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The Adopted


Hannah P.O.V.

'That was unbelievable, babe!' Storm signed when I finished playing, she was beaming from ear to ear. I smiled and kissed her quickly.

"Maybe, we should bring it up for discussion when we start picking songs for the new album?" I suggested.

She nodded and smiled, wrapping her arms around me before kissing me one more time. We walked back out to the living room to find everyone having an intense discussion. Storm said something and everyone looked to us.

"No one...Storm, we're having a movie night tonight. Your more than welcome to stay. It might even help Hannah get used to everything." Sammi's lips read, Storm tapped my shoulder to get my attention.

'Do you want me to stay?' Storm signed. I smiled and nodded. She told them something before signing to me again and they replied, smiling.

'I have to tell Cole and get clothes, do you want to come with me?' She asked. I smiled and nodded.

"Can I go with Storm, we won't be gone long?" I asked Sammi and Jinxx. They smiled and nodded, before going back to their conversation.

Storm and I basically ran out the door, grabbing her long board from the porch and running down the street. We finally got to Cole and Storms house after running until our lungs hurt. She smiled and kissed me on the porch, out of breath and laughing bit..

"Cole, baby I'm home. I've missed you entirely too much!" I said dramatically. He poked his head out from the kitchen and smiled.

"I know, its been hell without you, my dear!" He said putting one hand on his heart and the back of one on his forehead.

"Than what are you waiting for Mr. Cole Roberts? Take me." I smiled.

He sauntered over and picked me up bridal style. I saw Storm laugh as she went to her room. Soon Cole was gently setting me on his bed and we both sat on it indian style.

"So tell me, how are things going in the world of Cole and Ryan?" I asked.

"Wonderful! Things have been getting pretty serious lately, like moving in kinda serious. How is the great world of Hannah Commons?" He asked.

"Ferguson." I said.

"What?" He asked looking confused.

"I got adopted by Jeremy and Samantha Ferguson. Now I'm Hannah Ferguson." I smiled, waiting for his slow ass to get it.

"Oh thats great!.....Wait! Ferguson?! As in Jinxx and Sammi!" He smiled like the maniac he truly is. He and CC would get along great.

"Yes!" I smiled.

He smiled and tackled me to the bed, crushing me in a hug. I felt the floor begin to vibrate and I looked to see Storm standing in the doorway, smiling with a backpack on one shoulder.

'You told him?' She signed. I smiled and nodded.

"'Okay. Well, Cole, will you tell everyone else?" She asked. He nodded and ran off. She smiled and took my hand and walked back to Sammi and Jinxx's house, which now that I look at it, isn't that far from Cole's house.

When Storm and I walked back in the house, I was tackled to the floor by Riley.
"Okay, I missed you too. Get off. Go get Storm!" I said. Riley licked me once before jumping on Storm. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I looked to see Jinxx.

"That dog has whined the entire time you've been gone." He said.

"She has seperation anxiety. If she does it again just put her in the back yard and let her run around." I said. He smiled and nodded, before ruffling my hair and walking off. CC came running in with Ashley.

"Come on, we're watching '21 Jump Street'!" He exclaimed.

Storm P.O.V.

"That was an awsome movie, don't you think babe." Andy said as he stretched. Juliet nodded and I looked down to my side to see Hannah asleep on me.

"She fell asleep?" Jinxx asked.
"Yeah, I think she's had a long day and really just needed some sleep." I said looking at her.

Everyone shyly agreed. I sighed and picked her up bridal style.

"Her room is the last one in the hallway on the left, right?" I asked.

"Yeah, you want me to take her?" Jinxx asked, but it was too late. I was already halfway up the stairs.

"No, I got her. Riley!" I called and whistled for Riley.

I laid Hannah on the bed and put her in her pajamas. Yeah, that sounds creepy, but I've seen it all a million times, it doesn't matter. I changed into a pair of baggy sweats and a Metallica tank top, before crawling in beside Hannah and kissing her forehead and falling asleep.

Hannah P.O.V.

I woke up to Storm jumping up and down on me.

'You survived your first night at your new home!' She signed.

"Bitch, what have I told you about signing to me first thing in the morning." I said. Storm pouted at me and crossed her arms.

"Fine, I'll leave then!" Her lips read before she got up 'to leave'. I shot up and threw my self at her. She fell over on her back on the bed with me straddling her waist.

"I love you though!" I told her.

"I love you too, baby!" She smiled and sat up with my legs wrapped around her waist.

I kissed her and wrapped my hands around her neck. She ran her tongue across my bottom lip, while I tangled my hands into her hair. After a few moments Storm abruptly pulled away and her head shot towards the door. I looked over to see CC standing in the doorway with his mouth wide open.

"CC, wait, I can explain, just please don't tell anyone!" I pleaded. He ignored my plea and got a devilish grin

"Jinxx! Sammi! You better pay Ella!" He seemed to yell before RUNNING down the hall. Well shit. Wait, pay Ella?



I've been to a concert with about 115,000 people, it was hectic, you couldn't even hear the music over everyone's screams

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

it really is, that was actually the biggest concert I've ever been too and it was WILD

BVB'SBitch BVB'SBitch

OoF, 112,000? That is a LOT of people in one place.

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

Well its better than a bag of dicks tattoo

BVB'SBitch BVB'SBitch

What other secrets? O.O

Mezzy18 Mezzy18