again." Cheryl said jokingly getting into the car.

"Shut up." DJ said laughing shutting the door behind them.


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@Jake's girlx

ok thanks

Demon spawn Demon spawn

@Demon spawn In a few days. *Writers block*

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx

@Demon spawn In a few days. *Writers block*

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx

@Jake's girlx

when is the next chapter coming

Demon spawn Demon spawn

@Demon spawn

I can't say :D

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx