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The Adopted


Hannah P.O.V.

7:00 AM came much faster than I expected. I wasted no time getting ready to meet Jinxx and Sammi. I put on a 'Carolina Rebellion' shirt and purple ripped skinny jeans. I finished packing and then put my duffle bag and guitar case by the front door of the orphanage. I wasn't going to miss this place, but I was going to miss the memories I had made here.

"Lazy." I remarked to Riley as she laid on my bed and watched me carry the stuff. I placed my violin case, by the door with Riley's stuff. I thought about it and brought my violin back up to my room. I was classically trained on violin, piano, drums, cello, bass, and guitar by a previous foster family. I didn't much care for it at the time, but now I was grateful for it since it increases my bands album popularity to break up the metal with a little classical vibe. I dove into Symphony number 9 in D minor and watched Rile go to sleep. I closed my eyes and swayed with my hand movements. I don't know how long I played, but a few minutes later I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I opened my eyes to see Sammi and Jinxx smiling at me.

"That was really amazing, especially since you can't hear." Jinxx's lips read and Sammi nudged his shoulder a bit at his remark.

"It's okay, I know I can't hear, you don't have to hide it from me."

"You know, you really need to show the guys, they'll be so impressed. What other instruments can you play?" Sammi smiled.

"Violin, cello, drums, guitar, piano, and bass." I listed off.

"You'll get along well with the guys." Jinxx said with a smile, nodding causing me to move my head up and down with his lips.

"Guys?" I pondered. They nodded.

"Yeah, you know? Andy, Jake, CC, and Ashley and their girls Juliet, Ella, and Lauren?" Jinxx explained.

I nodded and went to pack up my violin. When I looked back up they were by the door waiting on me. I grabbed Riley's harness and started walking.

"Kommen." I instructed her to 'come'. Jinxx stopped me when he heard that.

"What language was that?" He asked me.

"She is fully trained in German and in hand signals, so only I can command her. She is a powerful dog, so it benefits me that she is so well trained so she doesn't get herself into trouble." I explained.

He gave me a funny look, but nodded. They held hands all the way to the lobby, making my heart ache just a bit wishing Storm was here with me. When I got to the waiting area/living room, I saw that all my bags were being taken to a black land rover by Mr. Geyers, our maintenance man. I hugged Ms. Gossemn and Mr. Geyers goodbye and followed Jinxx and Sammi to their car and hopped in the back seat with Riley sitting on the ground looking up.

"Springen." I ordered her to jump. She did as told and sat on the seat.

"Smart dog." Sammi said as turned around in her seat.

"Yeah, I've had her since she was a puppy, she's brilliant." I said petting her when she turned around. I smirked and gave Riley the hand signal to bark. She did as she was told and Sammi and Jinxx tried to cover their ears without driving off the road.

"And loud." Sammi said looking at us.

"What? I didn't hear anything?" I joked. She gave me the 'are-you-fucking-kidding-me?' look. I just smiled and shrugged as I looked out the window. We soon pulled up at a two story house and Jinxx opened my door for me.

"Welcome to casa de Feguson." He smiled. I laughed and got my duffle bag and violin case as Jinxx got the rest of my stuff and Riley followed me in. Sammi opened the door and let us in.

"Come on, I'll show you your room." She smiled. She led us upstairs and to the back of the hallway. When we got to my room, I walked in first, leaving Sammi at the door. It was black and white and had a reading nook in the corner and was all around amazing! I suddenly felt the ground vibrate and looked back to see Sammi stomping on the ground.

"Jinxx and I were wondering if that would work." She smiled. I laughed and turned back to the room. I put my duffel bag on the bed and looked at Sammi as Jinxx brought my guitar case and Riley's things in.

"Your welcome to explore the rest of the house and such. Everyone will be here in an hour or so." He smiled. I returned the gesture and hugged both of them.

"Thank you, for everything. It means a lot and I can't tell you how grateful I am." I said. They both smiled and hugged me.

"You're welcome, we can't tell you how long we've waited to have a daughter, we realize it may take a while for you to see us as parents, but we really want to welcome you with open arms." Sammi's lips read before they both left my room.

I unpacked my duffle bag, that held all my normal clothes since my stage clothes were at Cole and Storm's house, and went downstairs. I peaked around a random corner to find Sammi and Jinxx making out in the kitchen. I made a fake gagging face and crossed my eyes before walking down another hallway. I found a room that held a black grand piano. Well, this seems promising.



I've been to a concert with about 115,000 people, it was hectic, you couldn't even hear the music over everyone's screams

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

it really is, that was actually the biggest concert I've ever been too and it was WILD

BVB'SBitch BVB'SBitch

OoF, 112,000? That is a LOT of people in one place.

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

Well its better than a bag of dicks tattoo

BVB'SBitch BVB'SBitch

What other secrets? O.O

Mezzy18 Mezzy18