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Legion of the Black: The Beckoning

Chapter Three: The Loss

The ride home was silent except for my iPod playing her favorite song, “Lost It All”. The song was beautiful and so was Andy’s voice, which I always felt calm listening to.

I ruled the world

With these hands I shook

The heavens to the ground

I laid the gods

To rest

I held the key

To the kingdom

Lions guarding castle walls

Hail the King

Of Death

I saw we were home so I grabbed my bag and headed inside.

But then I lost it all

I’m dead and broken, my

Back’s against the wall

And cut me open

I’m just trying to breathe

Just trying to figure it out

Because I’ve built these walls

To watch them crumbling down, I said

“Then I lost it all

Who can save me now?”

I felt my dad yank my ear buds out. Um, ow! “Eve, you’ve gotten way out of control.”

“I was just listening to music during class, what’s the big deal?”

My mom started talking. “The big deal is that this isn’t the first time this has happened. Plus, you’ve been out of it for the past couple of years. Listening to that disgusting music, dressing darkly, and now just dropping your studies, all while keeping your nose in that notebook.”

Dad got the worst idea ever. “You know what? Why don’t we see what you’ve been doing in that book? Come on, give it.”

“No! It’s my personal notebook!”

“No excuses, young lady! Now hand it over!” He yanked it out of my hand and they flipped through a couple pages before looking stunned and disgusted. My mom faked gagged and looked away from it. My dad tore out a page and yelled at me. “What the hell is this satanic stuff?” It was a drawing of a F.E.A.R. soldier, one of many I had drawn in there.

“It’s just a drawing!”

“It’s revolting!”

“No, it’s not! It’s just art!” I yanked my book back and grabbed the piece of paper back from him. My mom butted back in the conversation.

“It’s disturbing! So is the stuff you wrote in there!” My dad suddenly hit me with a bombshell.

“This is what we were suspecting, that’s why we are sending you to the asylum!” I stopped dead in my tracks.

“Whoa, what?! A mental hospital?! Are you fucking crazy?!”

“No, you are! Which is why we are doing this!” Ouch, dad. At least that explained my black duffle bag near the door.

“You know what? No! I am not crazy! And I am leaving, parents! ” I emphasized the word parents and gave a bittersweet smile, grabbing my duffle bag and heading for the door. But my mom and dad grabbed my arm and fought with me. Suddenly, the front door busted open and two men in blue uniforms pulled me to the ground. I saw the needle in his hand and starting screaming like crazy. “No! No! Stop! Leave me alone! Just let me leave!” The last thing I remembered before feeling the needle in my neck and me blacking out was me thinking, Prophet, help me. Why? I don’t know why I thought that.

I opened my eyes to see myself on a stretcher and I was being carried through my front yard. I saw the flashing sirens of the ambulance but couldn’t hear them. I saw some of my neighbors, including one of my friends, standing around watching the scene before them. I was put into the ambulance with my dad sitting near and my mom steadying my head. I couldn’t hear or feel anything except for the lyrics in my head.

Because I lost it all

I’m dead and broken, my

Back’s against the wall

And cut me open

I’m just trying to breathe

Just trying to figure it out

Because I’ve built these walls

To watch them crumbling down, I said

“Then I lost it all

And who can save me now?”

I closed my eyes and saw the desert once again. I saw the girl lying on the ground, her torso covered in blood. She was clutching the star then laid near her in a small pool of her blood. I couldn’t move to her like I wanted, it was like I was there but not there at all. I saw a man walk up to her body. I was surprised, it was Andy Biersack. He crouched down beside her body and put his hand to her face, probably checking if she could be alive. She seemed most definitely dead. He picked her up bridal style and walked off in a direction opposite of the huge structure that was not very far away. I felt myself able to move. I walked and picked up the star and put it in my pocket. I felt a curiosity towards that man and the girl, so I decided to follow them. I finally noticed the mark on the back of his black vest. It was an interesting skull face, similiar to the Misfits band logo but it had horns and a devilish smile. Above it said “Prophet”. Wait… Andy Biersack is the Prophet?


Comment on how it's going so far, hope y'all are enjoying it. Any tips or quoestions and concerns? Leave a comment, I'll reply. (:


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