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The Adopted


Jinxx P.O.V.

I pulled away from Sammi when I heard someone playing piano.

"Is that Hannah?" I asked. Sammi shrugged and pulled me into the instument room, where we found Hannah playing 'Fur Elise'. "Who know she could play that well?"

"She's so talented. It's ashame she can't even hear it." Sammi agreed. I soon heard a threatening growl from behind me and turned to find Riley growling and baring her teeth. We moved aside and she happily walk inside and layed on the ground next to Hannah.

"Well, at least now we have a guard dog." I said sarcastically. Sammi laughed as the door bell rang. We both walked to the door with Riley following us. As we reached the door, Riley seemed to nod before going back upstairs. I shook my head before opening the door and getting attacked with questions by the girls.

"She's in the instrument room. Go!" I said over the 3 of them. Sammi laughed amd stayed by my side as the others ran off to the other room.

"I forgot to tell Ella, Hannah was deaf." Jake confessed.

"Me too."

"Me too." The others admitted. We all looked teasingly to Ashley.

"Well I told everyone I talked to yesterday about my niece." He smiled proudly.

"Whetever, bro." Andy laughed. Sammi was about to say something, but then we heard a very, very loud 'HELLO?!'. I laughed and led the others to the instrument, where we found a very ticked off Juliet, Lauren, and Ella.

"Why won't your daughter answer us?!" Lauren asked. I chuckled and stomped harshley on the ground. Hannah immidiantly stopped and looked at us. She noticed everyone and smiled brightly and waved.

"What?!" Ella shrieked. I laughed a little along with Sammi.

"She's deaf." I explained. I watched as all 3 girls eye's filled with sympathy as they looked at Hannah.

"Hello. I'm Hannah!" Hannah smiled walking over to us. She stuck a hand out to Juliet first.

"But your deaf? How can you talk? Where is your service dog, like every other handicapped person? How can you play an instrument?" She said, astonished.

"You didn't tell them anything." Hannah asked looking over at Sammi and I.

"Maybe we should discuss this in the living room." Sammi suggested. We all filed out to living room.

"You wanna meet my service dog, Riley?" Hannah asked, her eyes filling with excitement. Everyone nodded and looked to her.

"Riley!!" Hannah called and put her fingers to her mouth, releasing a loud whistle. A few seconds later, we heard a loud pounding on the floor above. Soon, Riley was running full speed down the stairs, all 80 pounds of her, and jumped on Hannah. She barked and licked her face while the girls all got wide eyes and took multiple steps back.

"Holy shit!" Juliet murmered. I have to Riley was big, even for a pitbull.

"Cool!" Ashley announced and moved foward to pet Riley, but moved to fast and looked threatening, causing Riley to jump to attention and growl at Ashley.

"Lassen Sie." Hannah commanded, getting off the ground. Riley calmed down and sat down.

"What the hell was that?" Ella shrieked. Hannah didn't see her though, so she just grabbed Riley's harness and walked to the couch and sat down with Riley sitting in front of her.

"Well what do you want to know?" She asked looking at us. Everyone slowly gathered on the couch around her.

"Wait, before you talk to her, make sure she's looking at you." I explained. Everyone looked uneasy, but agreed. Ella tapped Hannah's shoulder making her look at her.

"How are you able to talk and understand us?" Ella questioned.

"I talk just like you and everyone else in the room, but I understand you by reading your lips." Hannah explained. CC tapped her shoulder next.

"How can you play instruments." He asked, clearly forgetting our coversation yesterday.

"2 ways. 1. I can feel the beat through vibrations and read the lyrics or 2. I can read the actual music and lyrics and memorize it." She smiled. Ashley was next.

"So, do you even know who we ALL are?" He asked. Hannah smiled and nodded.

"And what about that?" He pointed to Riley, who gave a low growl in return.

"Riley? She's my baby. She is my service dog, who is fully trained in German and hand signals. She is 2 years old, but I've only had her for a year. She's a real sweetheart, as long as you don't make any threatening or sharp movements." Hannah said rubbing Riley's head.

"Whatever." Ashley huffed when Hannah wasn't looking. Andy excitedly tapped her shoulder.

"Can Riley do tricks?" He smiled like a child. Hannah smiled and nodded.

The next hour was spent with Riley dancing and doing various tricks. For the first time in a long time, I took a step back and looked around. Enjoying the little things in life was something I was lacking in my life, but now I had a lot to look around at and be thankful for.


Thank you guys for all of the comments and feedback, I really appreciate it! Thank you! This is really just a fun little story for me to write, more like a hobby book if you will and I enjoy doing it. I have an original fiction that I'm working on thats posted on Mibba.com. I've put months into that one and would appreciate some readers and comments on that one!


I've been to a concert with about 115,000 people, it was hectic, you couldn't even hear the music over everyone's screams

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

it really is, that was actually the biggest concert I've ever been too and it was WILD

BVB'SBitch BVB'SBitch

OoF, 112,000? That is a LOT of people in one place.

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

Well its better than a bag of dicks tattoo

BVB'SBitch BVB'SBitch

What other secrets? O.O

Mezzy18 Mezzy18