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Legion of the Black: The Beckoning

Chapter Four: The Belonging (Part One)

I opened my eyes and saw lights going up. I guess I was being rolled down a hallway. I saw my parents walking with me telling me to listen to all they had to say and be good here. I started crying again.

“Please, take me home. I can’t be here”

A nurse stopped my parents from walking further with me. I cried out something I never thought I’d say ever again. “Mommy! Daddy! Please!” I couldn’t see them anymore so I looked up again. I looked to the nurse rolling me, his name tag was a creepy picture, I couldn’t see it clearly, my vision was too flooded with tears. I didn’t want to be here. I closed my eyes, hoping to escape this cruel reality.

I saw I was still following Andy, also known as the Prophet. I saw him heading towards what looked like an abandon water tower and construction site. I saw a young girl in rags on top of the tower, screaming at the Prophet and waving her hands over her head. Suddenly a bunch of other kids came out from numerous places: Inside the knocked down tower, from little shacks nearby, and from the other pieces of scrap metal lying around. I saw Andy lay her on the ground, and stayed crouching beside her. I saw the rest of the kids coming towards us-me being invisible, of course-and they were led by four familiar people. Jinxx the Mystic, Jake the Mourner, CC the Destroyer, and Ashley, of course, being the Deviant. They stopped by Andy, asking about the girl. He didn’t reply just made a motion with his hands, telling him to not say anything else. I then realized where I was. I was standing right in front of the Black Veil Brides, but also wasn’t. I was in front of the Rebels, the Wild Ones… the Legion of the Black.

I opened my eyes, feeling someone yanking my shoes off. It was the male physiatric nurse. He took off my other shoe then motioned me up. I was barely sitting up when he yanked on my right arm and shoved me into what will be my room. He pushed me to the bed and I watched him get out, shut and lock the door, but not before giving me an evil smile through the rectangle hole of my steel door. Seriously? I was in a cell? I got up and peeped through the hole. I shouldn’t be here. I turned around onto the wall next to the door and quickly squatted and sat on the floor, bursting into tears. All I could think was these lyrics running through my head.

I stood above

Another war

Another jewel upon the crown

I was the fear of man

But I was blind

I couldn't see the world there right in front of me

But now...I can...yeah

‘Cause I lost it all

I’m dead and broken, my

Back’s against the wall

And cut me open

I’m just trying to breathe

Just trying to figure it out

Because I’ve built these walls

To watch them crumbling down, I said

“Then I lost it all

Who can save me now?”

Prophet, save me. I thought that again. I honestly didn’t care though. I wanted him to help me. I didn't belong here. I stood up and laid on the bed. I felt something poke me in my right pocket. I felt and took out my BVB Star Rosary. I didn’t have that this morning… I smirked remembering the Star charm I put in my pocket in the desert. How did I get that here? I shrugged it off and lied down, hugging the necklace close to me. I closed my eyes and dozed off.


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Please update soon this is so good can't wait for the next chapter

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