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Jinxx's Dark Side

"It can't be..."

*CC's P.O.V*

I woke up to a strange noise in the living room, looking around I see just pitch black except for the tiny ray of light from the sun peeping out a little. I got up slowly to land my feet on the floor without making any sudden moves for whoever it is out there to hear me. I stood up and looked at the time it showed "5:00Am", I got my flashlight out from my drawer, turned it on and looked for my phone. I found my phone behind the lamp that was on the night stand. I turned it on and and look for Cheryl's number.

I know that she would be up by this time watching horror movies with DJ, Cheryl loves horror movies, DJ on the other hand gets scared easily, so Cheryl makes her watch them. They are best friends all right.

I found her number and texted her.

Me: Cheryl, there is someone in the living room. Wake up DJ, Jake, and Ashley and bring them here.

Cheryl: How come you can't go see what it is?

Me: Cause it can be someone with a gun and I got no weapon whatsoever.

Cheryl: So, for you, you want us to risk our lives? -.-

Me: I didn't say that...

Cheryl: No, but you were pointing it out.

Me: Just go wake them up and bring them here!

Cheryl: Fine! But if one of us dies, we're coming for you first.

Me: Yay! Text me back when you have all of them in front of the door.

Cheryl: Whatever.

Me: <3

I held my phone in my hand so I know when Cheryl wakes up everyone and texts me back. I heard someone walk to where my room was, getting closer and closer, I went back in bed and pretended I was still asleep.

My heart was beating rapidly, that's when I got a text back from Cheryl.

Cheryl: I got DJ and Ashley. But not Jake, I can't find him. Let's just say they're are ready to beat some ass and pretty pissed that I woke them up.

Me: Damn girl. You're quick.

Cheryl: You know it. ;)

Me: What I want you guys to do first is get Ashley to open the door and turn on the light. Then you all act all ninja like and get the person out of my room I suggest you get DJ pissed and make her attack the person,she can kill a person in one hit if she is really pissed, just go crazy with that. Also, I forgot to say the person is in my fucking room and I'm in my bed right now. Hurry the fuck up.

Cheryl: Okay but I can't promise the ninja thing, get ready for some action.

Me: Oh shit, this is going to be fun.

Cheryl: Yes, it will be.

"Long time no see, CC." A male voice said.

~In the hallway~ Cheryl's P.O.V

"Ashley, I need to talk to you."

"What about me?!" DJ said getting mad a little.

"No! Stay put."

"I hate you."

I gave her a smirk "I love you too," I replied.

"Ash, We need to get DJ pissed. Quickly. Then as soon as we do, you have to open the door and turn on the light and go have her go to CC's room. The person is in CC's room."

"This will be a long shot, but that will be easy." Ashley said with a small smile and walked away before I could say anything else.

"DJ?" Ashley said low.


"There is no chance of you going to see any of your favorite bands. Ever. They all suck. The only good band is Black Veil Brides. And I hate your hair, you're always changing it to colors that are crazy." Ashley said, her jaw dropped open.

after she was making fists and was ready to punch a wall or murder Ashley.

Ashley looks terrified.

He looked at me and I gave him the do-it-now look. He went to the door, open it and turn the lights on. I then ran to DJ and Ashley and told them it's time.

"Ash,nice job getting DJ pissed."

"Thanks. I tried my best."

DJ ran inside looked all over for the person and wanting to punch someone in the face. The person who broke in CC's place better be ready.

DJ was too fast for us. What we heard next was something falling on the floor, then a moan.

"I bet that was DJ" I said as we both started to run where we heard that noise and moan.

We slowly entered CC's room and see DJ with her fist in front of her with someone on the floor and CC standing up with his mouth open and eyes widened.

DJ slowly put her fist down and had one foot on the person and gave Ashley a death glare.

CC looked up and see both me and Ashley smiling and not surprised as he is.

"Why are you guys smiling and not surprised?"

"Dude, you know why. You were the one who told us to make her pissed. Cheryl and I knew DJ was capable of this." Ashley said.

DJ looked away from Ashley and looked at CC and gave him the you-are-going-to-die-in-5-seconds-if-you-don't-explain-why-you-said-that look.

"I can explain!" CC said terrified.

"I only said that because you can take someone down with just one punch and that you are very scared when you do that. But basically everyone is use to that by now except for me. This was the only way for the person to be taken down, and I gotta say you did a good job at that." he replied.

DJ rolled her eyes then looked over at us, then the guy. And looked closer.

"It can't be..." DJ whispered.

CC then looked at him.

"But why?..." CC asked.

Now Ashley looked down.

"This can't be him...." Ashley said shocked.

I finally looked down.

"It is him..." I replied.


Cliff hanger!
Hope you enjoy this chapter.
Will be writing soon again. <3


@Jake's girlx

ok thanks

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@Demon spawn In a few days. *Writers block*

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@Demon spawn In a few days. *Writers block*

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx

@Jake's girlx

when is the next chapter coming

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I can't say :D

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