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Legion of the Black: The Beckoning

Chapter Twelve: The Talk

I finally noticed why it was so loud. I was standing in front of F.E.A.R. main domain. Suddenly a F.E.A.R. soldier shadow appeared in front of me. It took a swing with its staff but I ducked soon enough. I realized the familiarity of this moment, when the girl was being chased and then killed. No way… I remembered Andy’s mentioning my possible strength of a Destroyer. Testing his theory, I punched my fist as hard as I could to the ground, and caused the soldier to disperse and The open door of F.E.A.R. to slam shut. I knew I had to get to the Rebels before another soldier appear. I closed my eyes and try to see myself there. I felt softer ground under my feet, so I opened my eyes. I saw the Wild Ones crowding around some others. I walked closer, they were crowded around the leaders, listening to their assurances that their Matriarch will be here, and she’ll be fine. Andy was going on about I was too stubborn to get myself killed anyway. Jake kept saying that I was still a woman and frail. Oh no he didn’t…

“You know that’s called male chauvinism, right, Jake?” I stood there with a smirk on my face, holding the charm in my right hand while I crossed my arms. Everyone looked at me, shock and happiness on their faces. Andy’s face was more of a smirk. He stood and walked to me.

“I told them you were too stubborn.” He stopped in front of me. I sighed, deciding to not bicker this time, I just escaped death!

“You know what, I just had a near-death experience, I’m tired from concentrating, I’d just like to clean up and take a nap.” The Legion leaders all chuckled; Andy just smiled and rolled his eyes. He pointed to a Wild One.

“Rebekkah!” The girl ran up to Andy.

“Yes, Prophet?” No wonder he’s egotistic… Andy gave me a slight frown before looking back to Rebekkah.

“Could you lead Ms. Eve to the water hole and help her wash up a bit?”

“Sure.” She nodded her head at me, motioning me to follow her. I followed her to behind a knocked down water tower, where a small water hole was.

“I know it’s not much but it’s all we have.” She looked at me glumly. I smiled at her.

“No, it’s perfectly fine. I’m not going to act like some sort of princess.” I winced at the word but kept my smile. She smiled back.

“I’ll go get you a small rag. You can use the pot to gather some water and rinse off some of that war paint.”

“Thanks.” I smiled brightly at her; I didn’t want to come off as an ungrateful bitch. She smiled back, glad I was nice, I guess. She walked away to get the rag. I grabbed the small pot and gathered some water. I set it down and put both of my hands in it I pulled off my mask and cupped my hands, splashing water on my face. I felt the warm paint some off and I wiped my eyes before opening them. I saw a pair of black boots in front of me. I looked up to see Andy with a glum look on his face.

“What?” I asked, obviously annoyed. He closed his eyes and sighed before opening them again and speaking.

“I just wanted to say I’m sorry.”

“What for? Invading the privacy of my mind? Being a bastard? Calling me a name that you found out that pissed me off?

“All of that. I’m really sorry, Evie.” He knelt down next to me. Why do you call me that? Shit, I think I accidently spoke to him with my mind…

Yeah, you did. And I don’t know, I just called you that, I don’t know why.

Well, I like it. It’s a better nickname than princess… I winced again. Suddenly I felt Andy’s arms hug me from behind, his arms crossing my shoulders and chest. His face was on the right side of my head. He whispered to me.

“I’m so sorry, Evie. I know I shouldn’t have said that. I was an idiot for even lurking that far in your memory.” His arms tighten around me as he added, “And I fucking hate what he did to you…” I rubbed my hands up and down his arms. I felt a few tears escape and I tried miserably to hold them back. I felt his arms move back and turn me to face him. His brought his hands to my face and wiped the escaped tears. He put his forehead to mine and closed his eyes. “Could you forgive me, Eve?”

I took a deep breath and thought. I don’t know… I saw him wince and his jaw clench.


Don’t such a dick… not just to me… just stop acting like an egotistic bastard… I saw his eyes open.

I won’t… He moved a lock of my hair from my face. I just want you to be happy. I don’t want to hurt you and I don’t want you to be annoyed whenever I’m near.

I’ll try if you will… I gave him a small smile. He smiled back brightly.

Of course. I promise. I noticed that his hands were still cupping my face and he was just a few inches from my face. I felt a bit uncomfortable yet calm at the same time. He seemed to notice and gently pulled his hands from my face but before he could back his face away, Rebekkah came around the tower with a rag in her hands. She stopped when she noticed us and we stared back at her. She started stammering.

“Uh-umm…” She kept looking between me and Andy. Well, this is awkward…

He looked back at me and gave me a ‘yep’ look. Yeah, I’m going to go now… He stood up and looked at Rebekkah. “I’ll, uh, have Sofiah come with some clothes.”

“Uh, sure. Thanks, Prophet.” She looked so uncomfortable and awkward. He nodded and gave both of us an awkward look before walking off.

Way to go, Andy.

Well, sorry.

What?! I didn’t mean to talk to you…

Okay, that’s mean ,and you have to control this power the most.


I’ll teach you all about that. But to keep your thoughts to yourself, I’ll tell you a quick trick.


Imagine an unlocked, open door in your head.

Okay. And?

Not in your mind, close it, and lock it with a key. Your thoughts should be to yourself after.

Who can know my thoughts if I don’t do this?

Well, only me, actually. We’re the only ones who can talk to each other telepathically.

Okay. I’ll do that. I did that and talked back to Andy.

Can you tell what I’m thinking?

I don’t know, think of something. I have no idea why, but I thought of a picture of him wearing only a towel. He looked so sexy and hot, I wanted to lick his chest, bite his neck, and suck-WOW, I can be such a perv. Damn, I hope that trick worked. I looked at Rebekkah, who was standing there awkwardly.

“Rebekkah, first, tell me what you think just happened.”

“Um, I think I interrupted something that was about to become… intimate….” She started blushing, it was so cute and funny.

I laughed. “Rebekkah, he was just consoling me. I don’t think I’ll ever get with the guy.” I thought I heard footsteps after I said that but maybe not. She looked relieved.
“Oh. Well, here’s the rag so you can wipe the paint off your legs.” She handed me the rag. Right then, a little girl came towards us. She looked about only five years old. She was carrying something in her hands.

Rebekkah looked confused. “Sarah, what are you doing?”

“Helping with some clothes.”

“Sofiah was going to do that. Didn’t she just tell you to take a nap?”

“I wasn’t tired!” I laughed. She was cute. She had blonde hair and big brown eyes. She hand me a loose shirt and some pants. They had some small holes but I didn’t care. Rebekkah picked her up.

“I’m going to take you back to the cots then I’m going to let Sofiah know that you’re okay.” I quickly threw them on over my small clothes then stepped towards Rebekkah.

“I’ll take her. I don’t want Sofiah to worry any longer.” She smiled.

“Thanks. The cots are the last two towers down there.” She pointed to two huge knocked down water towers. “You can put her in any one of them.” I nodded and she ran off. I started walking Sarah to the cots.

“You’re the Matriarch?” She asked.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“So you can tell the five leaders to do anything you want?” I had to laugh.

“Yeah, maybe, but I won’t. That would be mean.”

“Lucky.” I laughed at her. She was so cute.

I got to the first tower and walked in the small opening. There were about twelve cots in this one. I set her on one of them near the opening. I laid her down.

“I’m not tired.”

“Well, you have to sleep. Just close your eyes and think. You’ll fall asleep, eventually.”

“Okay. But can you sing first?”


“Yeah. I don’t care what. Just sing.” She was too cute to resist.

“Sure.” I thought for a second before I started singing The “Mortician’s Daughter” by Black Veil Brides.

I open my lungs dear

I sing this song at funerals... no rush

These lyrics heard a thousand times, just plush

A baby boy you've held so tightly

This pain it visits almost nightly

Missing hotel beds, I feel your touch

I will await dear, a patience of eternity, my crush

A universal still

No rust

No dust will ever grow on this frame

One million years, and I will say your name

I love you more than I can ever scream

We booked our flight those years ago

I said, "I love you, " as I left you

Regrets still haunt my hollow head

But I promised you I will see you again, again

I sit here and smile dear

I smile because I think of you and I blush

These bleeding hollow dials... this fuss

A fuss is made of miles and travels

When roadways are but stones and gravel

A bleeding heart can conquer every crush

We booked our flight those years ago

You said you loved me as you left me

Regrets still haunt your saddened head

But I promised you that I will see you

We booked our flight those years ago

I said I loved you as I left you

Regret's no longer in my head

But I promised you and now I'm home again, again, again

I'm home again, again, again

I'm home again

I looked to see her asleep. I got up and walked out. I sighed at the sudden low heat. It was getting a bit dark and some Wild Ones were heading to the cots.

“You okay?” I gasped and turned around to see Andy leaning against the tower. Okay, this guy was everywhere…

“Don’t scare me like that.”

“Didn’t mean to. Didn’t think you’d be jumpy.”

“Well, I suddenly get to this world entirely, get attacked by a F.E.A.R. soldier, escape death, have a flashback, have a heart-to-heart talk with you, all of this happening within about half an hour, I think I’d be a little jumpy!”

“I’m sorry…”

I sighed. He looked sort of hurt by my outburst. “No, I’m sorry." I ran my han through my hair. "I’m just a bit overwhelmed.”

He nodded. “I understand. A lot of Wild Ones have gone through what you have. Just that none of them but you turned out to be the Matriarch.”

“A role that I hope I can fulfill.”

He smiled encouragingly. “You will.” I smiled back. I noticed that there were no more Wild Ones outside, and I haven’t noticed any of the leaders go towards the cots.

“Where are the rest of the leaders?”

“We all sleep in a hut that was built a while ago.” He propped himself off of the tower and motioned for me to follow him. He led me to a good size hut. There seemed to be three stories.

“Two of us sleep on each story.”

“Two? On each?”

“Yeah. You’ll be with us. I hope that’s not a problem…” He looked a bit worried. I shook my head.

“No problem.” He looked relieved.

“Good. Come on, let’s get inside.” He wrapped his arm across my shoulders, leading me into the small house. I walked in and saw Ashley crashed on the couch. Jake and Jinxx were sitting at a small table, talking and drinking something. It smelled like fresh brewed tea so I guess that’s what they were drinking. I saw CC sleeping face first on the floor in front of the occupied couch. I giggled at CC, he was so funny, even with his sleeping positions. Wow, that sounded wrong.

“CC and Ashley sleep on this floor. Jake and Jinxx share the one above us and I sleep on the top floor, with the balcony so I can keep watch.”

“And I’ll be sleeping…” ...I’m guessing with you cause there’s two people per floor.

Uhhh, yeah… is that okay?

Let’s see. I grabbed his arm, pulling him up the stairs. I passed the second floor which had two comfortable looking cots and a big window. I got to the top floor and saw only one cot. Well, It was a bit bigger so I guess that’ll be okay… I looked around and saw something I didn’t notice when I walked up to the hut, a piazza balcony. (Like a piazza porch but with a balcony and starts and ends on either side of the stairs.)

“Not bad.” I walked onto the balcony. You could see the entire place of the Rebels. Over yonder, you could just see F.E.A.R.

I heard Andy walk beside me. “I can take the floor if that would make you more comfortable…”

I sighed. I didn’t want him to actually do that for me. “It’ll be fine. Let’s just sleep back to back and stay an appropriate distance, okay?”

He chuckled lightly. “Sure.” I yawned and he looked at me. “Wanna sleep?” I was too tired so I nodded. I walked to the cot and lied down. I felt Andy sit down behind me, throwing a blanket over me before laying down.

“Night, Andy.”

“Night, Eve. Oh and Eve?”

“Yeah?” I yawned again. Man, I was tired.

“That mind trick only works sometimes…”

Oh shit…


Oooooooooooooh, does he know all about her thoughts about him? If so, what would he do with that knowledge? Hehe, wait for my next update to find out. (:


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