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Jinxx's Dark Side

"They Want Me In The Band!"

*****ANDY'S P.O.V****

I... I can't believe my own parents did that! Why would they do that? They know that this band is what I wanted and my life since I was 13, I can't even face them now for what they done! I thought they understood what this band meant to me but I guess not! Come to think of it, they tell me a lot that they loved me and that they're happy for me, they wouldn't just tell me suddenly to quit Black Veil Brides, would they? It was like someone forced them to. I can't think of anyone who would want me out of the band, I know for sure that Ashley, Jake, CC and Jinxx don't want me to quit Black Veil Brides they are the best guys ever! They want me in the band! We're all like brothers! My own parents wouldn't do that to me even if they wanted me out, or didn't like the band. They wouldn't say anything because they know how happy I am, this is what I want and my parents just walked into my hospital room and tell me to quit the band!

It's like they want me to be unhappy. And if thats the case they're doing a pretty damn good job. I feel like they don't love me anymore, they said they would always have my back. So many questions has to be answered. That wasn't like them at all. I just , I just don't understand. I really don't even know what happened. I should re-trace my steps.

First , there was the show. The fight between me and Jinxx. Then the party.
And thats were it al gets foggy. But I do remember DJ and Cheryl falling over each other in the hallway.

That was funny.

Theres something I'm missing. Something else happened that night. I know I didn't do this to myself but who? And why?

Think Andy think!!

"I don't like you! I never have!" It echoed threw my mind. Over and over. IT was said to me that night , but by who?

I can't seem to remember. The voice was soft though , but rough around the edges it was familiar.

Jinnx! It was Jinxx! HE was the last one in he room with me! He couldn't have done this though , he's my friend. Or so I thought , apparently he doesn't like me , and never has. But still , he wouldn't do this to me!

I need to talk to someone! I need to tell them! I need to ask Jinxx...


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@Jake's girlx

ok thanks

Demon spawn Demon spawn

@Demon spawn In a few days. *Writers block*

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx

@Demon spawn In a few days. *Writers block*

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx

@Jake's girlx

when is the next chapter coming

Demon spawn Demon spawn

@Demon spawn

I can't say :D

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx