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Jinxx's Dark Side


We were so scared the gilrs would probalily just open the closet doors without even shaking or being like us. Waiting and taking our time.

Ashley and I took a big deep breath. And let it go. We braced our self for what we were about to see.

"Lets count to 3" I said cowerdly.

"Okay" Ashey said like he didn't want to find out what was in there.

"1......2.....3" We both said as we opened the doors to the closet.

~~Back in the hallway~~

DJ and I waited out of Jinxx's room for 30 mins. I wonder what's keeping them so long. To make the time faster we both just had a long conversation.

"Cheryl?" DJ said silently.

"Yeah?"I whispered.

"Should we go in there?"

"Jake said to stay out here"

"Yeah I know, but it wouldn't take this long just to see what that noise is, Jinxx's room isn't that big you know." DJ said as she tried to make a point.

That got me thinking, his room isn't really that big, it's like a small apartment for 1 but like Jinxx, Sammi lives with him. I haven't even see Sammi out in the streets.

"DJ, you're right. We have to go in there even though they want to act tough around us since they're our boyfriends.

Lets go in there rig-" DJ was interuppted.

"Oh. My. GOD!" Ashley exclaimed.

CC came running out as fast as he could. He is a really is heavy sleeper. If someone had a party in the room beside him, he would be fast asleep. Whenever Andy, Jake, CC, Jinxx, Ashley, or DJ and I yelled he would run where we were. It was pretty weird.

"HOLY SHIT!" Jake yelled so loud that we hered other people yelling,

"SHUT THE FUCK UP, I HAVE WORK TOMORROW!" DJ and I laughed so hard at that. After we stoped, we ran into where we hered their voices CC came running behind us. We then see Jake and Ashley untieing something, or someone? It looked like more then 1 something or someone. We walked up closer and see..... ANDYS PARENTS?!?!!!? I stood there in shock when CC went to help them untie. DJ was suprised but not as suprised as me. She looked over at me and seen me copleatly silent and not moving.

"CHERYL SNAP OUT OF IT!" DJ exclaimed loudly while grabbing hold of my shoulders, shaking me and causing to hurt my ears and for everyone to stop what they're doing and make them look back at her like she's cazy.

"DJ, THAT WAS NOT NESSECERY!!!" I yelled since I can't hear right now the only thing I can hear is ringing.

Hahahaha, I...... can't....... help....... it!!!!" She said pausing every second. She was rolling on the floor laughing so hard that it sounding like she was dying.

Finally they untied Chris and Amy. They told us everything, that they were forced to try to get Andy out of the band and since it didn't work Jinxx and Sammi tied them up and left them in there.

"Do you know where they went?" CC asked.

"I'm sorry but no, we don't we have been locked in the closets for a while. With no food or water or nothing." Chris said sadly.

"That must've suck. Do you know anymore information?" DJ said.

" Yes. Jinxx wants Andy out of the band so he would be the head of Black Veil Brides and get all the girls. And that he was the one who put Andy in the hospital." Chris said with no exprision.

"How do you know?" I said.

"He told us everything so the plan he came up with would go perfectly and now he doesn't want to see us again." Amy said.

"Shit. We have to tell Andy. But not now. It's too dark out." Jake said.

"Sounds like a plan." We all said as we cheered on.


I have an ELPA which is a huge quiz so I won't have that much time to write chapter. And if all of the words go together then sorry about that. =3


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@Demon spawn In a few days. *Writers block*

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@Demon spawn In a few days. *Writers block*

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